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  • janesvilleaces: if you dont think payton knew then you better believe brady didnt know about deflated balls
    Today at 01:59:35 PM
  • janesvilleaces: still broke a rule
    Today at 02:00:16 PM
  • Brent: There are numbers/research out there that might show this deflated ball stuff has been going on since 2007.
    Today at 02:00:20 PM
  • andyscott23: Think Saints was less than breaking rule and more about putting a bad face on the NFL for paying players to hurt other players which could have resulted in numerous lawsuits. Not good business for employees to be paid to hurt other employees
    Today at 02:01:01 PM
  • janesvilleaces: so do you teach in the military that you only have to follow some of the ucmj
    Today at 02:01:04 PM
  • Brent: He let Gregg Williams do his thing an stayed out of his business, which came back to bite him in the ass.
    Today at 02:01:05 PM
  • janesvilleaces: or all the rules in it
    Today at 02:01:17 PM
  • andyscott23: on purpose
    Today at 02:01:31 PM
  • Brent: No, what does that have to do with anything?
    Today at 02:01:31 PM
  • andyscott23: Uniform Code of Military Justice...
    Today at 02:02:06 PM
  • Brent: I believe you are clueless when it comes to all of the bountygate stuff and I'm wasting my time talking with you about it.
    Today at 02:02:22 PM
  • janesvilleaces: patriots broke a rule and the saints did so for you to say you dont like cheaters while rooting for them is kind of a contradictory statement
    Today at 02:03:00 PM
  • janesvilleaces: and i am sure you have first hand knowledge
    Today at 02:03:31 PM
  • OUDAN: Idk if Peyton knew but he is paid to know IMO
    Today at 02:03:44 PM
  • janesvilleaces: every team in every sport tries to gain a competitive edge
    Today at 02:03:55 PM
  • janesvilleaces: some get caugh..some dont
    Today at 02:04:21 PM
  • Brent: The Saints didn't gain a competitive advantage.  The Patriots in all of their cheating scandals have gained a competitive advantage.
    Today at 02:05:56 PM
  • Brent: Who was Goodell's star witness in BG?  Why did he target the Saints when all teams doe it?  Why did Goodell have to bring in Tags to clean up his mess?
    Today at 02:06:41 PM
  • andyscott23: "If you're not cheating, you're not trying."
    Today at 02:06:45 PM
  • janesvilleaces: if you pay a guy to knock out the qb and he succeeds that isnt gainging a edge
    Today at 02:07:08 PM
  • janesvilleaces: or to take a linemans knee out.. and he does your not gaining anything
    Today at 02:07:44 PM
  • janesvilleaces: come on brent
    Today at 02:08:04 PM
  • OUDAN: I think both teams broke the rules and deserve punishment
    Today at 02:08:05 PM
  • chrisetc21: [link]
    Today at 02:08:29 PM
  • chrisetc21: Patriots have been cheating for years
    Today at 02:08:45 PM
  • janesvilleaces: whats up crisetc
    Today at 02:08:55 PM
  • janesvilleaces: they have been.. that is why i dislike them...just less than seattle
    Today at 02:09:26 PM
  • chrisetc21: Hey
    Today at 02:09:29 PM
  • Brent: Yep Chris, that is what I was referring to.  This deflated balls thing has been going on for awhile.
    Today at 02:09:42 PM
  • Corey: atom you here
    Today at 02:10:18 PM
  • chrisetc21: Yep, they are huge cheaters
    Today at 02:10:34 PM
  • chrisetc21: They need to drop the hammer on them
    Today at 02:10:50 PM
  • Brent: Every player is always trying to knock another player of the the game and they always try and hit injuries if a player has one.  That the way it is.
    Today at 02:10:50 PM
  • janesvilleaces: corey how much snow they calling for over your way
    Today at 02:11:09 PM
  • Brent: Bellicheck looked so guilty when he did that 2nd press conference and tried to go on the offensive.  Also, Brady looked like a total liar up there, dude is a fake.
    Today at 02:11:38 PM
  • OUDAN: They both were obviously lying
    Today at 02:11:58 PM
  • janesvilleaces: its baseball season anyways
    Today at 02:12:05 PM
  • OUDAN: Come on MB [link]
    Today at 02:12:10 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Corey your up in 50
    Today at 02:12:12 PM
  • chrisetc21: Kraft asking for an apology, lol
    Today at 02:12:24 PM
  • Brent: yeah, he's a joke.
    Today at 02:13:05 PM
  • Brent: That was reminding Goodell who he worked for.  Hmm, why do Goodell and Kraft always hang out together.
    Today at 02:13:37 PM
  • chrisetc21: I nearly choked when i heard Kraft say that
    Today at 02:13:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Im so over the NFL after all this crap on top of Dez and my Cowboys getting robbed
    Today at 02:14:09 PM
  • andyscott23: I had no problem with what the Saints did as I grew up when you could actually take someone's head off, but let's say bountygate W/out the money was done at the college level. Say Coach A told his players to take or a WR's knee. Don't think I could approve if that
    Today at 02:14:33 PM
  • chrisetc21: Goodall is like a mafioso
    Today at 02:14:34 PM
  • andyscott23: of that
    Today at 02:14:51 PM
  • Brent: Helmet stickers are a version of bounties.
    Today at 02:15:37 PM
  • andyscott23: Hard hits yes. great tackles yes. get 10 stars for breaking a leg. not sure about that
    Today at 02:17:08 PM
  • andyscott23: look Brent not looking to get into a long drawn out debate about it as everyone has an opinion. But if the Falcons had bounty gate on Drew Brees and took him out. Would you complain?
    Today at 02:19:03 PM

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