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  • sandman: Responded back to ya bro
    Today at 05:49:43 PM
  • scottnva: oh nvrmind cant trade 4 and 5th rders,
    Today at 05:49:54 PM
  • soonerorlitigator: Thanks for the help.
    Today at 05:53:26 PM
  • sandman: no prob bro
    Today at 05:53:45 PM
  • sandman: Pick 9 is...... [link]
    Today at 05:54:07 PM
  • Ace: sandman; are we not prorating signing bonuses?
    Today at 06:01:04 PM
  • kylerap: the Padres lineup today looks like a AA team. lol
    Today at 06:05:27 PM
  • sandman: No signing bonuses are not apart of the contracts
    Today at 06:05:48 PM
  • Ace: thx
    Today at 06:06:40 PM
  • CRS245: $1,000 Freeroll at FanDuel - [link] - ProFSL Gold members eligible to win $150 in cash prizes this month just for participating in these special contests.
    Today at 06:32:19 PM
  • Drew: Entered!
    Today at 06:38:44 PM
  • Drew: drew_profsl on FanDuel
    Today at 06:39:33 PM
  • kylerap: I entered.  I'm terrible at those though
    Today at 06:48:37 PM
  • CRS245: kyle/drew, did you two enter the sportstradex contest too?
    Today at 06:51:15 PM
  • Gilly: Hi boys
    Today at 07:01:36 PM
  • Drew: Nope just this one
    Today at 07:04:05 PM
  • Drew: Hi Gilly!
    Today at 07:04:12 PM
  • Brent: What's up guys?  Kinda anxious now that I am on deck for the BTL draft.
    Today at 07:05:58 PM
  • irbwilleo: Brent, your Seahawks are up in FNFL
    Today at 07:08:41 PM
  • Drew: I am unable to see that league haha
    Today at 07:08:41 PM
  • irbwilleo: that could help calm your nerves
    Today at 07:08:52 PM
  • Brent: Nah, it's cool.  Got to switch to football mode now.
    Today at 07:14:00 PM
  • jblum: brent your on the clock in 2RN
    Today at 07:34:40 PM
  • irbwilleo: thoughts on my last pick Johnathan?
    Today at 07:36:05 PM
  • irbwilleo: btw, the NFC caught the AFC in FNFL
    Today at 07:36:12 PM
  • jblum: i think there were better centers than jonas sorry
    Today at 07:37:31 PM
  • Gilly: k baseball boys, whos winning tonight...Baltimore or LA
    Today at 07:39:33 PM
    Today at 07:40:04 PM
  • OUDAN: Or I hope lol
    Today at 07:40:09 PM
  • irbwilleo: i dont doubt it, but this is a long term league correct?
    Today at 07:40:09 PM
  • irbwilleo: I would rather have him than Hibbert
    Today at 07:40:21 PM
  • Gilly: Really LA eh
    Today at 07:42:14 PM
  • OUDAN: Money baseball leaguers if I'm in the league I'm after bats hit me up need them soon
    Today at 07:42:42 PM
  • OUDAN: I just am a NYY fan so need BAL to lose don't listen to me
    Today at 07:43:00 PM
  • jblum: yes its a dynasty but there is still better
    Today at 07:43:19 PM
  • Gilly: LOL Sooner, this is a wager Im doing, theres nice money on Baltimore winning
    Today at 07:43:47 PM
  • OUDAN: Who is pitching??
    Today at 07:45:24 PM
  • Gilly: tillman and weaver
    Today at 07:51:18 PM
  • OUDAN: Where is it?
    Today at 07:51:43 PM
  • Gilly: LA
    Today at 07:54:50 PM
  • OUDAN: I'd take LA but it's a coin flip IMO
    Today at 07:55:13 PM
  • OUDAN: With the better money on BAL maybe take them actually
    Today at 07:57:20 PM
  • Gilly: Astros vs Oakland
    Today at 08:01:28 PM
  • OUDAN: Oakland
    Today at 08:16:45 PM
  • nerwffej: You lookin for bat in moneyball oudan?
    Today at 08:43:03 PM
  • h4cheng: I may be Jeff
    Today at 08:55:37 PM
  • kylerap: :CHC: always are
    Today at 08:59:53 PM
  • nerwffej: I have Albert available
    Today at 09:03:15 PM
  • h4cheng: either of you have SPs to trade?
    Today at 09:05:10 PM
  • Orange Country: waiting for a response in fgm kyle
    Today at 09:14:28 PM

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