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Our community leagues use ProFSL's message boards to organize roster, transactions, contracts, and other complexities of these advanced leagues.  This style of fantasy league play is meant for those who have grown tired of inactive basic leagues.  In addition, ProFSL features pools, video game leagues, and simulation leagues.  It is recommended you read through a league's rules to ensure you understand the requirements of league participation.  This page is meant to be a quick guide to the various fantasy leagues and games that serve baseball at ProFSL.

If you are an aspiring or existing Commissioner that would like to bring your league to here then please post your league details at the Support board.

NHL Leagues

Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Scoring # of Teams Universes Keeper Type Money Roster Type Scoring Style
Backyard NHL Drew Tony Fantrax 18 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Title Town Gilly Tarheels55 Fantrax 18 4 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
Mountain To Glory Billy (None) ESPN 16 4 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Free Market Kings TimWatsonSC Calvin Fantrax 122 4 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
City of Champions Mariner 10gophers10 ESPN 64 4 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Rebel NHL hockeyfreak47 (None) Fantrax 22 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
NHL Casino Tony norrya66 Manual 20 0 n/a Free Basic Points
Dynasty NHL Rob -BA- Fantrax 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
King Of The Rink Gilly Capn Cally Yahoo 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-categories
Franchise NHL PigsRule PsychoticPondGoons Fantrax 30 1 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
CHL PigsRule (None) Yahoo 42 3 Keeper Free Basic H2H-categories
Prospectus Maximus NHL Tony (None) Fantrax 12 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
NHL Invitational hockeyfreak47 Tony Fantrax 24 2 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
Frozen Mullet Philly Girl (None) ProFSL 10 1 Keeper :money: Basic H2H-points
Quest For Lord Stanley Capn Cally Gilly Fantrax 20 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
President's Trophy ProFSL Tony Fantrax 30 1 Dynasty :money: Contracts H2H-points
Triple Threat Fantasy Eric (None) Fantrax 14 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
The Farm Drew cho34 Fantrax 18 1 Dynasty Free Contracts H2H-points
NHLselect CRS245 (None) ProFSL 100 0 Redraft Free Basic Points
Black Ice Elimination PsychoticPondGoons (None) Fantrax 16 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-categories
NHL High Stick Gilly (None) Fantrax 12 1 Redraft :money: Basic H2H-points
Puck Galore sports guru (None) Fantrax 10 1 Keeper Free Basic H2H-points
Premium NHL Corey Gilly Fantrax 30 1 n/a Free Basic H2H-points
Fantasy Factory Eric schuttlebus13 Fantrax 12 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points
Dynasty Kingdom Rcomm ozzy Fantrax 16 1 Dynasty Free Basic H2H-points

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  • OUDAN: Something is wrong I mean Wong lol
    Today at 11:02:06 AM
  • sandman: Trade with me Chump
    Today at 11:03:10 AM
  • Baseballnut83: Dave to you
    Today at 11:03:49 AM
  • OUDAN: What u after?
    Today at 11:04:32 AM
  • sandman: Ooops I mean stud ;)
    Today at 11:05:04 AM
  • OUDAN: lol
    Today at 11:05:40 AM
  • sandman: BTL Im Arizona send me guys you like. See if we hit up
    Today at 11:05:50 AM
  • Gilly: Morning boys
    Today at 11:06:09 AM
  • Tarheels55: Gilly get back to me in LOR
    Today at 11:06:52 AM
  • Gilly: okie, Im loading messages now
    Today at 11:08:03 AM
  • OUDAN: Ok give me 3 mins
    Today at 11:08:07 AM
  • OUDAN: Me too Gilly! lol
    Today at 11:08:16 AM
  • OUDAN: Sent Sandman
    Today at 11:09:59 AM
  • janesvilleaces: what up
    Today at 11:21:11 AM
  • andyscott23: good morning
    Today at 11:24:59 AM
  • Brent: Morning guys.
    Today at 11:28:33 AM
  • irbwilleo: morning Brent
    Today at 11:29:58 AM
  • irbwilleo: you gonna get back to me on Starlin?
    Today at 11:30:05 AM
  • OUDAN: Morning
    Today at 11:31:13 AM
  • Snygg: sent you a message Sandman
    Today at 11:31:59 AM
  • Brent: Sorry guys, my Dad passed away on Monday and I've been on the road for two days to get to my parent's house.
    Today at 11:33:48 AM
  • OUDAN: Sorry I hear my friend
    Today at 11:34:07 AM
  • Brent: I'm glad I went to New Orleans and was able to see him for a few days while he was in the hospital.  I did spend last Monday with him which was his 58th Birthday.
    Today at 11:35:09 AM
  • irbwilleo: oh shoot.  Sorry Brent
    Today at 11:35:11 AM
  • irbwilleo: yea, I know that was a long drive, but it was really good you got to be with him for a bit
    Today at 11:35:40 AM
  • Brent: Yeah, I did 3K miles last week round trip to go see him, then I just did 1300 miles Tuesday/Wed this week.
    Today at 11:37:28 AM
  • Tarheels55: Condolenses Brent
    Today at 11:38:31 AM
  • Brent: Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
    Today at 11:38:59 AM
  • OUDAN: Heels what you dealing in LOR?
    Today at 11:40:10 AM
  • andyscott23: sorry to hear Brent. Lost mine in September. Spent the his last few day with him watching reruns of Orioles games we had watched the night before. It was well worth it
    Today at 11:40:49 AM
  • Tarheels55: Anything but you are the team to beat LOL
    Today at 11:41:31 AM
  • OUDAN: lol Shhhhh dont talk about it
    Today at 11:41:44 AM
  • OUDAN: Already lost Jennings for the season
    Today at 11:41:52 AM
  • Tarheels55: I know
    Today at 11:42:23 AM
  • OUDAN: Trying to move him to a team lookin at next year
    Today at 11:42:39 AM
  • BHows: Sorry to hear that Brett. Lost my dad in '05. Tough too go thru.
    Today at 11:43:10 AM
  • BHows: *Brent
    Today at 11:43:44 AM
  • Tarheels55: I still may have a chance for playoffs hopefully
    Today at 11:43:45 AM
  • OUDAN: Yeah didnt really look at your record just sucks your in the division with me and the Clips
    Today at 11:44:18 AM
  • Tarheels55: Yep
    Today at 11:44:54 AM
  • Tarheels55: Just trying to survive LOL
    Today at 11:45:11 AM
  • Ur Not Me: Condolences Brent.... sorry for ur loss
    Today at 11:45:21 AM
  • OUDAN: Well if you decide to sell off any let me know Jennings has an option that has to be picked up in a few days and I wont be picking it up. I think his resign will be decent
    Today at 11:46:10 AM
  • jblum: WOW alex.. cmon bro
    Today at 12:03:58 PM
  • OUDAN: I smell a late bud
    Today at 12:15:20 PM
  • OUDAN: bid*
    Today at 12:15:23 PM
  • andyscott23: OUDAN.. shows Jennings option as 16-17 you don't have to exercise that this year do you?
    Today at 12:18:16 PM
  • OUDAN: to me next year was 16-17
    Today at 12:19:03 PM
  • OUDAN: Contract shows like this so one more year which would be the option year
    Today at 12:19:33 PM
  • OUDAN: PG Brandon Jennings, $8m (2016)   $8.0m   $8.3m
    Today at 12:19:37 PM

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