NBA Rookie Rankings

The following is a list of the top 100 NBA rookies for the 2012-13 season.  This list is not limited to 2012 draftees, but it includes top draftees from past years who have not played a game in the NBA.  The focus of this ranking is on their fantasy impact, so their ability to crack a lineup or feed off of quality players is considered.

1) :NOR: F Anthony Davis - Should be an elite defender in the NBA with his tremendous rebounding and blocking potential. Probably will take a few years to be groomed into being a high scoring big man.
2) :CHA: F Michael Kidd-Gilchrist -
3) :WAS-NBA: G Bradley Beal - Some question his ability to be a legit scorer since he wasn't a good shooter at Florida. He'll have to improve his shooting if he is going to succeed at the next level.
4) :SAC: F Thomas Robinson - Will live on the boards and get 8+ rebounds per game.
5) :GS: F Harrison Barnes -
6) :DET-NBA: C Andre Drummond - going to be a top 5 guy, top 10 at worst, but we have some serious reservations about him being able to assert his will at the next level.  There is a real learning curve for him to adjust.
7) :NOR: G Austin Rivers - Great scoring potential. Barring in injuries, he could be a legit 20+ PPG guy in a few years
8) :TOR-NBA: C Jonas Valančiūnas - Lithuanian product, drafted 5th overall in 2011 is still a rookie… Great rebounding and blocking potential.
9) :PHX: G Kendall Marshall - Has the potential to be a great assist guy in the NBA. Will have to be behind Dragic in Phoenix first though.
10) :HOU-NBA: G Jeremy Lamb -
11) :PHI-NBA: F Moe Harkless - a work in progress, but should be shooting up the prospect list because of his raw talent.  It may take 2-3 seasons to groom him, but he has some serious talent.
12) :POR: G Damian Lillard -
13) :BOS-NBA: F Jared Sullinger - Back injuries could derail his career before too long. But if he can find a way to stay healthy and overcome the back issues, should be a steal for Boston.
14) :TOR-NBA: G Terrence Ross -
15) :CLE-NBA: G Dion Waiters -
16) :OKC: F Perry Jones III - has the potential to be a perennial all-star and is undervalued in my book.  He has the reputation of not working hard enough, but I think is because he makes it look easy and with his supporting cast has not had to put up monster numbers.
17) :MIL-NBA: F John Henson -
18) :MIA-NBA: F Arnett Moultrie -
19) :POR: C Meyers Leonard - Plenty of raw talent and size here (7-1)
20) :DAL-NBA: C Tyler Zeller -
21) :HOU-NBA: F Terrence Jones -
22) :HOU-NBA: F Royce White -
23) :ORL: F Andrew Nicholson - Highest drafted player not born in USA (Canada) in 2012
24) :CHI-NBA: G Marquis Teague -
25) :ATL-NBA: G John Jenkins -
26) :GS: C Festus Ezeli - Nigerian born Festus (insert Seinfeld reference) part of Vandy tandem that could surge in the NBA
27) :DEN-NBA: F Quincy Miller -
28) :GS: F Draymond Green -
29) :MIL-NBA: G Doron Lamb -
30) :MEM: G Tony Wroten -
31) :MIN-NBA: F Donatas Motiejunas - Another Lithuanian big man drafted in 2011
32) :POR: G Will Barton -
33) :CHA: F Jeffery Taylor - Sweden product has some potential and plenty of opportunity in Charlotte
34) :BOS-NBA: C Fab Melo - Brazilian born Melo lands in Beantown where he can learn from greats and hopefully fill their shoes years to come
35) :CLE-NBA: G Jared Cunningham - Cleveland is putting together a team deep in young talent
36) :DEN-NBA: G Evan Fournier - Frenchmen Fournier has some work to do
37) :WAS-NBA: G Tomas Satoransky - Spanish ball experience could give this Czech an edge with plethora of guards in D.C.
38) :CLE-NBA: F Kevin Jones -
39) :MIN-NBA: G William Buford - Undrafted, but considered top 40 prospect
40) :DET-NBA: F Khris Middleton -
41) :DET-NBA: F Kyle Singler - After a year in Europe, what are the expectations for the Duke standout?
42) :ATL-NBA: F Mike Scott -
43) :UT: G Kevin Murphy -
44) :NOR: F Darius Miller -
45) F JaMychal Green -
45) F Drew Gordon -
47) G Maalik Wayns -
48) :DAL-NBA: G Darius Johnson-Odom - Marquette guard sees value increase being picked by Dallas
49) :BOS-NBA: F Kris Joseph - Solid spot in Boston for this Syracuse grad
50) :HOU-NBA: F Nikola Mirotic - Averaged over 10 PPG, 4.5 RPG in Euro last year
51) :DET-NBA: G Kim English -
52) :POR: F Victor Claver - Has been playing Spanish ball since he was drafted in 2009, but he just signed a three-year deal with the Blazers in July 2012
53) :POR: G Tyshawn Taylor -
54) :CLE-NBA: F Jae Crowder -
55) :TOR-NBA: F Quincy Acy -
56) F Tony Mitchell -
57) :LAC: F Furkan Aldemir - Turkish product just inside top 50
58) G Scott Machado - Undrafted Machado last linked to signing with Boston
59) G Tu Holloway -
60) :SAC: F Orlando Johnson -
61) :MIN-NBA: F Robbie Hummel -
62) F Herb Pope -
63) :IND-NBA: F Miles Plumlee -
64) :ORL: F Kyle O'Quinn -
65) :LAL: C Robert Sacre - Canadian-born Gonzaga product tries to secure a spot in Tinsle Town
66) G Ramone Moore -
67) :SA: G Marcus Denmon -
68) G J'Covan Brown -
69) :MIA-NBA: F Bogan Bogdanovic - 2011 draftee from Bosnian hoping for a shot with Miami
70) :CLE-NBA: F Bernard James -
71) :PHI-NBA: F Tornike Shengelia -
72) G Alex Young -
73) C Greg Mangano -
74) F Terrance Henry -
75) F Dario Hunt -
76) :DEN-NBA: F Izzet Turkyilmaz - Solid Turkish league experience may bode well
77) G Hollis Thompson -
78) :NY: F Kostas Papanikolaou - Will the Greece product hold a spot with the Knicks?
79) C Henry Sims -
80) :PHI-NBA: C Justin Hamilton -
81) G Chace Stanback -
82) G Chris Johnson -
83) :TOR-NBA: F Tomislav Zubcic - Croatian sensation's best shot may indeed be with Toronto
84) :GS: C Ognjen Kuzmic - Bosnian Center will join a bunch of other rookies trying to make Golden State squad
85) G Josep Franch - Will DKV Joventut experience help NBA dreams?
86) F Rakim Sanders -
87) G Dee Bost -
88) F Cameron Moore -
89) F Joffrey Lauvergne -
90) F Xavier Gibson -
91) C Yancy Gates -
92) :BRK-NBA: F Ilkan Karaman -
93) F John Shurna -
94) F Eli Holman -
95) G Nemanja Nedovic -
96) F Bradford Burgess -
97) :CLE-NBA: F Milan Macvan - Serbian draftee from 2011 still has a shot of making it with a young Cleveland squad
98) G Carlon Brown -
99) G Larry Anderson -
100) F Ricardo Ratliffe -

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