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Author Topic: Brainstorming: 2nd division, relegations  (Read 2201 times)

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Re: Brainstorming: 2nd division, relegations
« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2016, 07:07:18 AM »
Difficult to answer that question until we know how many are interested for next year.

From a game designer standpoint, I want a solution that works for any number of teams.

But, in 2017, the Pro Conti teams could have access to the general draft with a reduced budget - like 2500 - to fill the 30 spots. That would reduce inflation impact and keep everybody in the same boat.

I'm not looking to reduce inflation, but instead to eliminate it completely. Thus ideally 21x5000 shall stay fixed. Another risk of giving them 2500, or even 1500, is that they'll just sign Sagan instead of 30 riders.

And they ride a different calendar. I would suggest they ride all the races that are not in the calendar for protour.

That sounds impossible, would mean an immense amount of scoring work.

Having read all your proposals, I'm afraid for now I still like the current implementation with the addition of promotions and relegations if it gets crowded, see the updated rules. This eliminates any inflation and provides great flexibility. Late draft means I can accept people who found us after the auctions have ended, and that's crucial for successful recruiting.

I think having at least one promotion this year will be better to give more interest to Conti's owner, end of 2017 is a long way...

If there is Pro Conti this year, at least the champion gets to ride World Tour in 2016. That goes without saying, worry not.

When did Joseph last do anything? If he isn't involved can Canto take over his squad?

Davy, could you please ask him in person if he's planning to return, complete his roster, and become more active?
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Re: Brainstorming: 2nd division, relegations
« Reply #11 on: February 27, 2016, 06:24:21 AM »
Some brainstorming:

This context is limited to 30 35 teams I think in total. With more teams its not doable to fish in the same pool.

I guess that 30 teams is already a maximum. Or you should go for less riders per team. Pe. 26 riders. Maybe we can make  at the end 2 leagues of 16 teams with 26 riders. And a promotion and relegation of 2 teams per season.

Some extra features.
-   Contiteams may starting to bid from 0$. So in an extreme case, they can have a team of 19 riders with salary 0$ and one 1500$. But be aware that they dont participate in the world tour races, only in the lower categorie races.
-   When a team relegates, al his riders are fired and come available on the market.
-   When a team moves up to Protour, they keep their contracts over more years.

I like the idea, but want to give the promoted teams a small benefit for getting promoted. As I said I'm up for 2 relegations and 2 promotions. Firing all riders is OK for me, but why not give the promoted teams the chance to grab only 1 fired rider for the next season. before the new biddingseason starts.

And on what positions do all the teams come in the neo pool? Is it that we start with the lowest team of proconti or with the promoted teams or with the lowest team of the protour that didn't relegate?

And if we start with the proconti wil the promoted teams then be picking earlier or later that the relegated teams?

I would suggest that we start always with the lowest team so the bottom of the proconti league and with the relegated teams picking before the promoted teams. and the second draft backwards. [The snake draft]
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