inPoints & ProFSL Invitationals

What are inPoints?
These are points that each member can earn during each sport's season.  These points are collected for all leagues and members, and the top portion of members in a sport will be invited to the ProFSL Invitational.

Alright, what is an Invitational?
The Invitational is a head-to-head fantasy league that is free to enter but awards cash and other prizes :money: at the end of the year based on the size of the sport in the community.  From 2009 through 2012, the Invitational was a short tournament, but in 2013 the concept changed to a season-long league to give the event greater presence.  The more inPoints a member has from the previous season (in a given sport), the higher their seed will be in an Invitational.  These leagues are setup so higher seeds have advantages such as better draft selection, first choice, and higher budgets.

Okay, how do I get some inPoints?
Easy!  You can accrue inPoints several ways.
  • A majority of inPoints are earned through league participation.  Each league within ProFSL's community leagues will receive points based on their activity at the end of a sport's season.  The Commissioner distributes these points according to ProFSL guidelines in an effort to award successful teams and active participants of the league.
  • Regularly participate in our discussion forums.  Top participating members are noted each month in a stickied thread at the top of each sport's discussion forum.  Note that posting new topics carries the most weight since it sparks conversation.
  • Recruit members to ProFSL.  If you recruit someone to the site through word of mouth, email, posting a classified, social media, or any other means then respond to our official recruiters tracking thread.  Since these are not specific to an individual sport, you can build up a bank of credits and exchange them for inPoints when you are ready!

Earning inPoints through Tournaments
As mentioned, you can earn inPoints by participating in leagues, but this also applies to tournaments.  From time to time, we will have contests and tournaments (mostly fantasy league style), and the top participants will receive inPoints for that sport.  Below is a history of Invitationals and tournaments at ProFSL as well as awards given to leagues and Commissioners.

Note that prior to 2013, Invitationals were fantasy league tournaments.  From 2011 to 2012, the Invitationals were the predominant tournaments held in the community.

NHL Invitational 2012 (delayed due to lockout) - pending results
NBA Invitational 2012 - JMAC beat Drew; pawdukes/Anthony place 3rd/4th
NFL Invitational 2012 - JMAC beat harschman; Eric placed 3rd, Billy placed 4th
Soccer Invitational 2012 - chris-105 beat Garfield, BeanTown placed 3rd, molinator placed 4th
MLB Invitational 2012 - Daniel beat MillerTime; hank placed 3rd, Corey placed 4th
NBA Invitational 2011 (delayed due to lockout) - JMAC beat Jake; tarheels55 placed 3rd, harschman placed 4th
NHL Invitational 2011 - Drew beat BridgestoneGilly; cho34/Mariner placed 3rd/4th
NFL Invitational 2011 - joeshmoe beat Jon; ProFSL placed 3rd, Jake placed 4th
MLB Invitational 2011 - MillerTime beat hank; Daniel placed 3rd, VolsRaysBucs placed 4th
MLB Invitational 2010 - bnjmn beat hanny2042; Daniel placed 3rd
MLB Invitational 2009 - ProFSL beat Jake; Scott placed 3rd

Other Tournaments & Contests
The amount of inPoints earned for tournaments varies but are generally equal to that of the most active leagues in a sport.

NFL Playoff Bracket Contest 2013 - seanrmgallagher placed 1st, Shelby placed 2nd, 10gophers10 placed 3rd, Corey placed 4th
NFL Forum Classic 2012 - Tony beat Eric; Mariner placed 3rd and Mike placed 4th
MLB Forum Classic 2012 - Mariner beat Corey; MillerTime/Mike placed 3rd/4th
London Olympics Pick-Em 2012 - Garfield placed 1st, kenny placed 2nd, ProFSL placed 3rd
Basketball Olympics Fantasy Tourney 2012 - Garfield placed 1st, ProFSL placed 2nd, Billy placed 3rd
Soccer Olympics Fantasy Tourney 2012 - Garfield placed 1st, ProFSL placed 2nd, Philly Girl placed 3rd
Soccer Forum Classic 2012 - Corey beat NickF; chris-105/Daniel placed 3rd/4th
NHL Forum Classic 2012 - favo_zomg placed 1st, Tony placed 2nd, abbyroad placed 3rd
NCAAB 50/50 Bracket Contest 2012 - Tony placed 1st, norrya66 placed 2nd, Mike placed 3rd
NFL Forum Classic 2011 - Eric beat joeshmoe; Corey/chis-105 placed 3rd/4th
MLB Commissioner's Cup 2010 - ProFSL beat Teton; Jake placed 3rd
MLB All-star Tourney 2010 - Daniel beat Sam; plymadman13 placed 3rd
MLB Derby Tourney 2010 - kb5523 beat bridgestone; ProFSL placed 3rd
MLB Open Tourney 2010 - kb5523 beat daddypadre; ProFSL placed 3rd

League of the Year
Sport sections of ProFSL have changed over time.  For example, inPoints for NBA and NCAAB leagues used to bucketed for the same Invitational (NBA) whereas now they are separate.  The awards for League of the Year (and Commissioner of the Year below) were also handled in this manner.

