NFL Bye Weeks

2012 NFL Bye Weeks
The following list shows each week of the 2012 NFL season and when teams have their bye week.  Bye weeks in the NFL are when a team does not have a game scheduled that week.

Week 1: None
Week 2: None
Week 3: None
Week 4: :IND: Indianapolis, :PIT-NFL: Pittsburgh
Week 5: :DAL: Dallas, :DET-NFL: Detroit, :OAK-NFL: Oakland, :TAM: Tampa Bay
Week 6: :CAR: Carolina, :CHI: Chicago, :JAC: Jacksonville, :NO: New Orleans
Week 7: :ATL-NFL: Atlanta, :DEN: Denver, :KAN: Kansas City, :MIA: Miami, :PHI-NFL: Philadelphia, :SDG: San Diego
Week 8: :BAL-NFL: Baltimore, :BUF: Buffalo, :CIN-NFL: Cincinnati, :HOU-NFL: Houston
Week 9: :NE: New England, :NYJ: New York Jets, :STL-NFL: St. Louis, :SFO: San Francisco
Week 10: :ARI: Arizona, :CLE-NFL: Cleveland, :GB: Green Bay, :WAS-NFL: Washington
Week 11: :MIN-NFL: Minnesota, :NYG: New York Giants, :SEA-NFL: Seattle, :TEN: Tennessee
Week 12: None
Week 13: None
Week 14: None
Week 15: None
Week 16: None
Week 17: None

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  • Gilly: grrr
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  • Gilly: there we go
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  • Brent: Gilly is an animal.
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  • Orange Country: :CHI:
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  • Orange Country: :SEA-NFL:
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  • Orange Country: :SFO:
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  • Brent: What about the Cubs?
    Today at 10:05:48 PM
  • Orange Country: :IND-NFL:
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  • Orange Country: :IND:
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  • Orange Country: wrong logo
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  • Orange Country: :STL-NFL:
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  • Orange Country: :ARI-NFL:
    Today at 10:06:19 PM
  • Orange Country: dang I'm rusty
    Today at 10:06:25 PM
  • Orange Country: :SEA: :OAK: :HOU2: :LAA: :TEX3:
    Today at 10:06:56 PM
  • Gilly: ahhh slowly but surely Im getting stuff down in NFL Countdown :)
    Today at 10:08:12 PM
  • Gilly: :SD:
    Today at 10:08:38 PM
  • Gilly: :SDG:
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  • Gilly: there it is
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  • Gilly: ripper grrrr
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  • Brent: Yeah, the startup is rough, especially a league this size.
    Today at 10:09:57 PM
  • OUDAN: Get him ripper!!!
    Today at 10:11:07 PM
  • ripper: lol
    Today at 10:11:43 PM
  • Ace: [link]
    Today at 10:11:53 PM
  • Ace: for gills
    Today at 10:11:58 PM
  • Gilly: D.Ripper...P.Gillmore...wheres all the first names for your players
    Today at 10:12:22 PM
  • Gilly: lol those arent actual names but u know what i mean
    Today at 10:13:06 PM
  • Gilly: lol ace thats awesome but I like crowding the chat annoying people lol
    Today at 10:13:24 PM
  • Fitzy1962: Here we go again.  It never fails. It will be my turnto pick early in the morning while I'm at work.
    Today at 10:16:26 PM
  • Gilly: :WAS-NFL:
    Today at 10:20:45 PM
  • Ace: 24 hour clock fitzy don't worry
    Today at 10:21:24 PM
  • patjossom: I can proxy if u want
    Today at 10:21:31 PM
  • patjossom: Fitzy
    Today at 10:23:21 PM
  • Ace: also: :SouthCarolinaUpstate: :STL2: :
    Today at 10:23:22 PM
  • Fitzy1962: Is R Castillo available to draft?
    Today at 10:28:34 PM
  • Ace: no
    Today at 10:30:28 PM
  • Fitzy1962: I believe you but why?
    Today at 10:30:58 PM
  • Scalious: Because he signed after August 1/when the draft started?
    Today at 10:33:21 PM
  • Gilly: :NE:
    Today at 10:36:21 PM
  • Fitzy1962: That makes him a minor leaguer. Why wouldn't I be able to draft him?
    Today at 10:40:33 PM
  • Ace: [link]
    Today at 10:42:52 PM
  • Ace: we went with a clean cut-off date of aug 1st
    Today at 10:43:41 PM

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