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PC + 100k

PC + 100k

PC + 100k


1:12 selects andre dillard
1:13 selects daniel jones

You may want to reconsider Dillard pick. We don't actually score offensive tackles but if you think they move him elsewhere that's fair but just an FYI

If you repick, I'll allow whenever before this round is over

NFL Countdown: Transactions / Jaguars/Saints Trade
« on: Today at 02:20:32 AM »
Jaguars trade:

TE Mo-ali Cox PS
DT Malik Jackson 14.3m 2021

Saints trade:

TE Garrett Griffin PS
S Kurt Coleman 5.5m 2020

Mainly do this to save cap as my extension ended up being more expensive than I thought. Trading Jackson makes more sense than buying him out and taking future cap hits. Giving a couple picks and higher upside TE to make it work and take a shot at Coleman bouncing back.

Looking to move these guys to save cap, depending on deal can send a pick and/or some cheap young guys with upside. Some of these guys will still produce just don't like what they will do for the contract. Depending on offer can add a pick and/or some young guys with upside.

LB McCray, Lerentee 2019 $2.8m
S Church, Barry 2020  $6.5m
K Bailey, Dan 2021  $7.0m
DT Jackson, Malik 2021  $14.3m
TE Swoope, Erik 2020  $3.0m

NFL Countdown: Transactions / Moves Part 2
« on: Today at 12:34:49 AM »
For this one, please hold off processing till I give green light as I realize everything as is puts me over the cap so will tinker or make other moves.


WR Marshall, Brandon 2018 $1.0m
WR Greene, Rashad  2018 $0.7m
CB Patmon, Tyler 2018  $0.7m

Resign (tentative):

RB Rodgers, Jacquizz 2020 $1m
50th 2018 (68th 2017)

WR Harris, Dwayne 2020  $3.0m
68th 2018 (151th 2017)

WR Humphries, Adam 2019  $9.5m
23rd 2018 (44th 2017)

WR Hunter, Justin  2020  $0.6m
178th 2017 (205th 2018)

TE Cook, Jared 2019  $8.6m
5th 2018 (13th 2017)

TE O'Shaughnessy, James 2019 $1.5m
42nd 2018 (54th 2017)

DE Clowney, Jadeveon 2020 $12m
8th 2018 (9th 2017)

LB Wright, K.J. 2019 $5m
44th 2017 (161st 2018)

S Wilson, Jarrod 2020 $0.8m
92nd 2018 (121st 2017)

K Lambo, Josh 2020 $ 0.8m
22nd 2017 (24th 2018)

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