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  • soiytenlee: Brent, in NFLC can we post our practice squad players on our initial rosters?
    Today at 12:42:45 PM
  • Brent: Yes, they can be input as Minors.
    Today at 12:51:46 PM
  • soiytenlee: Ok thanks. now I can post my roster.
    Today at 12:52:57 PM
  • PigsRule: Slackjack, :COL-NHL: team pg up to date
    Today at 12:59:11 PM
  • PigsRule: Izaman3, working on :DET-NHL: in FNHL... putting thru the trades
    Today at 12:59:34 PM
  • Brent: Inputing rosters into Fantrax sucks.
    Today at 01:01:14 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Hello PG, putting in the hard work :toast:
    Today at 01:08:51 PM
  • PigsRule: having fun!
    Today at 01:10:51 PM
  • PigsRule: :taco: Taco Dance
    Today at 01:11:10 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Lol
    Today at 01:12:03 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Hey one question about FNHL entry-level contracts
    Today at 01:12:35 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Can I give extension only after the whole el contract has expired, or at any year end during the contract?
    Today at 01:13:21 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Well, at least JD give kreider an extension before the last EL season, so I guess it's okay.
    Today at 01:15:20 PM
  • Jonathan: you can only extend guys that say 2015
    Today at 02:44:50 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: True. But anyhow, I can extend also EL guys on their last contract season in the same way as all the other players?
    Today at 03:06:13 PM
  • Jonathan: Yes, as long as you didn't just call them up.
    Today at 03:20:38 PM
  • Corey: If anyone wants to repost Moneyball rosters let me know. I have the spread sheet updated.
    Today at 03:26:50 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Ok, thanks mate
    Today at 03:27:43 PM
  • Jonathan: I took the nice discount on Granlund. Yakupov.... I am debatting rolling the dice, as he sucked last year.
    Today at 03:36:11 PM
  • Brent: Corey, when you get a chance can you rule n my Hot to restructure in BLB and my So let restructure in SD?
    Today at 04:13:25 PM
  • Anelson: You can only restructure to half his salary
    Today at 04:16:52 PM
  • Anelson: I think, I'll double check real quick
    Today at 04:17:10 PM
  • Anelson: nevermind, the 50% limit must be on something else
    Today at 04:17:55 PM
  • Anelson: as long as you have the cap space, that restucture is correct Brent.
    Today at 04:19:05 PM
  • Anelson: I will get to it eventually this week
    Today at 04:19:18 PM
  • Brent: Andy, thanks.  I might do another restructure to use up my remaining space this year.
    Today at 04:20:40 PM
  • Brent: A restructured spec should be allowed t have all of his salary converted to a bonus then be put on a spec contract.  Maybe that could be a rule change.
    Today at 04:22:13 PM
  • Anelson: Sorry for the delay, work is destroying my fantasy baseball time at the moment
    Today at 04:23:03 PM
  • Brent: I know what you mean.  Work, masters degree program and CrossFit are eating up my time.
    Today at 04:24:12 PM
  • Ace: :NCAAFB:
    Today at 05:42:01 PM
  • Ace: [link] Profsl's first ever money CFB league, $25 re-draft hosted by Geoff and Ace, will be good fun with a chance to win some decent money, be a part of history :NCAAF:
    Today at 05:45:01 PM
  • jblum: this south korean pitcher throwing some gas
    Today at 06:00:27 PM
  • Ace: too much chow mein?
    Today at 06:02:36 PM
  • jblum: lol you watching this game ace
    Today at 06:06:13 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: PR Can I send Slater Koekkoek to minor league hocket team?
    Today at 06:08:05 PM
  • Ace: nah, not a fan of llws which is what i assume you're watchin; funny thing is that i hated it being on tv in past seasons (every Smoking Gun game, in place of MLB) but the one year that there's a cool storyline (Mone Davis) we don't get any games at all in the UK (would like to see the championship game.
    Today at 06:11:28 PM
  • PigsRule: jojowalkwalk, PM
    Today at 06:11:55 PM
  • PigsRule: decide which and post. :toast:
    Today at 06:12:09 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Thanks again PR!  :thumbsup:
    Today at 06:18:25 PM
  • PigsRule: Welcome! :toast:
    Today at 06:23:46 PM
  • PigsRule: Ripper, updated.
    Today at 06:23:51 PM
  • PigsRule: Strange error
    Today at 06:23:56 PM
  • ripper: fast
    Today at 06:24:18 PM
  • ripper: doing a great job
    Today at 06:24:39 PM
  • Ace: [link] Profsl's first ever money CFB league, $25 re-draft hosted by Geoff and Ace, will be good fun with a chance to win some decent money, be a part of history :NCAAF:
    Today at 06:44:06 PM
  • PigsRule: Ripper, money league... got to make sure roster are clean n up to date!
    Today at 06:46:46 PM
  • PigsRule: Impacts FA and Trades
    Today at 06:47:02 PM
  • ripper: I'm starting to not mind this leaue!
    Today at 07:11:49 PM
  • ripper: leaGue
    Today at 07:12:06 PM
  • PigsRule: lol
    Today at 07:13:03 PM

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