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  • Brent: Reid, what league are you trying to sell a team in?
    Today at 11:10:50 AM
  • OUDAN: Brent who u moving in BLB?
    Today at 11:11:01 AM
  • OUDAN: Kyle NE you block doesnt help me much right now
    Today at 11:11:12 AM
  • Brent: Anyone not named Rizzon, Alcantar, Soler and Castro off the MLB roster.
    Today at 11:12:26 AM
  • Orange Country: pm Brent
    Today at 11:13:06 AM
  • Brent: Got it.
    Today at 11:13:47 AM
  • OUDAN: Lookin for an upgrade in BLB I dont see one without those Brent
    Today at 11:15:22 AM
  • OUDAN: Was worth a look
    Today at 11:15:27 AM
  • mike0542: ayyy first pick in ultimate football
    Today at 11:17:10 AM
  • sandman: Ultimate Football Draft order  [link]
    Today at 11:17:39 AM
  • sandman: Mike pick away bro
    Today at 11:17:55 AM
  • Brent: I've never considered it, but I might be willing to move Castro for the right price.  He's a power hitting, RBI SS now and that is huge.
    Today at 11:18:11 AM
  • irbwilleo: NCAA Champs just had a spot open up!
    Today at 11:18:25 AM
  • irbwilleo: Recruiting is under way and is a LOT of fun
    Today at 11:18:33 AM
  • irbwilleo: anyone interested, just let me know
    Today at 11:18:40 AM
  • OUDAN: Yes it is Brent just I am ok at SS for the foreseeable future I believe.
    Today at 11:21:12 AM
  • OUDAN: I need a Smoking Gun 3B bigtime!
    Today at 11:21:22 AM
  • Brent: Valbuena!!!!
    Today at 11:23:08 AM
  • X: Hey which team dropped out?
    Today at 11:23:32 AM
  • Orange Country: pm sooner
    Today at 11:23:38 AM
  • Leatherhelmets: NCAA Champs is on fire!  Grab that spot
    Today at 11:25:24 AM
  • OUDAN: Ok OC
    Today at 11:25:45 AM
  • OUDAN: lol Brent
    Today at 11:25:49 AM
  • Anelson: Texas would like open it's spot as well. I have been out of town, and I will be out this weekend. I'm missing the important part of the leauge
    Today at 11:25:54 AM
  • irbwilleo: :Texas: did
    Today at 11:27:50 AM
  • irbwilleo: I figured Nelson, you seem to be pretty busy man. You werent all that active last year, and this league demands activity.  Sorry to lose you man.
    Today at 11:28:26 AM
  • Anelson: it's a fun league, I just can't keep up right now
    Today at 11:31:18 AM
  • jojowalkwalk: Give it a go Andy! :thumbsup:
    Today at 11:40:26 AM
  • irbwilleo: I totally understand man
    Today at 11:41:59 AM
  • irbwilleo: if you know of anyone who might want to take your spot, please let me know
    Today at 11:42:10 AM
  • sandman: Ultimate Football #1 overall picks was..... [link]
    Today at 11:46:22 AM
  • sandman: #2 and Tubbs on the clock
    Today at 11:46:29 AM
  • X: Looks like Blackmon's career is officially over
    Today at 11:46:56 AM
  • irbwilleo: yea he is a mess
    Today at 11:47:59 AM
  • X: How do you constantly get caught with marijuana
    Today at 11:48:54 AM
  • sandman: Lawrence Phillips all over again
    Today at 11:49:12 AM
  • sandman: #2 pick is in [link]
    Today at 11:51:05 AM
  • Tubbs: Scottnva up in Ultimate Foootball
    Today at 11:51:08 AM
  • X: The next Sam Hurd
    Today at 11:51:19 AM
  • irbwilleo: :Texas: open in NCAA Champs! come rep the Long Horns!
    Today at 12:05:06 PM
  • Jake: 2 games for Ray Rice, are you kidding me.
    Today at 12:16:16 PM
  • sandman: The NFL doesn't mind if you beat your woman senseless as long as you bring in fans thats what matters
    Today at 12:18:27 PM
  • sandman: This girl that I am well nailing, is a big NFL (which means she might be a keeper) is boycotting all Ravens games man
    Today at 12:19:03 PM
  • Jake: smoke a little weed, comes at you.
    Today at 12:19:25 PM
  • kylerap: Robert Mathis getting 4 for knocking up his wife, Ray Rice gets 2 games for knocking out his wife.  Good message by the Commish
    Today at 12:22:01 PM
  • Jake: gawd I can't stand Goodell.
    Today at 12:22:15 PM
  • Leatherhelmets: Look at how our legal system is handling domestic violence, victims have to go through hell to prove their case, they suffer the physical and mental results
    Today at 12:22:46 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, Goodell is a POS.  He's more crooked than anyone in the NFL.
    Today at 12:22:51 PM
  • Leatherhelmets: Seems like 4 games would have bene more in line with past NFL sanctions
    Today at 12:24:52 PM
  • Brent: Don't have a made up pay for performance program or your team will get the death sentence, but you can rape as many women as you want (Rapelisberger) and knock out women left and right (Rice).
    Today at 12:24:52 PM

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