Author Topic: Carolina is available in Frozen Tundra  (Read 620 times)

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Carolina is available in Frozen Tundra
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:07:56 AM »
Carolina is available in Frozen Tundra.   If you want the team let me know

Player   Team   Eligible
Newton, Cam   CAR   QB
Gordon, Melvin   LAC   RB,RWT
Ingram, Mark   NO   RB,RWT
Stewart, Jonathan   NYG   RB,RWT
Brown, John   BAL   WR,RWT
Funchess, Devin   CAR   WR,RWT
Watkins, Sammy   KC   WR,RWT
Rudolph, Kyle   MIN   TE,RWT
Dickson, Ed   SEA   TE,RWT
Lee, Marqise   JAX   WR,RWT
Anderson, Derek   (N/A)   QB
Beathard, C.J.   SF   QB
Flacco, Joe   BAL   QB
Webb III, Joe   HOU   QB
Artis-Payne, Cameron   CAR   RB,RWT
Bersin, Brenton   (N/A)   WR,RWT
Johnson, Charles   NYJ   WR,RWT
Barnidge, Gary   (N/A)   TE,RWT
Benjamin, Kelvin   BUF   WR,RWT
Olsen, Greg   CAR   TE,RWT
Shepard, Russell   NYG   WR,RWT
Whittaker, Fozzy   CAR   RB,RWT
Addison, Mario   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Lotulelei, Star   BUF   DL,LB/DL,ID
Peppers, Julius   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Suh, Ndamukong   LAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Davis, Thomas   CAR   LB,LB/DL,ID
Kuechly, Luke   CAR   LB,LB/DL,ID
Thompson, Shaq   CAR   LB,LB/DL,ID
Timmons, Lawrence   (N/A)   LB,LB/DL,ID
Short, Kawann   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Bradberry, James   CAR   CB,ID
Peterson, Patrick   ARI   CB,ID
Worley, Daryl   OAK   CB,ID
Jones, Reshad   MIA   S,ID
Sendejo, Andrew   MIN   S,ID
Trevathan, Danny   CHI   LB,LB/DL,ID
Butler, Vernon   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Delaire, Ryan   (N/A)   DL,LB/DL,ID
Johnson, Charles   (N/A)   DL,LB/DL,ID
Love, Kyle   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Cash, Jeremy   ARI   LB,LB/DL,ID
Norris, Jared   CAR   LB,LB/DL,ID
Horton, Wes   CAR   DL,LB/DL,ID
Mayo, David   CAR   LB,LB/DL,ID
Munnerlyn, Captain   CAR   CB,ID
Sanchez, Zack   (N/A)   CB,ID
Adams, Mike   CAR   S,ID
Coleman, Kurt   NO   S,ID
Marlowe, Dean   BUF   S,ID
Poyer, Jordan   BUF   S,ID
Reid, Eric   (N/A)   S,ID
Ward, Jimmie   SF   S,ID
Prater, Matt   DET   K
Gano, Graham   CAR   K
Palardy, Michael   CAR   P
Lee, Andy   ARI   P
Martin, Sam   DET   P
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Re: Carolina is available in Frozen Tundra
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 08:36:58 AM »
team is now taken
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