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Our community leagues use ProFSL's message boards to organize roster, transactions, contracts, and other complexities of these advanced leagues.  This style of fantasy league play is meant for those who have grown tired of inactive basic leagues.  In addition, ProFSL features pools, video game leagues, and simulation leagues.  It is recommended you read through a league's rules to ensure you understand the requirements of league participation.  This page is meant to be a quick guide to the various fantasy leagues and games that serve baseball at ProFSL.

If you are an aspiring or existing Commissioner that would like to bring your league to here then please post your league details at the Support board.

NASCAR Leagues

Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Scoring # of Teams Universes Keeper Type Money Roster Type Scoring Style
NASCAR Invitational CRS245 Billy Fantrax 12 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
DRAFT'N'GO NASCAR CRS245 (None) ProFSL 12 1 Redraft Free Basic Points
NASCAR Casino Billy (None) Manual 14 0 n/a Free Basic H2H-points

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Refresh History
  • LockedNLoaded: TC needs to vote
    Today at 06:01:41 PM
  • Gilly: is there trades not being voted on
    Today at 06:02:49 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: One vote left in my trade from yesterday
    Today at 06:05:43 PM
  • Gilly: There I approved :)
    Today at 06:08:20 PM
  • Vollmernator: Brent did you get my pm
    Today at 06:12:13 PM
  • Jonathan: anyone having issues setting rosters on fantrax?
    Today at 06:13:42 PM
  • Jonathan: keeps telling me no changes detected.
    Today at 06:14:39 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Thanks man. I have guys dropping like flys. I hope I can do another trade tonight.
    Today at 06:14:46 PM
  • Jonathan: in multiple leagues
    Today at 06:14:56 PM
  • Jonathan: then when I close down fantrax, it tells me I have unsaved changes.... lol oh boy
    Today at 06:15:58 PM
  • Jonathan: they cant make up their mind
    Today at 06:16:32 PM
  • Gilly: LNL u know what I want lol
    Today at 06:17:10 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: ok Gilly
    Today at 06:18:38 PM
  • Corey: Last chance at Baseball Tonight.
    Today at 06:20:50 PM
  • Orange Country: how many spots left
    Today at 06:21:26 PM
  • Corey: $650 added to the pot. Unreal payouts. Start from scratch
    Today at 06:21:28 PM
  • Scalious: Voll and Brent, you have make up picks for BTL minors. FYI.
    Today at 06:21:40 PM
  • Corey: [link]
    Today at 06:21:48 PM
  • Scalious: Oudan OTC in BTL minors
    Today at 06:21:50 PM
  • Corey: 2 left
    Today at 06:22:11 PM
  • Gilly: Correy text
    Today at 06:22:17 PM
  • Corey: Scalious I have his proxy
    Today at 06:22:33 PM
  • Orange Country: how many teams are we rolling with
    Today at 06:22:34 PM
  • Brent: Make up pick for BTL minors?  Never knew I was OTC.
    Today at 06:23:21 PM
  • Scalious: k
    Today at 06:23:21 PM
  • Orange Country: Brent, what's the cutoff time for processing football fantrax moves that don't involve the thursday game
    Today at 06:24:11 PM
  • Scalious: Huh.. Well..only 1 team has picked since. So its not like your losing out.
    Today at 06:24:11 PM
  • Orange Country: for Sunday/Monday games?
    Today at 06:24:19 PM
  • Brent: Before Sunday games start, if possible.  once they start whatever isn't processed needs to wait.
    Today at 06:25:14 PM
  • Corey: 16 OC
    Today at 06:25:16 PM
  • Corey: Id love 18 or 20 tho
    Today at 06:25:30 PM
  • Gilly: Corey u free for a moment sir
    Today at 06:27:02 PM
  • Vollmernator: Ok I'll make my make up pick in BTL minors
    Today at 06:27:04 PM
  • Orange Country: hmmm, I could make a post on a couple of sites quickly
    Today at 06:28:10 PM
  • Orange Country: Jonathan, need a drop for Tanner as the roster is full
    Today at 06:31:48 PM
  • Orange Country: looking to move Donnie Avery
    Today at 06:32:34 PM
  • Jonathan: just move one of my many PS to minors, it wont let me
    Today at 06:34:35 PM
  • Corey: what you need gills. helping a buddy move
    Today at 06:36:16 PM
  • Gilly: Mod powers
    Today at 06:36:38 PM
  • Gilly: so i can organize what im doing here
    Today at 06:36:50 PM
  • Corey: Just let me know when there done ill move them. Im on mobile so thats not an easy option
    Today at 06:37:27 PM
  • Gilly: okie
    Today at 06:37:57 PM
  • jblum: Lol dak prescott put a lineman on his ass
    Today at 06:43:43 PM
  • Orange Country: :SD: up in EGDL
    Today at 06:44:27 PM
  • Gilly: Corey u there, Im ready for ya lol
    Today at 06:59:35 PM
  • Ace: thanks 4 the PM OC
    Today at 07:11:54 PM
  • Orange Country: pm Ace
    Today at 07:12:00 PM
  • Orange Country: lol np
    Today at 07:12:05 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: good day to deal
    Today at 07:25:29 PM
  • Orange Country: :KAN: looking to deal Donnie Avery and Ryan Fitzpatrick, depth players for contending teams
    Today at 07:36:32 PM

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