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Author Topic: TITLE TOWN CALENDAR  (Read 1519 times)

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« on: September 09, 2015, 02:27:08 PM »



Trade Deadline- 3/08/19 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on players closes- 3/09/20 (11:59 PM EST)
End of League Regular Season- 3/10/19
Playoffs Start- 3/11/19
End of Playoffs= 4/6/19
Trading Re-Opens= 4/7/19


Trade Deadline- 3/08/19 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on players closes- 3/09/20 (11:59 PM EST)
End of League Regular Season- 3/10/19
Playoffs Start- 3/11/19
End of Playoffs= 4/6/19
Trading Re-Opens= 4/7/19



League draft: 2-Rounds 2/16/19
League FA Bidding Begins: 3/1/19
League Extension Deadline: 2/15/19

Start of Regular Season- 3-28-19
Extensions Change to this year + previous year- 8/1/19
Trade Deadline- 8/17/19 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on New Players Closes- 9/1/19 (midnight EST)
End of League Regular Season- 9/1/19 (midnight EST)
Start of Playoffs- 9/2/19
Playoff Ends- 9/30/19
Trading Re-Opens- 10/1/19

Off-Season Deadlines TBD


League Rookie Draft (3 Rds)- 6/1/19
League FA Opens- 7/16/19

Start of Regular Season- 9/5/19
Extensions Change to this year + previous year- Week 9 (11/1/16)
Trade Deadline- 11/23/19 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on Players Closes- 12/2/19 (kickoff of Monday night game)
End of Regular Season- 12/2/19
Start of Playoffs- 12/5/19
Playoff Ends- 12/22/19
Trading Re-Opens- 12/23/19

Off-Season Dates TBD


League Draft (3 Rds)- 9/8/19
Deadline to use free drops- 10/7/19
Start of Season- 10/7/19
Trade Deadline- 3/12/20 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on players closes- 3/13/20 (11:59 PM EST)
End of Regular Season- 3/13/20
Playoffs Start- 3/14/20
End of Playoffs= 4/3/20
Trading Re-Opens= 4/4/20

Re-Sign Deadline: 7/15/20
NHL Draft: TBD


LeagueDraft (2-rds)= 9/22/19
Deadline to use free drops= 10/27/19
Start of Regular Season= 10/27/19
Trade Deadline= 3/12/20 (Midnight EST)
Bidding on players closes= 3/20/20 (11:59 PM EST)
End of Regular Season= 3/20/20
Start of Playoffs= 3/21/20
End of Playoffs= 4/10/20
Trading Re-Opens= 4/11/20

Re-Sign Deadline: 7/15/20
NBA Draft: TBD
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