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Last updated: October 12, 2012

Player rankings below are compiled several times per year.  The goal of these rankings is to show how we at ProFSL think that these players will perform in most fantasy leagues over their careers.

1) Dwight Howard :LAL: - Continues to be the most dominant big man in the game, move to L.A. will surely pad stats
2) Andrew Bynum :PHI-NBA: - If he can only stay healthy
3) DeMarcus Cousins :SAC: - Has taken a nice step forward; needs to keep his head straight though
4) Al Jefferson :UT: - Solid Big Man. 15-20 Points and 10-15 rebounds are good benchmark numbers for him in the next few years.
5) Marc Gasol :MEM: - Most consider him a top-10 C
6) Greg Monroe :DET-NBA: - Consider top-5 by many
7) Brook Lopez :BRK-NBA: - He is in an ideal situation, is still young, and is on a developing team.. will continue to produce numbers
8) Marcin Gortat :PHX: - Career year in 2012 but now without Steve Nash
9) Roy Hibbert :IND-NBA:
10) Anthony Davis :NOR: - How will the #1 pick end up?
11) Al Horford :ATL-NBA:
12) Andrew Bogut :GS: - Bogut from down under ranked by most as 12th-14th best center
13) Joakim Noah :CHI-NBA: - Injuries have impacted much of his career
14) Nene Hilario :WAS-NBA:
15) Tyson Chandler :NY: - Off into the post-Olympics sunset
16) JaVale McGee :DEN-NBA:
17) Jonas Valanciunas :TOR-NBA: - True center should get opportunity now
18) DeAndre Jordan :LAC:
19) Nikola Pekovic :MIN-NBA: - Some thing Pekovic can be top-10
20) Spencer Hawes :PHI-NBA: - Value hurt by Sixers trade for Bynum
21) Chris Kaman :LAC:
22) DeJuan Blair :SA: - Maximized potential under Popovich, Blair now has all of the opportunity in front of him right now
23) Fab Melo :BOS-NBA: - The heir apparent to Garnett
24) Bismack Biyombo :CHA:
25) Omer Asik :HOU-NBA:
26) Anderson Varejao :CLE-NBA:
27) Andre Drummond :DET-NBA: - Very promising rookie
28) Tim Duncan :SA: - Duncan turns 37 this season
29) Meyers Leonard :POR:
30) Kevin Garnett :BOS-NBA: - Garnett could have a few okay years left
31) Byron Mullens :CHA:
32) Zaza Pachulia :ATL-NBA:
33) Kevin Seraphin :WAS-NBA:
34) Samuel Dalembert :MIL-NBA:
35) Emeka Okafor :NOR:
36) Kosta Koufos :DEN-NBA:
37) Enes Kanter :UT:
38) Tyler Zeller :DAL-NBA: - If he can play alongside Dirk then he can learn some things and be special
39) Robin Lopez :PHX:
40) Kendrick Perkins :OKC:

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