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Author Topic: 9 - Free Agency  (Read 3331 times)

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9 - Free Agency
« on: January 21, 2011, 01:40:58 AM »
A) Free Agent Bidding
Bids are in format of total contract value. Note that the number of years does not need to be listed until the bid is won.  The resulting salary will be the final bid divided by number of years, rounded to the nearest $0.1m. The winning bid will be the highest total contract amount.

Each player is auctioned in a separate thread at the ProFSL website, to be posted in the  that may be started by anyone.  A bid on a player is considered final when it has been inactive for 48 hours.

A maximum amount of active free agent bids by one general manager is 5, if this number is exceeded then bid/bids become nullified.

Once a free agent is won, a contract for that player must be submitted (in the same post as the FA won). This must be posted within 4 days. This will result in the following penalties:
Failure To Announce Contract For A Won Free Agent
         1st violation - Warning and player released to free agency
         2nd violation - Banned from league at discretion of league commissioner or probation from free agency bidding
If it is a cap issue though then a cap move must be posted with 24 hours then a contract must be posted within 4 days of FA bid won.

Players must be signed to a contract emulating they real contract. When signing a free agent they salary must be greater than or equal to 50% the real cap hit. The website used for reference is capfriendly.com.
If Sidney Crosby was being bidded on as a free agent he per year salary must be 50% of his real contract. He is currently making $8.7m/season divided by 50% = $4.35m = $4.4m. Therefore his contract must be equal to or greater than $4.4m/season.

B) Two-way Free Agent Contracts
A free agent skater can be signed to a 2 way contract if the have played 1-39 games or a free agent goalie can be signed to a 2 way contract if they have played 1-29 games.
The cost of their contract will follow regular free agent bidding with their contract being the winning contract plus an additional 500k as a two way contract fee. These players can also still be signed as normal but their contract will be a 1 way contract.
No player with 0 games of NHL experience can be bidded on

C) Free Agency Deadline
The date for free agency deadline is available in the deadlines forum. The deadline is closed at the time specified. Any player who has been bid on in the hour leading up to the deadline will enter into a 6 hour period of bidding. For every bid during this period the clock on these players will be reset for 6 hours. No other players can be bid on after the deadline has pasted only 6-hour blocked free agents.

D) Trading Recently Signed Free Agents
These free agents may be traded as a normal player.

E) Off-Season Free Agency (OFA)
No different than regular season free agency. See deadlines for the dates of off-season free agency.

F) Penalties For Not Clearing Roster Space/Cap For A Final Bid
Upon winning a bid that sets a team over the cap, the GM is granted 24 hours to post the transactions that will make the cap work (either a trade or releasing players).  If the transactions are not valid or not posted within 24 hours of the bids being finalized, that team no longer receives the player. 
         1st & 2nd violations - Warning
         3rd violation - Loss of lowest remaining draft pick
         4th violation - Loss of highest remaining draft pick
         5th violation - Banned from league at commissioners discretion or other penalties at commissioners decision
These violations are compounding from season to season, so if you have a violation in 2011 it is carried over to 2012 and so on. Teams who receive a 2nd violation will be unable to bid on free agents for 1 month, 3rd violation - 2 months, and 4th - 3 months.

After such a failed bid, the player goes back to the bidding board, starting off at zero, and the 48 hour clock is restarted. The offending team can no longer bid on that player, even if they clear up the cap space to do so.

When making a trade to clear cap space for free agents, follow the following. If you're not certain you'll have room, make the trade first.  In other words, don't bid on a player you can't afford!  Note that this applies only to FA.  No trades can be completed that set a team over the cap - the trade must be re-worked.

G) Tampering
Any edits made to free agent bids are considered tampering. Any thread that has a sign of tampering will be considered an invalid bid. The following penalties will apply and will be compounding:
1st & 2nd offenses - Warnings
3rd & 4th offense - 2 week probation from FA bidding
5th & 6th offense - 1 month probation from FA bidding
6th offense - 1 season probation from FA bidding
7th offense - banned from league

Any problems with a thread, please inform Drew by PM, do not edit a post in a free agent thread
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