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Last updated: December 14, 2012

Prospect rankings below are compiled several times per year.  The goal of these rankings is to show how we at ProFSL think that these players will perform in most fantasy leagues over their careers.

1) Jonathan Singleton :HOU: - Value has skyrocketed since going to Astros
2) Wil Myers :KC: - Batted .300 at all MILB levels, time for the majors
3) Jorge Soler :CHC: - Raw talent is there, money is there, but will he pan out?
4) Gary Brown :SF: - Regressed at AA Richmond; not a power hitter so OBP needs to pick up from .347
5) Bubba Starling :KC: - Part of 1-2 OF punch by KC MILB
6) Brett Jackson :CHC: - Opportunity should be there in 2013
7) Michael Choice :OAK: - The choice is yours Michaelů progress or stall?
8) Jackie Bradley, Jr. :BOS:
9) Oscar Taveras :STL:
10) Leonys Martin :TEX:
11) Jake Marisnick :TOR:
12) Mason Williams :NYY:
13) George Springer :HOU:
14) Byron Buxton :MIN:
15) Aaron Hicks :MIN:
16) Albert Almora :CHC:
17) Tyler Austin :NYY:
18) Anthony Gose :TOR: - Latest MLB trades could keep Gose in minors longer
19) Matt Szczur :CHC:
20) Josh Bell :PIT:
21) Rymer Liriano :SD:
22) David Dahl :COL:
23) Logan Schafer :MIL:
24) Oswaldo Arcia :MIN:
25) Eddie Rosario :MIN:
26) Grant Green :OAK:
27) Joe Benson :MIN:
28) Trayce Thompson :CHW:
29) Victor Roache :MIL:
30) Bobby Borchering :HOU:
31) Marcell Ozuna :MIA-MLB:
32) Brian Goodwin :WAS:
33) Adam Eaton :ARZ:
34) Michael Taylor :OAK:
35) Tyler Naquin :CLE:
36) Robbie Grossman :HOU:
37) Tim Wheeler :COL:
38) D.J. Davis :TOR:
39) Mitch Haniger :MIL:
40) James Ramsey :STL:
41) Alfredo Silverio :LAD:
42) Mikie Mahtook :TB:
43) Bryce Brentz :BOS:
44) Brandon Nimmo :NYM:
45) Courtney Hawkins :CHW:
46) Brandon Jacobs :BOS:
47) A.J. Pollock :ARZ:
48) Cesar Puello :NYM:
49) Yasiel Puig :LAD:
50) Francisco Peguero :SF:
51) L.J. Hoes :BAL:
52) Lewis Brinson :TEX:
53) Jesse Winkler :CIN:
54) Travis Jankowski :SD:
55) Domingo Santana :HOU:

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