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Author Topic: St. Louis Blues  (Read 5828 times)

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St. Louis Blues
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:41:43 AM »

**Trade Block**
Owner - SlackJack
Total Roster Size - 23/27
Total Payroll - $70.0m
Cap Space - $0.0m

Centers (5) - $13.8m
Ryan O’Reilly, $5.3m (2020-21)
Boone Jenner, $3.0m (2018-19) 
Nick Bjugstad, $1.2m (2017-18)
Mikael Granlund, $3.5m (2020-21)
Max Domi, $0.8m (2017-18)

Left Wing (5) - $12.6m
Jaden Schwartz, $6.2m (2017-18)
Tomas Tatar, $1.2m, (2017-18)
Tomas Hertl, $3.0m (2018-19)
Mikkel Boedker, $2.0m (2018-19)
Jimmy Vesey, $0.2m (2017-18)

Right Wing (3) - $12.6m
Cam Atkinson, $6.2m (2017-18)
Tyler Toffoli, $1.1m (2017-18)
Kyle Okposo, $5.3m (2017-18)

Defensemen (7) - $23.9m
Victor Hedman, $4.0m (2019-20)
Alex Pietrangelo, $4.2m (2020-21)
Michael Del Zotto, $3.0m (2017-18)
Drew Doughty, $5.2m (2018-19)
Erik Johnson, $4.0m (2018-19)
Jack Johnson, $2.0m (2018-19)
Trevor Daley $1.5m (2018-19)

Goalies (3) - $7.2m
Jake Allen, $0.8m (2017-18)   
Anders Nilsson, $0.5m (2017-18)
Craig Anderson, $5.9m (2017-18)

Buyouts (0) - $0.0m

Minor League Roster 14/20
Total Payroll - $1.2m
Cap Space - $18.8m   

C - Lias Andersson, N/C
C - Shane Bowers, N/C
Joshua Ho-Sang, $0.4m (2018-19)
D - Madison Bowey, N/C
Charlie McAvoy, $0.8m (2019-20)
D - Markus Niemeläinen, N/C
D -  Conor Timmins, N/C
D - Robin Salo, N/C
D - Urho Vaakanainen, N/C
G - Jordan Binnington, N/C
G - Ilya Samsonov, N/C
G - Matej Tomek, N/C
G - Filip Gustavsson, N/C
G - Jeremy Smith, N/C

Draft Picks

:STL-NHL: Round 1 - 2018
:STL-NHL: Round 2 - 2018
:STL-NHL: Round 3 - 2018
:STL-NHL: Round 4 - 2018

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