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Wall Street Rules
« on: October 04, 2016, 05:46:01 AM »
Riders only score the difference between their actual result & the highest bet.

Rosters get emptied after each race.

The game began in January 2017 and continues ad infinitum. The calendar year is irrelevant here. Instead, each cycling season is divided into four quarters: winter (Jan&Feb&Mar), spring, summer, and autumn, after which we directly proceed to winter and so on.

World Tour races + WC + Olympics.

New participants
After each quarter, additional teams can enter. They will be given a 2000 budget.

After a particularly unlucky quarter (ending <2000), you will automatically file for bankrupcy. Your finances will restart with a fresh 2000 budget.

Bids are in format of the number of CQ points you think a certain rider will score during his next WT race. The minimum bid is $30 for one-day races, $50 for tours, and $70 for grand tours. All bids should be multiples of $10. The minimum increment is 10% of the last bid, rounded up to the nearest $10. Incorrect (too low) bids will be automatically understood as the lowest correct bid.

Each player is auctioned in a separate thread inside the child board of each race. The title should contain the the cyclist's name leaving no doubt who is meant, e.g. "Yates" might not be enough, "Nairo" is. There is no limit to the number of riders that can be auctioned at one time or the number of bids for a rider. Do not post anything that is not a new bid.

All auctions must be opened before 12:00 CET one calendar day before the race, i.e. Saturday morning for Sunday races.
All auctions finish at 22:00 CET one calendar day before the race, i.e. Saturday night for Sunday races, but every new bid moves the deadline 10 minutes from that very bid.

(That gives a 10 hours window to people who aren't online all the time. It is important though that you don't get frustrated if you get overbid last minute. This will happen a lot, and cannot be prevented with how dynamic this game is.)

Each rider's score is his CQ score minus the winning bet. Could be negative!

If there was a startlist change and the rider didn't start in the end, your investment is returned. Additionally, after each race your single worst negative score in this race is forgotten. As if the bet had never been placed. Just delete the whole row - it's self-explanatory really. In case you're using the extra DNS amnesty too, just type "DNS" in either the "Invested" or "CQ score" column so that we understand what happened.

Non-activity Tax
You know what they say: you have to spend money to make money :agent:
During each quarter, you are expected to invest an amount equal or larger than your budget.
10% of the unused budget gets lost.

(The spreadsheet does all this automatically. This is just for you to see how.)
1. You had $2400 on August 1.
2. You slept through August, and only bought various riders for $300 combined for each of the three September classics, then again ignored the WC completely. Thus, total investment of $900.
3. Your investment proved smart and produced a return of 1000 CQ points.
4. Score:
$900 invested => $1000
$2400 - $900 = $1500 not invested: $1500 * 10% = $150 Non-activity Tax
Final 2017 score is $1000 + $1500 - $150 = $2350

Your responsibilities
Unlike in other games, you will manage your investments in the spreadsheet yourself. You don't have to be terribly regular, but nobody will do it for you. For :RadioShack:, I'll have to fill in columns A-D: "rider", "race", "money invested", and "CQ score". This automatically generates the "return". Actually, it's all automatic from there: my investments add up in the table on top, gradually reducing the tax I owe, and giving my team the overall score.


Releasing players
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