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  • kylerap: thanks. give me a few to catch up and I'll get the picks in
    Yesterday at 09:08:06 PM
  • Gilly: The crowd is jacked
    Yesterday at 09:09:11 PM
  • jblum: alright, you good kyle
    Yesterday at 09:10:20 PM
  • Gilly: coco shuts the crowd up lol
    Yesterday at 09:11:07 PM
  • Gilly: uh oh
    Yesterday at 09:17:25 PM
  • jblum: sean86m otc in r2n
    Yesterday at 09:38:47 PM
  • scottnva: hey blum ignore my proxy for r2n i am going to find me a true C dont have one yet
    Yesterday at 09:48:48 PM
  • jblum: you do that scott lol
    Yesterday at 09:51:55 PM
  • jblum: its going to be tough to find a good center
    Yesterday at 09:55:52 PM
  • jblum: Brent otc in FGM
    Yesterday at 10:19:13 PM
  • patjossom: Jblum did you see my FGM pm?
    Yesterday at 10:34:38 PM
  • jblum: I see it now, sorry it was just buried in my 4000 messages
    Yesterday at 10:37:24 PM
  • Tony: Drew here?
    Yesterday at 10:49:46 PM
  • sean86m: Jblum OTC r2n
    Yesterday at 10:57:42 PM
  • SlackJack: HockeyHockeyHockey!
    Yesterday at 10:58:17 PM
  • jblum: hornies otc in r2n
    Yesterday at 11:02:05 PM
  • hornies: scott you're otc in r2n
    Yesterday at 11:17:19 PM
  • scottnva: billy otc in r2n
    Yesterday at 11:19:21 PM
  • Scalious: Royals got Yosted
    Yesterday at 11:21:28 PM
  • Scalious: One the best bullpens..but lets go with the Rookie starter who threw 70 pitches 2 days ago. LOL. Poor Royals
    Yesterday at 11:24:01 PM
  • Brent: 500LB Deadlift PR!!
    Yesterday at 11:30:08 PM
  • jblum: [link] he is so soft
    Yesterday at 11:32:55 PM
  • Corey: agreed Scalious
    Yesterday at 11:37:55 PM
  • kylerap: that was one of worst managerial decisions.  unbelievable for the playoffs
    Yesterday at 11:41:36 PM
  • Corey: I don't get it
    Yesterday at 11:47:15 PM
  • scottnva: cool Brent we need to get you in on the Arnold Classic in Columbus next march lol
    Yesterday at 11:51:25 PM
  • Brent: I don't have pretty muscles, I got functional strength, power and explosiveness.
    Yesterday at 11:57:57 PM
  • Brent: Speed
    Yesterday at 11:58:01 PM
  • chrisetc21: sounds like code for old guy
    Today at 12:11:09 AM
  • chrisetc21: ;)
    Today at 12:11:14 AM
  • chrisetc21: Smoking Gun the A's are winning?  Billy Beane is going to win a playoff, wow
    Today at 12:12:31 AM
  • jblum: KC is coming back
    Today at 12:14:36 AM
  • kylerap: now the A's won't put in Doolittle.  such awful managing
    Today at 12:15:35 AM
  • Brent: What channel?
    Today at 12:23:45 AM
  • OUDAN: Someone come get Branch and Lee in NFLC
    Today at 12:24:10 AM
  • Daddy: Your such a junkie Sooner :rofl:
    Today at 12:32:51 AM
  • Corey: Will KC score?
    Today at 12:33:29 AM
  • Corey: Quiet possibly the best sign ive ever seen   [link]
    Today at 12:33:55 AM
  • Daddy: Trade junkie*
    Today at 12:36:52 AM
  • scottnva: i doubt anyone wants to gut their team for 2 guys that want even play a down this year lol
    Today at 12:37:11 AM
  • Daddy: We gotta get our :NYY: back on top MB/SD work to do.
    Today at 12:37:41 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Go :KC:
    Today at 12:46:10 AM
  • Corey: unreal comeback
    Today at 12:47:42 AM
  • chrisetc21: So much for the big pitching matchup
    Today at 12:49:52 AM
  • ldsjayhawk: Amazing!  Still in it despite Ned Yost.
    Today at 12:50:06 AM
  • Corey: Love Finnegans emotion
    Today at 12:51:56 AM
  • kylerap: should've used Finnegan in the 6th/7th and game would be over
    Today at 12:52:04 AM
  • Corey: Does Gordon get the hit?
    Today at 12:55:46 AM
  • OUDAN: Scott they are perfect for a rebuilding team
    Today at 12:57:02 AM
  • Corey: Salvador can be the hero
    Today at 12:57:29 AM

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