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Toronto Blue Jays
« on: October 22, 2015, 04:42:12 AM »
Toronto Blue Jays :TOR:
Last Updated: 8-3-20
General Manager:  (WestCoastExpress

Franchise Budgets

2020, Salary: $107.8m, Cap: $120m, under cap by 12.2m
2021, Salary: $66.3m, Cap: $120m, under cap by 53.7m
2022, Salary: $25.6m, Cap: $120m, under cap by 99.4m
2023, Salary: $21.4m, Cap: $120m, under cap by 98.6m
2024, Salary: $22.0m, Cap: $120m, under cap by 98.3m

MLB Roster (36/30 players): 6-IR 2020-2024 salaries

C Vasquez, Christian $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
C Garver, Mitch, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
1B Alonso, Peter, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
1B Alvarez, Yordan, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
2B Bichette, Bo, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
2B Arraez, Luis, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
3B Guerrero, Vladimir, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
3B Andujar, Miguel, $0.3m (P-2021)$0.3m$0.3m
3B Gallo, Joey, $0.3m (P-2020)$0.3m
SS Lindor, Francisco, $4m (2024)$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
SS Semien, Marcus, $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
SS Gregorius, Didi, $4m (2022)$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
SS La Stella, Tommy $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
OF Hernandez, Teoscar, $0.3m (2021)$0.3m$0.3m
OF Trout, Mike, $22.6m (2024)$22.6m$22.6m$22.6m$22.6m$22.6m
OF Meadows, Austin, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
OF Aquino, Aristides, $0.3m (P-n/a))$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Heaney, Andrew, $0.3m (2020))$0.3m
SP Price, David, $0.7m (2021)$0.7m$0.7m
SP DeGrom, Jacob, $12m (2023)$12.0m$12.0m$12.0m$12.0m
SP Woodruff, Brandon, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Marquez, German, $0.3m (P-2020)$0.3m
SP Bieber, Shane, $0.3m (P-2021)$0.3m$0.3m
SP Berrios, Jose, $0.3m (P-2020)$0.3m
SP Stroman, Marcus, $4m (2023)$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
SP Lynn, Lance, $0.3m (2021)$0.3m$0.3m
RP Rogers, Taylor, $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
RP Gott, Trevor, $0.3m (2021)$0.3m$0.3m
SP Soroka, Mike, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Igelsias, Raisel, $0.3m (2021)$0.3m$0.3m
RP Hendriks, Liam, $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
RP Pressly, Ryan, $1.6m (2021)$1.6m$1.6m
RP Osuna, Roberto, $0.5m (2020)$0.5m
RP Buttrey, Ty, $0.3m (P-2022)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Anderson, Nick, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Giles, Ken, $0.3m (2020)$0.3m
Farm Roster (19/20 players)

C Knizner, Andrew, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
C Varsho, Daulton, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
C Alvarez, Francisco, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
2B Hampson, Garrett, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SS Cruz, Oneil, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SS Lewis, Royce, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SS/3B India, Jonathan, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
OF Pena, Erick, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
OF Tauchman, Mike, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
OF Bleday, J. J., $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
OF Fraley, Jake, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Gonsolin, Tony, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Munoz, Andres, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Patino, Luis, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Kim, Kwang-Hyun., $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Woods-Richardson, Simeon, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Dolis, Rafael, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
RP Karinchak, James, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m
SP Pearson, Nate, $0.3m (P-n/a)$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m$0.3m

Cap Hits, Bonuses, Cash Exchanges, Options

X Kikuchi, Yusei, $24.6m$12.3mSigning Bonus
X Hampson, Garrett, $16.0m$8.0mSigning Bonus
X Vasquez, Felipe, $6.0m$5.4m.$3.6mReleased Under Contract
X Alvarez, Francisco, $10.2m$10.2mSigning Bonus
X Woods-Richardson, Simeon, $1.3m$1.3mSigning Bonus
X Kim, Kwang-Hyun, $0.8m$0.8mSigning Bonus
X Karinchak, James, $11.2m$5.6m$5.6mSigning Bonus
X Cruz, Oneil, $3.0m$3.0mSigning Bonus
X Buttrey, Ty, $3.2m$1.6mSigning Bonus
X Castillo, Jose, $3.2m$1.6mSigning Bonus
X Peralta, Freddy, $2.8m$1.4mSigning Bonus
X Woodruff, Brandon, $4.8m$2.4mSigning Bonus
X Eickhoff, Jerad, $0.9m$0.4mReleased Under Contract
X Cash Bonus, $10m$-5.0m$-5.0m
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