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Author Topic: Extension Deadlines for all players/Amatuer Draft Date  (Read 456 times)

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Extension Deadlines for all players/Amatuer Draft Date
« on: July 27, 2018, 11:10:56 AM »
That's a good call.  I thought it was defined better in the rules. I do see some dates in the Important dates section, but I think getting them defined and in the rules will be better.  I'm planning to start working on rules updates coming up here very soon. I think all dates below make sense, but please let me know by PM or a post if I'm missing the boat here on something.

It is stated in the Rules that Free Agency starts the 1st of the year.  Which is ok by me.  It also states that Prospect Extensions can be completed up to a week prior to free agency.  I'd prefer to define that more exactly.  I think a couple months after the season is over is plenty.  So I'm going to say All prospect extensions must be completed by 12/1.

We have no defined date for regular extensions to be completed by though, which needs to be earlier than the prospect extension deadline so we can ensure that everything is settled for Free Agency.  Since our season ends approximately at the end of September, I think we set 11/1 as the deadline for regular extensions.  That leaves one month for any playoff team to prepare and get extensions locked in. 

I'm also not sure that we have a specific date for the draft to begin.  With it being a 10 round draft I think we should start a little earlier than we have in the past.  In a perfect world, we would be done with the draft before Free Agency starts, so that we don't have too much going on.  So I think we should start the draft on Monday 10/15 @ 12:00 PM Eastern


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