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  • izaman3: Morning PPG!
    Yesterday at 10:54:30 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Good discussion on SDP ELC
    Yesterday at 11:13:17 AM
  • izaman3: Lots of good points from everyone. I hope the other GMs don't think I was getting too heated. And I hope you and PR know that I'm not trying to question your judgement
    Yesterday at 11:28:57 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: All good man. We'll all get on the same page.
    Yesterday at 11:32:36 AM
  • AntMan: IzaGrump
    Yesterday at 03:54:43 PM
  • Thecliff: :agent: TT Baseball Game 3 highlights [link] is posted. Enjoy  :toth:
    Yesterday at 04:42:06 PM
  • izaman3: @Antman, lmao :rofl:
    Yesterday at 06:01:49 PM
  • Daddy: In the news today....78 year old Robert Kraft & his man junk being umm "massaged" will become a public video in due time. A judge ordered a temporary restraining order against the public release of the video but it is just a matter of time.
    Yesterday at 07:33:29 PM
  • Daddy: Because its a matter of public record, the oldest leading man to star in a porn will soon be viewed by millions. TMZ is offering a staggering amount to be the first to expose Kraft and his real mayonnaise to an eagerly awaiting public. In any event....its coming soon to a device near you.
    Yesterday at 07:37:17 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: FNHL wrapping up
    Yesterday at 09:27:37 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Supplemental draft winding down
    Yesterday at 09:27:51 PM
  • blkhwkfn: Donald Trump is still your President
    Yesterday at 10:02:35 PM
  • AntMan: Nice work on the draft PPG
    Yesterday at 10:07:40 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Thanks. Head down and push thru the pile of transactions and draft picks.
    Yesterday at 10:42:28 PM
  • AntMan: You magnificent beast!
    Yesterday at 11:03:05 PM
  • indiansnation: Not a great day today just found out I might be out of a job soon
    Yesterday at 11:40:00 PM
  • indiansnation: Walmart sucks lol
    Yesterday at 11:40:22 PM
  • indiansnation: 11 yrs got me nothing!
    Yesterday at 11:40:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Starting this in pa see how it works we out 8 of us
    Yesterday at 11:43:00 PM
  • papps: Sorry to hear that Brian
    Yesterday at 11:43:08 PM
  • indiansnation: With
    Yesterday at 11:43:25 PM
  • papps: My company was sold and I got laid off a month ago after six years
    Yesterday at 11:43:36 PM
  • Godzilla: Sorry to hear that Indians
    Yesterday at 11:43:46 PM
  • papps: I just got hired with the company that bought us
    Yesterday at 11:44:08 PM
  • indiansnation: Don't for sure but been hearing rumors about this 4 a while
    Yesterday at 11:44:14 PM
  • Godzilla: Loyalty is seldom rewarded in the tech era
    Yesterday at 11:44:21 PM
  • papps: It’s a pay cut but it’s a job
    Yesterday at 11:44:28 PM
  • indiansnation: CEO made 32m this past yr
    Yesterday at 11:45:11 PM
  • indiansnation: If I,get a different job ill lose money for sure
    Yesterday at 11:45:51 PM
  • indiansnation: Loyalty has gone to hel l. If u have stock holders good luck all they care about is what they are getting
    Yesterday at 11:48:50 PM
  • indiansnation: Don't know what to think numb inside .
    Yesterday at 11:49:33 PM
  • papps: I hear you man. I went through the same thing.
    Yesterday at 11:51:10 PM
  • papps: I’m going to work for less money for the company that laid me off
    Yesterday at 11:51:51 PM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: IzaChamp you around
    Today at 12:10:20 AM
  • Brent: Sorry to hear that guys.
    Today at 12:10:22 AM
  • izaman3: Yeah, I'm around
    Today at 12:13:07 AM
  • izaman3: St. Louis just beat Winnepeg with like 16 seconds left in the 3rd, it was nuts
    Today at 12:13:51 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: PM Izaman
    Today at 12:14:03 AM
  • papps: Thanks Brent
    Today at 12:14:51 AM
  • izaman3: PM back
    Today at 12:16:04 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Go ahead and post the trade.
    Today at 12:19:51 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Godzilla you around
    Today at 12:22:27 AM
  • izaman3: PPG, are you making Anaheim's pick or are they being trade? I'm trying to judge when pick #63 will be OTC so that I don't hold anything up later
    Today at 12:29:52 AM
  • Godzilla: saw the PM. yes.
    Today at 12:29:53 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: pick 62 is posted
    Today at 12:30:53 AM
  • PsychoticPondGoons: Andreas Borgman
    Today at 12:31:03 AM
  • izaman3: Just saw it, thanks
    Today at 12:31:47 AM
  • izaman3: Ducks back OTC
    Today at 12:37:43 AM
  • Thecliff: :judge: Title Town Hockey & Basketball activated at fantrax for 2019-2020 season.
    Today at 02:20:55 AM
  • indiansnation: The cliff don't worry about it.
    Today at 02:45:00 AM