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  • utmbrad: TTD is there a post explaining the optional buyin?
    Today at 05:25:46 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: no not yet.. getting league full and will send out email to everyone seeing how many are interested...once i have all that it will be posted
    Today at 05:27:45 PM
  • Vollmernator: TTD how many keepers is there
    Today at 05:27:53 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: intersted in money side of it ..that is
    Today at 05:28:03 PM
  • utmbrad: ok
    Today at 05:28:57 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: 16 max ... and have the option to keep less if u prefer
    Today at 05:28:57 PM
  • Vollmernator: Is there contracts or what
    Today at 05:29:17 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: [link]
    Today at 05:29:17 PM
  • Vollmernator: Ok
    Today at 05:29:29 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: no
    Today at 05:30:04 PM
  • Vollmernator: Ok
    Today at 05:31:07 PM
  • Vollmernator: How many players on our teams is there minors as well
    Today at 05:31:47 PM
  • Vollmernator: TTD I can't see that link
    Today at 05:32:15 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: works when i cklick it? hmm
    Today at 05:33:10 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: can someone else click on the link...tell me if it works for you?
    Today at 05:33:41 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: [link]
    Today at 05:33:45 PM
  • utmbrad: worked for me
    Today at 05:34:20 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: what happens when u click it Voll?
    Today at 05:35:09 PM
  • Vollmernator: I tried it again still not working I'm logged in
    Today at 05:35:13 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: thanks brad
    Today at 05:35:35 PM
  • utmbrad: TTD under scoring cats you have ERA listed twice
    Today at 05:35:56 PM
  • Vollmernator: It says an error or cured it's either missing or off limits to you
    Today at 05:36:06 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: thanks Brad
    Today at 05:36:30 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: yea.. I did fixed that brad
    Today at 05:38:11 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: Voll I'm not sure why? I'll see if i can fig it out.
    Today at 05:39:11 PM
  • utmbrad: corey, how many more rounds of bidding do we have in BTN (if you know)
    Today at 05:39:20 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: in meantime i'll pm a rundown of rules
    Today at 05:39:54 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: give me a few
    Today at 05:40:01 PM
  • utmbrad: [link]
    Today at 05:40:55 PM
  • utmbrad: try that Voll
    Today at 05:41:07 PM
  • Ace: plenty brad; like 20
    Today at 05:41:09 PM
  • utmbrad: i knew there was quite a few. didnt know if there is an exact number floating out there
    Today at 05:43:26 PM
  • utmbrad: hey TTD will keepers be based on round drafted?
    Today at 05:46:15 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: Voll mail
    Today at 05:47:38 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: Brad.. no keep max 16 players.. no restrictions...
    Today at 05:48:16 PM
  • utmbrad: ok
    Today at 05:48:36 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: 29 man roster... so if u keep 16 then u draft 13 rounds next draft to get back to 29 ...u only keep 15 then you draft 14 rounds
    Today at 05:51:08 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: once you are at 29 you just drop out of draft order
    Today at 05:51:33 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: snake draft first year only..
    Today at 05:52:24 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: future drafts will be worst to first
    Today at 05:52:43 PM
  • utmbrad: everyone willl get to 16 players first rightm
    Today at 05:56:06 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: yes
    Today at 05:58:52 PM
  • Corey: Brad it depends on how many tied players
    Today at 06:00:17 PM
  • The Torture Doctor: heading home from office any other questions shoot me a pm
    Today at 06:00:26 PM
  • utmbrad: if there are no tied players (just to get rough idea)
    Today at 06:01:38 PM
  • Corey: Brad about 23 more sessions
    Today at 06:05:02 PM
  • Corey: That has 5 ties built in
    Today at 06:05:41 PM
  • utmbrad: hmm...interesting
    Today at 06:11:23 PM
  • utmbrad: so ready for winter meetings in baseball. rrady for the off season to get going
    Today at 06:23:54 PM
  • Corey: Me too Brad
    Today at 06:57:27 PM

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