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  • Flash: Any GS Warriors Fans?  Reply to the GSW Fan Forum Thread--need 10
    Today at 04:48:08 AM
  • patjossom: .
    Today at 05:04:56 AM
  • 9inches: DW, you around?
    Today at 08:04:32 AM
  • Dan Wood: Just got to work 9
    Today at 08:09:04 AM
  • 9inches: cool. just got your pm. was going to see about that offer or possible combo with Gordon, etc.
    Today at 08:11:40 AM
  • 9inches: thanks for quick answer.
    Today at 08:11:44 AM
  • patjossom: SD needs TC votes....2 days so one vote?
    Today at 09:28:00 AM
  • Brent: Your gold (orange) now?
    Today at 09:29:31 AM
  • 9inches: hey brent. what do you need for Griffin?
    Today at 09:34:28 AM
  • Scalious: Pro-tip that 4th overall pick
    Today at 09:44:24 AM
  • Brent: Yeah, that is what I was replying with.
    Today at 09:48:15 AM
  • 9inches: I just don't deal 1s for JAGs... at least not when I'm not hard up for talent. 1-4 will land an expiring producer at the deadline.
    Today at 09:57:32 AM
  • 9inches: I think you're already full of 1s anyways... ;)
    Today at 09:57:54 AM
  • 9inches: what are you doing now, Scals, now that Kipnis has moved on?
    Today at 10:00:27 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: morning boys
    Today at 10:11:06 AM
  • 9inches: holla
    Today at 10:12:11 AM
  • Brent: I didn't know they was a limit on 1sts
    Today at 10:15:13 AM
  • 9inches: :)
    Today at 10:16:16 AM
  • 9inches: 30 is the limit... unless you are including suplementals
    Today at 10:16:41 AM
  • Brent: Well I am at 7 1sts, and 22 overall picks so I think I can still get more.
    Today at 10:24:51 AM
  • indiansnation: morning guys
    Today at 10:26:17 AM
  • OUDAN: :SD: has some for u lol
    Today at 10:27:01 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: back at ya jnorris
    Today at 10:28:47 AM
  • 9inches: what are you two working on? jon, could our talk help? im a bit stuck at name plus 2nd.
    Today at 10:30:26 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: no, we are in final stages at this point Tony
    Today at 10:31:12 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: oops, sorry didnt see the question was posed to Jon
    Today at 10:31:37 AM
  • OUDAN: Morning boys
    Today at 10:32:06 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: mornin'
    Today at 10:32:37 AM
  • 9inches: no problem... not trying to butt in, but our talk are pretty small... and I could use some of your cash to satisfy my needs.
    Today at 10:35:05 AM
  • 9inches: just hit me up if it seems a help and not a hinderance.
    Today at 10:35:30 AM
  • indiansnation: hmm might move sale in right deal in btl
    Today at 10:35:55 AM
  • OUDAN: Guess I should get a new BLB block out
    Today at 10:36:16 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: I hear that Tony...I'm more than willing to use some cap and I don't see any pending moves with Jon as cutting into that cap, so we still have that avenue to explore
    Today at 10:41:29 AM
  • 9inches: Vols, PM.
    Today at 10:43:00 AM
  • 9inches: sorry, was meaning that I am fighting him over a pick, when I could drop that request if I could clear a couple bucks via your Cap. I think in abstract ways sometimes.
    Today at 10:44:01 AM
  • 9inches: and stick my nose in other people's business.
    Today at 10:44:14 AM
  • 9inches: :)
    Today at 10:44:20 AM
  • 9inches: my return would go from player + pick to player + cap.
    Today at 10:44:40 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: I see what you are saying Tony
    Today at 10:46:52 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: 8/31 is deadline in MB correct?
    Today at 10:47:49 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: 7/31 I mean
    Today at 10:47:58 AM
  • 9inches: yeah, i think the second... might actually coincide with MLB deadline.
    Today at 10:49:53 AM
  • 9inches: see, it was 8/3 in 2012.
    Today at 10:50:11 AM
  • 9inches: [link]
    Today at 10:50:17 AM
  • 9inches: [link]
    Today at 10:50:51 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: replied Tony
    Today at 10:50:52 AM
  • 9inches: 7/31
    Today at 10:50:54 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: a day or two either way would be no worries
    Today at 10:51:29 AM
  • 9inches: sounds good, Vols.
    Today at 10:52:03 AM
  • OUDAN: Ok boys got a big deal done yesterday in BLB who is next?
    Today at 10:59:18 AM

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