Author Topic: Oakland is available in Frozen Tundra  (Read 867 times)

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Oakland is available in Frozen Tundra
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:10:34 AM »
Oakland is available in frozen tundra.   If you would like this team please let me know

Player   Team   Eligible
Carr, Derek   OAK   QB
Forte, Matt   (N/A)   RB,RWT
Lynch, Marshawn   OAK   RB,RWT
Washington, DeAndre   OAK   RB,RWT
Cooper, Amari   OAK   WR,RWT
Crabtree, Michael   BAL   WR,RWT
Wallace, Mike   PHI   WR,RWT
Cook, Jared   OAK   TE,RWT
Patterson, Cordarrelle   NE   WR,RWT
Richard, Jalen   OAK   RB,RWT
Hoyer, Brian   NE   QB
Manuel, EJ   OAK   QB
Breida, Matt   SF   RB,RWT
Hood, Elijah   CAR   RB,RWT
Jones, Taiwan   BUF   RB,RWT
McGuire, Elijah   NYJ   RB,RWT
Olawale, Jamize   DAL   RB,RWT
Perkins, Paul   (N/A)   RB,RWT
Coleman, Brandon   NO   WR,RWT
Davis, Robert   WAS   WR,RWT
Holton, Johnny   OAK   WR,RWT
Meredith, Cameron   NO   WR,RWT
Miller, Zach   (N/A)   TE,RWT
Telfer, Randall   (N/A)   TE,RWT
Roberts, Seth   OAK   WR,RWT
Autry, Denico   IND   DL,LB/DL,ID
Goldman, Eddie   CHI   DL,LB/DL,ID
Griffen, Everson   MIN   DL,LB/DL,ID
Mack, Khalil   OAK   DL,LB/DL,ID
Brown, Preston   CIN   LB,LB/DL,ID
James, Cory   (N/A)   LB,LB/DL,ID
Ogletree, Alec   NYG   LB,LB/DL,ID
Pullard III, Hayes   LAC   LB,LB/DL,ID
Irvin, Bruce   OAK   LB,LB/DL,ID
Carrie, TJ   CLE   CB,ID
Skrine, Buster   NYJ   CB,ID
Williams, Trevor   LAC   CB,ID
Joseph, Karl   OAK   S,ID
Nelson, Reggie   OAK   S,ID
McCourty, Jason   NE   CB,ID
Casey, Jurrell   TEN   DL,LB/DL,ID
Latham, Darius   (N/A)   DL,LB/DL,ID
Ward, Jihad   DAL   DL,LB/DL,ID
Cowser, James   OAK   LB,LB/DL,ID
Heeney, Ben   HOU   LB,LB/DL,ID
Lee, Marquel   OAK   LB,LB/DL,ID
Okafor, Alex   NO   DL,LB/DL,ID
Posluszny, Paul   (N/A)   LB,LB/DL,ID
Amerson, David   KC   CB,ID
Maxwell, Byron   SEA   CB,ID
Smith, Sean   (N/A)   CB,ID
Boston, Tre   (N/A)   S,ID
Thompson, Darian   NYG   S,ID
Collins, Landon   NYG   S,ID
Hayes, William   MIA   DL,LB/DL,ID
Tucker, Justin   BAL   K
Schmidt, Colton   BUF   P
King, Marquette   DEN   P
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Re: Oakland is available in Frozen Tundra
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 11:55:18 PM »
Still need a GM?
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