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  • kangol: Im questioning their signings earlier in the year red.
    Today at 11:52:12 AM
  • kangol: They just made it offical last week no?
    Today at 11:52:25 AM
  • OUDAN: My god I need some roster updates in BLB BAD
    Today at 11:53:00 AM
  • kangol: Just wondering.
    Today at 11:53:13 AM
  • redbeard82: i believe they were opened up for bidding when terms were agreed on
    Today at 11:54:13 AM
  • redbeard82: they were and moancada
    Today at 11:54:19 AM
  • redbeard82: i posted an update for my ProFSL one at some point, but believe it just got updated on Fantrax and then moved to completed.
    Today at 11:54:53 AM
  • redbeard82: I gotta do it today, it's a bit out of whack...
    Today at 11:55:04 AM
  • kangol: I could also use a BLB update.
    Today at 11:55:47 AM
  • OUDAN: Corey been out for a few but I'm sure he will get it to me soon
    Today at 11:57:10 AM
  • OUDAN: Like tell me this boys Alex Guerrero is gettin 7m per but was in my minors
    Today at 11:57:39 AM
  • OUDAN: Was his contract counting against my cap before I called him up?
    Today at 11:57:57 AM
  • redbeard82: Olivera is in mine at a similar salary...I was under the impression it was only AB/IP that determined minor league eligibility?
    Today at 11:58:41 AM
  • redbeard82: I beleive all contracts count against the cap...
    Today at 11:58:57 AM
  • kangol: No it shouldnt as far as I know Dan
    Today at 11:58:58 AM
  • kangol: Maybe Im worng
    Today at 11:59:43 AM
  • kangol: wrong*
    Today at 11:59:47 AM
  • OUDAN: See two differnt answers lol
    Today at 12:00:14 PM
  • OUDAN: Red mail
    Today at 12:02:39 PM
  • redbeard82: i'm pretty sure they do count otherwise there's no reason not to sign prospects to a $100m deal...
    Today at 12:03:41 PM
  • Brent: I think you have to have the available cap in the first place to sign them, then you can send them down and and they don't count till you call them back up.  All leagues are slightly different on this rule.
    Today at 12:04:57 PM
  • Brent: Some leagues they have to be on a P contract to even go down.  In NE they don't have to be on a P contract and they don't count against your cap when they are down, IIRC.
    Today at 12:05:37 PM
  • AdamBombs: well the reason wpuld be you wpuldny be able to call them up to your roster
    Today at 12:05:52 PM
  • AdamBombs: would* wouldn't *
    Today at 12:06:06 PM
  • redbeard82: hmmm...i thought my cap space went down when i signed olivera
    Today at 12:07:19 PM
  • Brent: What league Dave?
    Today at 12:07:57 PM
  • OUDAN: Yeah I have no clue
    Today at 12:08:28 PM
    Today at 12:08:36 PM
  • Brent: Is Olivera any good?
    Today at 12:08:41 PM
  • OUDAN: Supposed to be
    Today at 12:09:06 PM
  • Brent: I'm not sure Dave, maybe it did.  Maybe it counts against in BLB.
    Today at 12:09:06 PM
  • OUDAN: Brent where is that stuff normally listed do u recall?
    Today at 12:09:23 PM
  • AdamBombs: theyre saying he is special offensively and good enough to field to get playing time
    Today at 12:09:33 PM
  • Brent: I don't know, normally under rosters, contracts or minor league eligibility.  It's kinda hard to find.
    Today at 12:10:25 PM
  • redbeard82: I don't think he's supposed to have Abreu's power, but I've seen speculation of .300ish hitter with 15 - 20 HRs and a strong OBP
    Today at 12:10:31 PM
  • Brent: And that's at MI?
    Today at 12:10:51 PM
  • redbeard82: at 2B or 3B
    Today at 12:10:56 PM
  • redbeard82: could be at 2B yeah
    Today at 12:11:13 PM
  • AdamBombs: had questions he might need TJ though. seems injury prone
    Today at 12:11:53 PM
  • redbeard82: he passed his physical...the TJ stuff ended up being a bad rumor
    Today at 12:12:41 PM
  • Brent: I'm really surprised nobody tried to come get Abreu in NE.
    Today at 12:12:43 PM
  • redbeard82: he had a blood condition that kept him out a year in Cuba but that seems to have been dealt with
    Today at 12:12:59 PM
  • Brent: That's good to hear Dave.
    Today at 12:12:59 PM
  • OUDAN: It is no where in BLB rules
    Today at 12:13:22 PM
  • AdamBombs: oh really? i never heard anything else on TJ i was wondering why
    Today at 12:14:35 PM
  • Brent: Then it probably counts against from the start if it doesn't specifiy otherwise.
    Today at 12:14:42 PM
  • kangol: I would if I wasnt set at 1B Brent.
    Today at 12:14:43 PM
  • Brent: I spelled it out in NFLC to make sure people know that it doesn't count against when they are on the practice squad.
    Today at 12:15:16 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, and swapping those two wouldn't make sense.
    Today at 12:15:37 PM
  • redbeard82: Dan - back
    Today at 12:17:08 PM

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