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"Nothing harms an organization or company more than a closed mind."
   -Mark Cuban

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  • Orange Country: Adam wants them, can you send him a PM explaining the league to him please?
    Today at 08:22:58 PM
  • Ace: deffo a good idea not to take on too much at once atom :toth:
    Today at 08:23:05 PM
  • Orange Country: update the sheet with him, etc.
    Today at 08:23:15 PM
  • Orange Country: I can get him into BLB
    Today at 08:23:57 PM
  • atombomb3776: yeah 3 teams is my max right now. Not to mention I am in like 5 others outside of FSL
    Today at 08:26:06 PM
  • Orange Country: you oughta drop those and just participate here, we got $$ :NFL: :NBA: and :NHL: here
    Today at 08:27:06 PM
  • Orange Country: anyway, I'm gonna work on BLB 1st for you
    Today at 08:28:32 PM
  • atombomb3776: ok thx OC
    Today at 08:30:29 PM
  • Ace: pm adam
    Today at 08:48:17 PM
  • atombomb3776: got it Ace thx
    Today at 08:53:24 PM
  • Orange Country: what's ur fantrax adam
    Today at 08:57:36 PM
  • atombomb3776: same as FSL
    Today at 08:59:22 PM
  • Orange Country: your in both
    Today at 09:01:19 PM
  • Orange Country: did Ace give you a good idea on how BTN works
    Today at 09:01:32 PM
  • atombomb3776: ok cool
    Today at 09:01:56 PM
  • Orange Country: gonna send u a PM about BLB
    Today at 09:03:31 PM
  • utmbrad: OC PM
    Today at 09:06:27 PM
  • utmbrad: please check quickly
    Today at 09:06:34 PM
  • atombomb3776: ok sounds good. I will be in and out the rest of the evening. so if I am delayed in responding that is why
    Today at 09:06:37 PM
  • Orange Country: take your time Adam for both, settle in
    Today at 09:07:51 PM
  • Orange Country: replied Brad, that's troubling, but we will deal with it if need be
    Today at 09:08:02 PM
  • Ace: probably best to pass on today's auction in btn unless there is a particular player you like
    Today at 09:08:55 PM
  • Ace: adam/OC can i get a fantrax id so corey can add you to the white sox on fantrax
    Today at 09:09:54 PM
  • Orange Country: already added him
    Today at 09:10:46 PM
  • utmbrad: replied OC
    Today at 09:11:00 PM
  • Orange Country: well Smoking Gun, I'll have to talk to him then
    Today at 09:11:38 PM
  • utmbrad: sorry juest happened to check in and see the conversation
    Today at 09:12:13 PM
  • utmbrad: Corey was waiting on a response
    Today at 09:12:31 PM
  • scottnva: great another one of OUDans helpers are in BLB now lol
    Today at 09:12:34 PM
  • Orange Country: team will be active, all I care about
    Today at 09:13:44 PM
  • scottnva: seriously guys stop this paying on players bull make OU pony up if he wants them
    Today at 09:13:46 PM
  • Ace: anything to do with btn brad?
    Today at 09:13:54 PM
  • scottnva: i am trying not too waste money lol
    Today at 09:14:11 PM
  • Orange Country: pm ace
    Today at 09:14:50 PM
  • utmbrad: yeah
    Today at 09:15:21 PM
  • scottnva: oudan and jmac get so much lpove on this site it isnt funny lol
    Today at 09:15:28 PM
  • Orange Country: OUDAN is not JMAC as a GM tho and these are $$ leagues
    Today at 09:17:26 PM
  • Ace: replied OC; how did you get Adam added on fantrax?
    Today at 09:18:00 PM
  • Orange Country: replied Ace, he's in already
    Today at 09:19:48 PM
  • Ace: you have access to corey's fantrax?
    Today at 09:20:56 PM
  • Ace: just useful to know in case we need something urgent and he's on hol etc.
    Today at 09:21:21 PM
  • Orange Country: no
    Today at 09:22:06 PM
  • Ace: only corey and mike (???) are listed as commish on fantrax
    Today at 09:23:52 PM
  • Orange Country: replied Ace, 1 more time
    Today at 09:25:16 PM
  • Ace: that makes sense reid
    Today at 09:25:55 PM
  • Ace: has old CHW owner remained active in EGDL?
    Today at 09:26:24 PM
  • Orange Country: yes
    Today at 09:27:40 PM
  • Orange Country: won 3 bids last night
    Today at 09:27:49 PM
  • jblum: Kevin ollie got a great gameplay vs okafor and the duke offense
    Today at 09:28:17 PM
  • Ace: seemed like a good owner, shame about the disagreement in btn; hopefully he sticks it out at btl
    Today at 09:30:11 PM

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