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Our community leagues use ProFSL's message boards to organize roster, transactions, contracts, and other complexities of these advanced leagues.  This style of fantasy league play is meant for those who have grown tired of inactive basic leagues.  In addition, ProFSL features pools, video game leagues, and simulation leagues.  It is recommended you read through a league's rules to ensure you understand the requirements of league participation.  This page is meant to be a quick guide to the various fantasy leagues and games that serve baseball at ProFSL.

If you are an aspiring or existing Commissioner that would like to bring your league to here then please post your league details at the Support board.

NASCAR Leagues

Name Commissioner Co-commissioner Scoring # of Teams Universes Keeper Type Money Roster Type Scoring Style
NASCAR Invitational CRS245 Billy Fantrax 12 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points
Comic Book League Gorilla43 (None) Fantrax 16 1 Redraft Free Basic H2H-points

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  • sandman: OUDAN bro its up
    Today at 04:51:09 PM
  • redbeard82: interesting deal
    Today at 04:53:37 PM
  • ajm5551: What league was the trade in?
    Today at 04:59:59 PM
  • Orange Country: Pat your just about in every league aren't you
    Today at 05:07:43 PM
  • patjossom: Crazy pat?
    Today at 05:08:43 PM
  • Orange Country: yes sir
    Today at 05:10:12 PM
  • patjossom: I guess. Most of the good ones. It's easier to join when you are in the black in most of them.
    Today at 05:12:32 PM
  • Orange Country: U need to join New Era
    Today at 05:13:19 PM
  • patjossom: Thanks I good.  Only rolling with commish that I know.
    Today at 05:14:44 PM
  • Orange Country: Corey runs it
    Today at 05:15:19 PM
  • sandman: Pat can't join New Era bro.. He can't compete with THE SANDMAN in there
    Today at 05:17:32 PM
  • Orange Country: Sounds like a challenge to pat
    Today at 05:19:53 PM
  • patjossom: I'll pass. Thanks.
    Today at 05:20:18 PM
  • CRS245: THE SANDMAN. Haha.
    Today at 05:28:13 PM
  • Forbz23: Cant seem to find a deal in Btl i like enough for cutch , so maybe ill move prospects for bats i like
    Today at 05:35:24 PM
  • Forbz23: Arcia mateo hoffman etc are otb
    Today at 05:35:36 PM
  • Vollmernator: Corey pm
    Today at 05:48:28 PM
  • Vollmernator: Corey replied
    Today at 05:54:37 PM
  • Forbz23: Is jordan zimmerman eligible to be drafted in FLG?
    Today at 05:59:08 PM
  • Corey: No
    Today at 05:59:17 PM
  • Forbz23: Ok i figured just making sure
    Today at 06:02:06 PM
  • ajm5551: :CHC: looking to deal in 108, :HOU: looking to deal in BTL, and :NYK: looking to deal in LOR
    Today at 06:03:41 PM
  • pandoval172: What you looking for in BTL? :TB: dealing too.
    Today at 06:30:03 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Rockies invalid pick, need a repick. Dodgers OTC in FLG
    Today at 06:34:19 PM
  • indiansnation: Corey pm
    Today at 06:34:27 PM
  • indiansnation: I'm up for tradeing to
    Today at 06:34:58 PM
  • Forbz23: Cutch actually dealt in BTL lol
    Today at 06:35:14 PM
  • ajm5551: Im open to joing the TC in either BTL or 108 if needed
    Today at 06:43:11 PM
  • ajm5551: joining*
    Today at 06:43:15 PM
  • scottnva: giants otc in flg
    Today at 06:45:30 PM
  • Alex23: I can type 1 letter every 3 seconds on this website WTF stop freezing!
    Today at 06:54:41 PM
  • Forbz23: Nevermind i waited too long on cutch
    Today at 06:55:33 PM
  • Santucci: Corey u able to help with my PM?
    Today at 07:07:03 PM
  • indiansnation: Corey why is my team not showing up in profsl in blb
    Today at 07:19:07 PM
  • indiansnation: It's coming up as Reid team
    Today at 07:19:36 PM
  • indiansnation: Take that back my team is come up as Yankees in fantrax
    Today at 07:24:28 PM
  • Corey: Hmm... That is BTL Yankees posted your BLB page
    Today at 07:25:10 PM
  • kylerap: a few blb teams are like that all of a sudden
    Today at 07:25:51 PM
  • kylerap: actually all might be?
    Today at 07:26:17 PM
  • Flash: indiansnation -- 3 contracts to post on the QP Board
    Today at 07:26:48 PM
  • indiansnation: Profsl has me as whitesox blb fantrax I'm Yankees but has my players
    Today at 07:27:06 PM
  • indiansnation: OK flash omw
    Today at 07:27:53 PM
  • indiansnation: Corey will look at your offer shortly
    Today at 07:28:16 PM
  • redbeard82: i'm pretty sure BTL :TB: is posted on my BLB :TB: page
    Today at 07:29:02 PM
  • indiansnation: Flash qp done
    Today at 07:31:04 PM
  • indiansnation: Red fault lol
    Today at 07:31:19 PM
  • Orange Country: Sure ination blame me
    Today at 07:55:15 PM
  • Santucci: Anyone online who can help process trade in LOR
    Today at 08:01:45 PM
  • Santucci: Too late games started have to be done tomorrow
    Today at 08:02:38 PM
  • Orange Country: Send a pm to daddy he does LOR fantrax
    Today at 08:02:45 PM