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Our community leagues use ProFSL's message boards to organize roster, transactions, contracts, and other complexities of these advanced leagues.  This style of fantasy league play is meant for those who have grown tired of inactive basic leagues.  In addition, ProFSL features pools, video game leagues, and simulation leagues.  It is recommended you read through a league's rules to ensure you understand the requirements of league participation.  This page is meant to be a quick guide to the various fantasy leagues and games that serve baseball at ProFSL.

If you are an aspiring or existing Commissioner that would like to bring your league to here then please post your league details at the Support board.

Soccer Leagues

Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Scoring # of Teams Universes Keeper Type Money Roster Type Scoring Style
MLS Cup mmul56 (None) Fantrax 8 1 Keeper Free Salaries H2H-points
Red Card Fiasco CRS245 Tyler Fantrax 10 1 n/a Free Basic H2H-points
Soccer Invitational CRS245 (None) Fantrax 12 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
All-Europe Football Garfield (None) Manual 80 5 Dynasty Free Contracts Points
Online Premier League (OPL) porro1971 (None) Manual 12 1 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points

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Refresh History
  • Scalious: awesome!
    Today at 01:59:51 PM
  • Gilly: oh u took Titans eh
    Today at 01:59:59 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, I need to find a GM.  I got someone in mind.
    Today at 02:00:34 PM
  • Gilly: holy chit we are full
    Today at 02:00:43 PM
  • Scalious: Ok. Step one, find the last 2 buyers, step 2 have the remaining 10 or so submit rosters. Would we dive into FA right after those steps are completed?
    Today at 02:01:42 PM
  • Gilly: Scalious step one done
    Today at 02:01:56 PM
  • Scalious: Kwel
    Today at 02:02:34 PM
  • Brent: Yes, I am thinking to start FA sometime towards the end of the week.  Tubbs is mobile and cannot update his roster.
    Today at 02:02:53 PM
  • Brent: Also, once all teams get GMs, Trading will be opened.
    Today at 02:03:13 PM
  • jackdaniels: Yo PPG
    Today at 02:03:13 PM
  • Gilly: its getting there brent eh :)
    Today at 02:03:56 PM
  • Brent: It is. I'm glad Daddy made that roster recommendation, that really sped up the process.
    Today at 02:04:36 PM
  • Brent: Now we need to get the funds all figured out and get the league paid for since it is a premium league.
    Today at 02:05:09 PM
  • Gilly: I will take a gander at that today too...
    Today at 02:07:19 PM
  • jackdaniels: PR or PPG
    Today at 02:07:41 PM
  • Gilly: Portion of the total buy ins can go to paying for fantrax, makes very minimal change to the prizes
    Today at 02:07:53 PM
  • Brent: I will pay for mine when baseball leagues payout and cover the difference from personal funds.
    Today at 02:08:03 PM
  • jackdaniels: Can I list a team for sale and if I sell for more than 30 pesos I pcket the diff?
    Today at 02:08:22 PM
  • Brent: I already have that factored in to the %'s,
    Today at 02:08:29 PM
  • Gilly: I will get into league safe today Brent and mark down who's already paid and send you a list of the GM's who need to be paid
    Today at 02:08:49 PM
  • Brent: 40 % Winner 20% Second Place 5% Third/Fourth Place (Conference Championship Losers) 2% Each for remaining 8 playoff teams 6% Fantrax League Fees/Donation to ProFSL 2% Offensive Player of the Year (Fantrax #1 Offensive Player) 2% Defensive Player of the Year (Fantrax #1 Defensive Player) 2% Offensive Rookie of the Year (Fantrax #1 Offensive Rookie) 2% Defensive Rookie of the Year (Fantrax #1 Defensive Rookie)
    Today at 02:09:02 PM
  • Gilly: who need to pay and have paid lol friggin phone
    Today at 02:09:13 PM
  • Brent: 6% Fantrax League Fees/Donation to ProFSL
    Today at 02:09:17 PM
  • jackdaniels: :CLG: Flamers will be playing some tough hockey this yr in FNHL
    Today at 02:10:23 PM
  • Gilly: If i lock down the guy I want to do the Jets I will have 4 sick GM's for my teams,
    Today at 02:12:25 PM
  • Brent: I had one in mind for the Titans, but before I could PM I had another contact me who I thought wouldn't be available.  I'll have my GM soon.
    Today at 02:13:47 PM
  • jackdaniels: Anyone know how good he profsl scoring system is thee daus?
    Today at 02:14:20 PM
  • jackdaniels: FNHL fantrx is cutting into prize money
    Today at 02:14:50 PM
  • jackdaniels: PPG U back. Can we look into profsl scoring for FNHL
    Today at 02:15:18 PM
  • Brent: How many teams is the league?
    Today at 02:15:27 PM
  • Gilly: k Brent there were some missing from profile section when u send a PM...its updated fully again, sorry!
    Today at 02:18:37 PM
  • Gilly: I dont think I missed anyone
    Today at 02:19:12 PM
  • Brent: Another partial roster loaded.
    Today at 02:23:11 PM
  • soiytenlee: Brent and Gilly do the practice squad players salaries count against the cap while they are on the PC?
    Today at 02:24:07 PM
  • soiytenlee: (especially if they aren't minimum contracts)
    Today at 02:31:32 PM
  • Drew: The purpose of this league is to be a close emulation of the real NFL but remaining simple enough for the casual fantasy owner. It will include 32 teams and have an entry fee each season ($20). There will be a near to full payout of all entry fees each season. The league will start with a live draft for your main roster and a slow draft to fill out the rest of the roster.   Some of the rules will be agreed upon once league has filled a certain number of teams. If you decide to sign up, please comment on the threads that are open.  Sign up here: [link]
    Today at 02:31:41 PM
  • Drew: NFL Money League - First & Goal
    Today at 02:31:54 PM
  • jackdaniels: Smoking Gun it. Thought this was the PPG hotline
    Today at 02:37:36 PM
  • Brent: soiytenlee, no they will not.  I need to get that posted.
    Today at 02:37:49 PM
  • jackdaniels: Snuck off line bro. Really
    Today at 02:37:57 PM
  • Tarheels55: Need a GM for Falcons in NFL Countdown
    Today at 02:40:14 PM
  • redbeard82: Something I can check out about it Tarheels?
    Today at 02:49:33 PM
  • Tarheels55: sure
    Today at 02:51:55 PM
  • Tarheels55: [link]
    Today at 02:52:35 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Johnny :WIN: roster. Who do you want to move?
    Today at 04:25:19 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: I can move the 2 players you suggested, but need a better roster player or spec in return
    Today at 04:28:49 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Look over :CHI-NHL: and let's talk some more
    Today at 04:32:53 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: :toast:
    Today at 04:32:58 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: [link]  Team Link Chicago
    Today at 04:33:23 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: PM sent PPG
    Today at 04:42:12 PM

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