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  • Anelson: I don't think there was disagreement on the long term future. I think I value the years of my life wasted sitting around with zero production more than you...haha
    Today at 04:13:51 PM
  • MillerTime: BA, that is funny.  Gotta give a reason for the trade, I guess.  Sounds like I should look into sales as a career.
    Today at 04:14:08 PM
  • 9inches: yeah. I got tons of time to waste.
    Today at 04:16:23 PM
  • 9inches: MT or MTK?
    Today at 04:16:48 PM
  • -BA-: MT, you are a master salesmen, go from feeling good about your trade to buyers remorse
    Today at 04:22:39 PM
  • Anelson: it is nearly impossible to earn negative points as a pitcher in the invitational...thank you Tanner Scheppers
    Today at 04:22:53 PM
  • -BA-: and that is all a compliment
    Today at 04:22:56 PM
  • MillerTime: Sure, don't worry I take it that way.
    Today at 04:26:03 PM
  • MillerTime: Mark Tiexiera in MB? Anyone?
    Today at 04:27:19 PM
  • h4cheng: omg tanner scheppers
    Today at 04:27:33 PM
  • h4cheng: why cant you give up a HR to someone actually on my team before leaving
    Today at 04:27:44 PM
  • 9inches: Sell! Sell! Sell!
    Today at 04:32:08 PM
  • 9inches: ;)
    Today at 04:32:12 PM
  • Daddy: Its safe to say that the Tanner Scheppers SP experiment is an EPIC fail.
    Today at 04:33:03 PM
  • kylerap: i was hoping you started him today!
    Today at 04:34:30 PM
  • Daddy: Idiots. He was a good set up man, but the 2nd and 3rd time thru the line up...very hit me hard.
    Today at 04:35:00 PM
  • h4cheng: I sure did
    Today at 04:35:22 PM
  • kylerap: I needed that spike in your pitching stats
    Today at 04:35:39 PM
  • h4cheng: I started the year with 9 SPs in MB figuring that i had one of the best if not the deepest staff out there
    Today at 04:35:41 PM
  • h4cheng: 2 weeks in, Latos is hurt, Johnson is hurt, Delgado already relegated, Schppers to be related, Baiely can't stop giving up HRs
    Today at 04:36:08 PM
  • Daddy: I didnt pitch him kyle :rofl:
    Today at 04:37:42 PM
  • Daddy: I said :TEX: were idiots. Daddy > :TEX:
    Today at 04:38:36 PM
  • kylerap: Vintage Corey Hart today.  Maybe the rust is finally kicked off for him
    Today at 04:46:38 PM
  • 9inches: c'mon boys...
    Today at 04:56:51 PM
  • 9inches: [link]
    Today at 04:56:56 PM
  • h4cheng: Long weekend!!!!
    Today at 05:03:32 PM
  • 9inches: Howe, what are you looking for now?
    Today at 05:13:45 PM
  • h4cheng: Looking a for sp
    Today at 05:29:05 PM
  • h4cheng: Looking for sp tony
    Today at 05:30:29 PM
  • sandman: Brewers are just to tough
    Today at 05:30:30 PM
  • 9inches: ah, OK.
    Today at 05:34:58 PM
  • jnorris: anyone wanna talk trades? Looking for a bat in either SD/MB
    Today at 05:48:14 PM
  • OUDAN: iOOTP out today
    Today at 06:13:36 PM
  • OUDAN: Kinda interesting for a mobile game
    Today at 06:13:42 PM
  • h4cheng: Are u serious oudan
    Today at 06:21:28 PM
  • h4cheng: I Love that game...still playing almost everyday on the train
    Today at 06:21:53 PM
  • OUDAN: Yup $4.99
    Today at 06:22:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Been off and on it all day lol
    Today at 06:23:16 PM
  • h4cheng: Nice....
    Today at 06:23:55 PM
  • h4cheng: I managed to get trout Harper posey Strasbourg Stanton darvish all on the same team in the 2013 version lol
    Today at 06:24:44 PM
  • -BA-: what game is it
    Today at 06:26:07 PM
  • h4cheng: Out of the park baseball
    Today at 06:27:02 PM
  • h4cheng: Baseball game for the nerds
    Today at 06:27:11 PM
  • kylerap: buying it right now for ipad
    Today at 06:27:47 PM
  • h4cheng: It's a great game if all you care about is sim and management
    Today at 06:28:33 PM
  • h4cheng: The desktop version is more immersive but the iPhone version is also very good
    Today at 06:29:07 PM
  • kylerap: not a fan of the RBI baseball game that came out.  only played on iPad but its not great
    Today at 06:30:17 PM
  • Jdwalter21: is it only available on apple products?
    Today at 06:40:37 PM
  • OUDAN: unreal Cheng
    Today at 06:46:50 PM
  • OUDAN: the desktop version is great for like a league
    Today at 06:47:06 PM

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