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Our community leagues use ProFSL's message boards to organize roster, transactions, contracts, and other complexities of these advanced leagues.  This style of fantasy league play is meant for those who have grown tired of inactive basic leagues.  In addition, ProFSL features pools, video game leagues, and simulation leagues.  It is recommended you read through a league's rules to ensure you understand the requirements of league participation.  This page is meant to be a quick guide to the various fantasy leagues and games that serve baseball at ProFSL.

If you are an aspiring or existing Commissioner that would like to bring your league to here then please post your league details at the Support board.

NFL Leagues

Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Scoring # of Teams Universes Keeper Type Money Roster Type Scoring Style
Title Town Gilly (None) Fantrax 18 4 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
NFL Invitational Drew ProFSL ProFSL 24 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
Mountain To Glory Billy (None) ESPN 16 4 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Free Market Kings TimWatsonSC keepitrealfantasysports Fantrax 122 4 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
2 Tha Top spacemountain2000 (None) ESPN 12 4 Redraft Free Basic Mixed Scoring
City of Champions Mariner 10gophers10 ESPN 64 4 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Skates & Cleats Drew (None) Fantrax 40 2 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Alumni Showdown CRS245 (None) Fantrax 44 4 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points
The Gridiron Franchise Jonathan Drew Fantrax 24 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Pipeline Franchise Geoff Jonathan Fantrax 16 3 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
4th Down Conversion Billy Jwalk100 Fantrax 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Prospectus Maximus NFL Teton (None) Fantrax 16 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Franchise NFL irbwilleo jblum ProFSL 32 2 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Campus to Canton Geoff Ace Fantrax 16 1 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points
Premium Football Drew Billy Fantrax 20 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
IDP Dynasty sports guru Ace Fantrax 16 1 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points
United States Football League Ace (None) Fantrax 10 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
National Rebels League Ace (None) Fantrax 16 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Extra Point CRS245 (None) ProFSL 12 1 Keeper :money: Basic H2H-points
The Gridiron CRS245 (None) ProFSL 12 1 Redraft :money: Basic H2H-points
Monday Morning QB Corey Orange Country Fantrax 14 1 Redraft :money: Basic H2H-points
Two-A-Days Geordie Bear Tarheels55 Fantrax 24 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
General Manager NFL jerry9313 tschuldt ESPN 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Super Bowl Sunday Ace Orange Country Fantrax 32 1 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
NFL Countdown Brent Gilly Fantrax 32 1 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
First and Goal Drew (None) Fantrax 32 1 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
The Frozen Tundra Jon JMAC Fantrax 14 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Ultimate Football Corey sandman Fantrax 48 4 Redraft :money: Basic Points
The Final Cut Leatherhelmets (None) Fantrax 12 1 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points
Two Minute Drill Eric (None) Fantrax 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Fantasy Factory Eric schuttlebus13 Fantrax 12 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points

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  • Vollmernator: Can somebody attach me to profsl gold I payed for it I want to check out the end zone
    Today at 04:50:12 PM
  • Vollmernator: I'm trying to join NHL premium and NBA Premium can somebody attach me to profsl premium since I've payed don't want to miss out on those leagues
    Today at 04:57:44 PM
  • Vollmernator: :ADR-AHL:
    Today at 05:13:36 PM
  • Vollmernator: I found my logo sweet
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  • Vollmernator: That's the logo I use for my home team and logo in NHL 15 hut for ps4 OldschoolGhouls
    Today at 05:16:08 PM
  • Corey: Voll, I will attach you when I get to a PC. Sit tight
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  • Vollmernator: Sorry Corey I'll wait
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  • Tony: I love Gold [link]
    Today at 05:53:48 PM
  • Vollmernator: I was gonna say that
    Today at 05:55:49 PM
  • Vollmernator: Does anybody that's profsl gold know what leagues are free for gold in sept
    Today at 05:56:44 PM
  • Eric: I'm too poor for that
    Today at 06:19:11 PM
  • Vollmernator: Jblum can we only draft high school kids or can we also pick NCAA guys in R2N
    Today at 06:22:59 PM
  • Vollmernator: Anybody know what NFL contest were doing for sports tradex do we need to pay
    Today at 06:36:15 PM
  • Vollmernator: For the daily NFL sept OTC
    Today at 06:36:39 PM
  • Vollmernator: Sept/oct
    Today at 06:36:56 PM
  • Vollmernator: For profsl gold members what do we enter for NFL league in sports tradex as we
    Today at 06:47:52 PM
  • Vollmernator: As well as Statclash
    Today at 06:48:27 PM
  • jblum: You look nice In gold volume
    Today at 06:50:20 PM
  • jblum: Vollmer
    Today at 06:50:27 PM
  • Vollmernator: Thanks I finally decide to get gold
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  • Vollmernator: I liiiikkkkee Gooooooollllld
    Today at 06:51:53 PM
  • nedsports: Open teams in a super active NFL league! [link]
    Today at 06:52:13 PM
  • jblum: vollmer who are you taking at #10 in r2n?
    Today at 07:04:10 PM
  • jblum: i see you getting trey lyles
    Today at 07:04:44 PM
  • kylerap: Corey you still around?
    Today at 07:18:39 PM
  • Corey: What's up Kyle
    Today at 07:24:41 PM
  • jblum: Corey, what do you think of incoming freshman Justice Winslow?
    Today at 07:25:10 PM
  • jblum: I went to the same high school as him
    Today at 07:25:22 PM
  • Corey: Beast
    Today at 07:29:41 PM
  • jblum: lol i know dude, he averaged like 35 points and 15 rebounds a game
    Today at 07:30:31 PM
  • jblum: got to watch him in person, it was amazing
    Today at 07:30:40 PM
  • Lindric: Who took over for orange county? the mlb invitational finals haven't been set.
    Today at 07:33:22 PM
  • EMG23: I dont think youre getting him at 14
    Today at 07:34:24 PM
  • jblum: I just want him or Myles Turner EMG
    Today at 07:35:09 PM
  • EMG23: You need to trade up then
    Today at 07:35:32 PM
  • jblum: cant trade until 21st round wish i could though
    Today at 07:36:38 PM
  • EMG23: A wink wink deal, make the trade after
    Today at 07:37:43 PM
  • jblum: ah, maybe we will see
    Today at 07:38:22 PM
  • jblum: whoever takes turner gets kicked out of the league lol
    Today at 07:38:36 PM
  • jblum: just kidding
    Today at 07:38:40 PM
  • Eric: Corey, did you ever figure out the mobile site?
    Today at 07:42:53 PM
  • CRS245: What about the mobile site? It is no longer used as some features didn't work
    Today at 07:43:50 PM
  • Eric: oh ok didn't know that. so we don't have any mobile version available
    Today at 07:49:10 PM
  • kylerap: Corey- Scouting Dept finals 1 week long or 2?
    Today at 07:50:21 PM
  • nedsports: The falcons are available in one of the most active NFL leagues! [link]
    Today at 08:03:18 PM
  • nedsports: Anybody interested in a simple against the spread league?
    Today at 08:43:55 PM
  • nedsports: *NFL
    Today at 08:45:07 PM
  • jblum: Ask spsmith
    Today at 08:49:34 PM
  • SlackJack: Back at ya Thunder
    Today at 09:40:32 PM

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