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Baltimore Ravens
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:56:35 AM »
Baltimore Ravens :BAL-NFL:
Last Updated: 10/4/20
General Manager: Harman230 (Harman230)

Franchise Budgets
2020, Salary: $179.7m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 18.5m
2021, Salary: $133.8m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 64.4m
2022, Salary: $76.6m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 121.6m
2023, Salary: $58.2m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 140m
2024, Salary: $11.4m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 186.8m
2025, Salary: $0m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 198.2m

NFL Roster (47/53 players): 2020-2025 salaries
CB Averett, Anthony, $0.8m (2021)$0.8m$0.8m
CB Brown, Anthony, $8.3m (2023)signed 9/13/2020$8.3m$8.3m$8.3m$8.3m
CB Carr, Brandon, $5.9m (2020)$5.9m
CB Humphrey, Marlon, $3m (2021)$3.0m$3.0m
CB Murphy-Bunting, Sean, $1.2m (2022)$1.2m$1.2m$1.2m
CB Pride Jr., Troy, $1.1m (2023)$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m
CB Smith, Jimmy, $2.5m (2021)$2.5m$2.5m
DE Ansah, Ezekiel, $3m (2022)signed 9/27/2020$3.0m$3.0m$3.0m
DE Gipson, Trevis, $1m (2022)$1.0m$1.0m$1.0m
DE Phillips, Kyle, $0.4m (2021)$0.4m$0.4m
DE Tuszka, Derrek, $0.6m  (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
DE Urban, Brent, $1.5m (2020)$1.5m
DE Wormley, Chris, $0.9m (2020)$0.9m
DT Oliver, Ed, $3m (2022)$3.0m$3.0m$3.0m
DT Pierce, Michael, $3m (2021)$3.0m$3.0m
DT Williams, Brandon, $10.5m  (2021)$10.5m$10.5m
K Tucker, Justin, $4.3m (2022)$4.3m$4.3m$4.3m
K/P Vedvik, Kaare, $0.6m (2020)$0.6m
LB Board, Chris, $0.6m (2020)$0.6m
LB Bowser, Tyus, $1.4m (2020)$1.4m
LB Greenard, Jonathan, $1.2m (2022)$1.2m$1.2m$1.2m
LB Judon, Matt, $7.5m (2023)$7.5m$7.5m$7.5m$7.5m
LB Mosley, C.J., $12.4m (2020)$12.4m
LB Onwuasor, Patrick, $2.5m (2020)$2.5m
LB Queen, Patrick, $3.1m (2023)$3.1m$3.1m$3.1m$3.1m
LB Smith, Za'Darius, $5m (2021)$5.0m$5.0m
LB Young, Kenny, $0.8m  (2021)$0.8m$0.8m
P Koch, Sam, $3.3m (2020)$3.3m
QB Flacco, Joe, $22.1m  (2021)$22.1m$22.1m
QB Jackson, Lamar, $2.4m (2022)$2.4m$2.4m$2.4m
RB Conner, James, $0.8m (2020)$0.8m
RB Davis, Mike, $6.3m (2023)signed 9/13/2020$6.3m$6.3m$6.3m$6.3m
RB Homer, Travis, $0.6m (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
S Clark, Chuck, $0.6m (2020)$0.6m
S Elliott, Deshon, $0.7m  (2021)$0.7m$0.7m
S Jefferson, Tony, $8.5m (2020)$8.5m
S Levine Sr., Anthony, $1m (2021)$1.0m$1.0m
S McCourty, Devin, $11m (2024)signed 9/13/2020$11.0m$11.0m$11.0m$11.0m$11.0m
S Teamer, Roderic, $0.4m (P-n/a)$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Andrews, Mark, $0.9m (2021)$0.9m$0.9m
TE Boyle, Nick, $2m (2021)$2.0m$2.0m
TE Williams, Maxx, $0.9m (2020)$0.9m
WR Brown, John, $4.5m (2021)$4.5m$4.5m
WR Cooper, Amari, $11.5m (2023)$11.5m$11.5m$11.5m$11.5m
WR Johnson, Olabisi, $0.4m  (2022)$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
WR Ridley, Riley, $0.7m (2022)$0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
WR Snead, Willie, $9m (2023)$9.0m$9.0m$9.0m$9.0m
Practice Squad (1/16 players)
LB Williams, Tim, $0.8m (2020)$0.8m

Cap Hits, Bonuses, Cash Exchanges, Injured Reserve
X Young, Tavon, $mInjured Reserve
X Allen, Javorius, $1m$1.0mContract Buyout
X Collins, Alex, $1m$1.0mContract Buyout
X Crabtree, Michael, $2m $2.0mContract Buyout
X Robinson, Aldrick, $2m$2.0mContract Buyout

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