Multi-Sport 2012 -
Other Sports 2012 -
NCAA Football 2012 -
MLB 2012 - Moneyball
*Soccer 2011-12 - Soccer Casino
NBA 2011-12 - NBA Futures
NHL 2011-12 - Backyard NHL (x2)
NFL 2011-12 - Franchise NFL
*Other Sports 2011 - MMA Gone Wild
Multi-Sport 2011 - City of Champions
MLB 2011 - Franchise GM (x3)
*Basketball 2010-11 - March Madness
*NHL 2010-11 - Backyard NHL
*NFL 2010-11 - Armchair QB
*MLB 2010 - Franchise GM (x2)
*MLB 2009 - Franchise GM

Commissioner of the Year
Note that LOTY/COTY voting was held public for anyone to vote from 2011 to the early part of 2012.  Since the 2012 baseball season, this voting has been held strictly by HOF members to avoid popularity contests and make informed decisions when handing out awards.

MLB 2012 - Corey (x3)
*Soccer 2011-12 - molinator
NBA 2011-12 - Colby (x3)
NHL 2011-12 - Drew (x2)
NFL 2011-12 - Corey (x2)
*Other Sports 2011 - Gilly
Multi-Sport 2011 - Eric
MLB 2011 - Jon
*NBA 2010-11 - Corey
*NHL 2010-11 - Drew
*NFL 2010-11 - Jake
*MLB 2010 - Colby (x2)
*MLB 2009 - Colby

*crowned by ProFSL Commissioner

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  • Pergs24: I think i sent u a pm ystrday Alex23
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  • Alex23: I think you were one of the many who just messaged you liked so and so, but never made an offer.
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  • redbeard82: :STL: up for dealing. What are you looking for Alex?
    Today at 01:42:09 PM
  • Alex23: Redbeard82 a hitter to play UT & 1 more SP
    Today at 01:45:32 PM
  • redbeard82: I have some SP. Remind me what time?
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  • Alex23: Nationals man.
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  • redbeard82: alright. let me check em out.
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  • KeepingItRealtor: Redbeard82 Hey Im giantjake's friend looking to take over the Phillies
    Today at 02:05:34 PM
  • redbeard82: I PMed Jake last night that the Phillies were taken by another owner who got in touch before I heard from Jake.  We may have another opening with a team a little closer to contending...trying to confirm
    Today at 02:12:25 PM
  • KeepingItRealtor: Sounds great! Let me know what you need from me
    Today at 02:15:53 PM
  • redbeard82: Would :KC: be of interest?
    Today at 02:16:22 PM
  • OUDAN: reposting BTL now
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  • KeepingItRealtor: Yeaah I would take them. Any other team I can take a look at before I pull the trigger?
    Today at 02:37:25 PM
  • redbeard82: That's the only one I know of.  The owner would continue, but he's looking to downsize by a league so if there's an interested party he'd be open to moving on.
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  • redbeard82: other than that i think we are full
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  • KeepingItRealtor: Alright let's do it then
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  • indiansnation: Any one want snow will deliver it for free
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  • redbeard82: thanks dan!
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  • Pergs24: OU the MB2 rosters?
    Today at 02:45:40 PM
  • redbeard82: sounds good. let me find out if the paypal $25 goes to Corey or directly to the other owner
    Today at 02:45:46 PM
  • indiansnation: 2 feet so far here in ohio
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  • indiansnation: And I'm at work yea me
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  • redbeard82: Keepingitrealtor - PM about what to do next. Welcome to the league!
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  • redbeard82: Alex23, Dan - Offers Sent
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  • OUDAN: Pergs24 I was under the understanding someone else was doing MB2 let me check on that
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  • Orange Country: You need to do fantrax Dan than sky can move threads
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  • OUDAN: Then I shall do that later today
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  • OUDAN: sandman mail sir
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  • Pergs24: Ok. Bc my profsl roster and my fantrax is way out of date
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  • patjossom: Ination OTC in FLG
    Today at 03:52:50 PM
  • pandoval172: SP and RP depth 4 sale cheep in BTL: [link]
    Today at 03:53:54 PM
  • pandoval172: no stars there, but all useful pieces with some value for the money. i already cleared out the deadweight, these were the guys too decent to just straight-up release.
    Today at 03:55:58 PM