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November 14, 2010, 11:01:09 AM
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March 28, 2015, 01:27:06 AM
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  • Orange Country: oh man :LAA: is left
    Yesterday at 11:23:33 PM
  • Orange Country: I'll find us an owner and we can begin FA on monday
    Yesterday at 11:24:25 PM
  • indiansnation: hey guys
    Yesterday at 11:24:32 PM
  • Orange Country: that work for you dave
    Yesterday at 11:24:42 PM
  • indiansnation: orange what league
    Yesterday at 11:25:15 PM
  • patjossom: dan you see my pm?
    Yesterday at 11:26:32 PM
  • Orange Country: CD your :MIA-MLB:
    Yesterday at 11:27:56 PM
  • Orange Country: we need 1 more owner for 30 active owners
    Yesterday at 11:28:20 PM
  • redbeard82: i'll open it up tomorrow, but can bid for LAA until we get an owner in there
    Yesterday at 11:33:11 PM
  • redbeard82: may need a new mets owner. i'll send an e-mail to see if he wants to stick around.
    Yesterday at 11:34:04 PM
  • redbeard82: been a while since he logged on
    Yesterday at 11:34:22 PM
  • redbeard82: i occasionally toy with taking them over. it's a rebuild and a half.
    Yesterday at 11:38:09 PM
  • Ur Not Me: NY Mets in what league??
    Yesterday at 11:40:17 PM
    Yesterday at 11:45:14 PM
  • Orange Country: your not me
    Yesterday at 11:48:48 PM
  • Orange Country: what's your name
    Yesterday at 11:49:05 PM
  • redbeard82: cornerstone dynasty, but i should tell you they do not at all resemble the real life mets roster...
    Yesterday at 11:52:08 PM
  • Ur Not Me: my name is Ur Not Me
    Yesterday at 11:57:55 PM
  • Ur Not Me: hahaha
    Yesterday at 11:58:04 PM
  • Orange Country: not what I'm looking for
    Yesterday at 11:59:53 PM
  • Orange Country: a real name
    Today at 12:00:03 AM
  • Orange Country: mine is Reid
    Today at 12:00:15 AM
  • Orange Country: so what is yours
    Today at 12:00:31 AM
  • Ur Not Me: Oh ok, didnt know u wanted to get formal, lol
    Today at 12:00:59 AM
  • Ur Not Me: mines michael
    Today at 12:01:15 AM
  • Ur Not Me: Wow that roster blows.... i'll pass
    Today at 12:01:43 AM
  • Orange Country: check out :LAA:
    Today at 12:04:32 AM
  • Ur Not Me: Nice to meet u Reid,
    Today at 12:05:23 AM
  • Ur Not Me: I tend to joke alot bc it seems most here are to serious
    Today at 12:05:50 AM
  • Ur Not Me: numbers after salary means what?? Years remaining?
    Today at 12:09:17 AM
  • Ur Not Me: ex: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Today at 12:09:53 AM
  • Orange Country: Dave are you here
    Today at 12:11:33 AM
  • redbeard82: yeah off and on
    Today at 12:12:05 AM
  • redbeard82: 1st means he's in 1st of 4 years of team control
    Today at 12:12:38 AM
  • redbeard82: players can be extended once after their 3rd year. if they're not they become FAs after year 4
    Today at 12:13:01 AM
  • redbeard82: players with a year attached to tehir contract become FAs after that year
    Today at 12:13:27 AM
  • Ur Not Me: how come no numbers next to on NYM roster?
    Today at 12:16:31 AM
  • redbeard82: not sure what you're looking at?
    Today at 12:19:12 AM
  • Ur Not Me: NYM roster
    Today at 12:19:46 AM
  • redbeard82: Reid - You heard from calbear04 that he;s out?
    Today at 12:20:15 AM
  • redbeard82: we don't use profsl. that's very dated. we just use fantrax.
    Today at 12:20:32 AM
  • Ur Not Me: there's no salary next to player
    Today at 12:20:38 AM
  • Ur Not Me: Ok, thanks.....
    Today at 12:22:04 AM
  • redbeard82: but i don't think it's gotten any prettier than whatever it was
    Today at 12:23:43 AM
  • redbeard82: it's a rough team...has betts but that's pretty much it for bats...has t.walker, butler, montero fo young SPs and a few good prospect like jake thompson, glasnow, robertson
    Today at 12:26:49 AM
  • redbeard82: rebuilding it will be a real labor of love
    Today at 12:26:59 AM
  • indiansnation: mines Ralph lol
    Today at 12:54:06 AM
  • Orange Country: yea I'm here
    Today at 12:54:35 AM
  • AdamBombs: what league needs an owner?
    Today at 01:08:03 AM
  • fantasyboi: OUDAN PM
    Today at 01:26:21 AM

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