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  • CUTIGERS: What's up with the time log on chat?
    Today at 06:58:48 PM
  • Ur Not Me: ok, reach out to jblum, he might have something
    Today at 06:59:26 PM
  • andyscott23: You have to adjust it Shane for your time zone
    Today at 07:04:03 PM
  • Calvin: still looking to clear roster space in all leagues
    Today at 07:09:54 PM
  • Vollmernator: Will I have some more space if I buy guys out in BTN
    Today at 07:12:58 PM
  • RyanJames5: PM Calvin
    Today at 07:12:59 PM
  • Calvin: would there be another player you'd bei nterested in that can help clear me some cap
    Today at 07:14:42 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I'm not seeing it where you adjust the time zone.
    Today at 07:37:18 PM
  • RyanJames5: Was that for me Calvin?
    Today at 07:37:56 PM
  • andyscott23: Pofile, modify prfoile, time offset
    Today at 07:39:32 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Have you heard from Lance any Andy?
    Today at 07:39:49 PM
  • andyscott23: just texted him.. he hasn't replied yet
    Today at 07:40:15 PM
  • Jdwalter21: anyone looking to deal
    Today at 08:18:58 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I'm glad college baseball draft is over. I'm ready for the season to start. When will it be on fantrax?
    Today at 08:23:02 PM
  • andyscott23: They don't have it in FT. I have it setup on excel sheet
    Today at 08:27:53 PM
  • CUTIGERS: So where will we be able to see the results each day?
    Today at 08:29:20 PM
  • andyscott23: Shane. you have to start reading instructions. I'll update stats once a week. here is the link
    Today at 08:30:21 PM
  • andyscott23: [link]
    Today at 08:30:55 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Got it. Do we have owners for all of the teams?
    Today at 08:35:17 PM
  • andyscott23: Got 2 that I don't but if I dont find replacements I'll just get rid of those teams. Still have 3 weeks left before season starts so anyone can now chose 20 payers and get in
    Today at 08:39:10 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I'm loving my team!!
    Today at 08:41:35 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: What's up, guys?
    Today at 08:45:15 PM
  • CUTIGERS: What's up Tim?
    Today at 08:49:09 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Did you hear Spurrier's comments during halftime of the basketball game? He's an idiot! Oh we got the game with the Tigers circled on our calender. LOL. So your still gonna lose.
    Today at 08:50:46 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: It's all a PR move.  Every coach does it.  Gotta keep the donors happy.  No different than CU putting a countdown clock in their locker room before last season.
    Today at 08:53:57 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I know it is. He's funny though.'
    Today at 08:55:14 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: It's all talk...just like him saying he will be here 4 more years.  Anyone that believes that is smoking a little too much grass.
    Today at 08:55:47 PM
  • CUTIGERS: He was trying to get the crowd all pumped up about their season last year. LOL.
    Today at 08:55:52 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this is his last season.  Man, I think he was kinda "checked out" mentally this last season.
    Today at 08:56:21 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Heck, he took a dig at the men's basketball team during the game yesterday.  Said the women's hoops are the only team winning anything right now...DURING the men's game.  True, but brutal.
    Today at 08:57:02 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: I think CU stays Top
    Today at 08:58:15 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Ten as long as Dabo is there.  One of best recruiters in all of football.
    Today at 08:58:32 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Oh I know.
    Today at 08:58:57 PM
  • CUTIGERS: He is a great motivator.
    Today at 08:59:37 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I think Scott and Elliott will do good as co offensive cordinators.
    Today at 09:00:18 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Scott has worked his way to deserving that.  Don't know much about Elliott
    Today at 09:01:48 PM
  • CUTIGERS: They both played at the same time at Clemson.
    Today at 09:03:02 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Our defense will still be stoudt even with all of the losses. Venables is awesome!
    Today at 09:03:44 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Our recruiting class is stacked.
    Today at 09:04:08 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Venables is a beast...I would imagine he will be a head coaching candidate after this season.
    Today at 09:07:30 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: Maybe he will take over for Spurrier.  haha
    Today at 09:15:04 PM
  • andyscott23: Got to love Sherman [link]
    Today at 09:17:32 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Yea right. LOL.
    Today at 09:19:49 PM
  • CUTIGERS: I am so tired of hearing about Defategate.
    Today at 09:23:27 PM
  • CUTIGERS: Deflategate
    Today at 09:23:46 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: It's horrible...why still talk about it?
    Today at 09:25:41 PM
  • TimWatsonSC: I can't even listen to sports talk radio anymore b/c of it.
    Today at 09:25:54 PM
  • CUTIGERS: They have run it into the ground.
    Today at 09:26:55 PM
  • redbeard82: jnorris PM
    Today at 10:15:02 PM
  • jnorris: two back at you
    Today at 10:18:29 PM

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