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January 18, 2010, 04:38:50 PM
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  • Gilly: lololol
    Today at 07:16:35 PM
  • Gilly: LOL oh nevermind
    Today at 07:18:27 PM
  • ripper: Gilly, I was just reading through the rules of Franchise NHL and I love the rule you created
    Today at 07:19:36 PM
  • ripper: $2M increase if in the last 3 hours
    Today at 07:19:56 PM
  • Gilly: What rule did I create in that league
    Today at 07:20:15 PM
  • ripper: I honestly feel it should be introduced to all the Baseball leagues next year
    Today at 07:20:27 PM
  • Gilly: oh
    Today at 07:20:29 PM
  • Gilly: That league is still alive eh, thats good, surprising but good
    Today at 07:21:56 PM
  • Capn Cally: I think I had something to do with that rule :P
    Today at 07:22:58 PM
  • Gilly: lol Cally dont take my thunder, I just got complimented by Ripper, lol
    Today at 07:23:34 PM
  • Capn Cally: What? Gilly got a compliment? What's going on here....haha
    Today at 07:25:53 PM
  • ripper: I requested we vote on that change in Moneyball
    Today at 07:28:45 PM
  • janesvilleaces: wankers
    Today at 08:09:30 PM
  • Orange Country: saw it ripper
    Today at 08:14:40 PM
  • Orange Country: interesting idea
    Today at 08:14:45 PM
  • Daddy: Sorry guys im back now. So I can be addressed directly. :toth:
    Today at 08:23:16 PM
  • Daddy: PM, chat whatever. I got my big boy panties on.
    Today at 08:24:34 PM
  • Gilly: Hey boys....NHL High Stick is looking for 6 more GM's...This is a high stakes money hockey league.  This league has a sweet concept thats getting amazing comments.   Hurry and get your spot before its to late...[link]
    Today at 08:59:55 PM
  • Gilly: $100 entry, sick payout, different in so many ways and we already have like i said 6 great guys, :)
    Today at 09:00:23 PM
  • Ace: simple but interesting, if i knew anything about hockey i'd give it a go
    Today at 09:08:19 PM
  • Gilly: Yeah the auction style is sweet, gonna make it so much fun
    Today at 09:08:43 PM
  • Gilly: U buy in and hire a GM lol :)
    Today at 09:08:57 PM
  • Vollmernator: Corey in UF what Roster position how many RB  WR TE QB and do we use team defences or what
    Today at 09:08:57 PM
  • Vollmernator: Then I'll make my pick
    Today at 09:09:42 PM
  • Vollmernator: Anybody know the roster limits in ultimate football if so done does let me know so I can make my pick
    Today at 09:11:46 PM
  • Gilly: Lots of amazing GMs for hockey here ACE that could win u great money, I mean there is sick GMs here, just something to ponder for u
    Today at 09:12:34 PM
  • djmay: that's sounds like a fun league
    Today at 09:15:04 PM
  • Vollmernator: Fitzy1962 your OTC in BTL just thought I'd let you know
    Today at 09:15:58 PM
  • Gilly: I just sent u a pm DJmay :)
    Today at 09:16:21 PM
  • djmay: pm back Gilly
    Today at 09:18:25 PM
  • djmay: when would the draft be gilly?
    Today at 09:21:31 PM
  • djmay: and how do the playoffs work if its season long?
    Today at 09:22:45 PM
  • Vollmernator: Ranger danger OTC in UF
    Today at 09:27:50 PM
  • Gilly: Playoffs are just like a normal top 8...1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, 4vs5...reseed after each round, just like 4 teams obviously dont make playoffs.....and the draft will be within a week after we are full, im in full recruitment mode for this league
    Today at 09:30:22 PM
  • Tubbs: Too many good hockey minds in your league Gill. I'd never win
    Today at 09:30:46 PM
  • Gilly: this concept is set up so that anyone can win tubbs
    Today at 09:31:28 PM
  • Gilly: We need a 50% Owner Tubbs, u dont even need to GM
    Today at 09:32:04 PM
  • Tubbs: I am not anyone. I am the village idiot
    Today at 09:32:25 PM
  • Gilly: Thats the beauty part, even the villiage idiot can win this league...:)
    Today at 09:33:02 PM
  • Tubbs: Ok. Still thinking about it.
    Today at 09:34:58 PM
  • djmay: you a Toronto guy Gilly?
    Today at 09:36:06 PM
  • Gilly: tubbs I have a spot that u can be a 49% investor and other guy will buy 51% and GM...or u could own a team spot can I convince u to join , want some chocolates lol
    Today at 09:36:35 PM
  • Gilly: djmay I love my Toronto teams bud
    Today at 09:36:43 PM
  • Orange Country: Gilly is the man, join a league of his, he runs them well
    Today at 09:38:06 PM
  • Orange Country: He might take your money, but you will have fun
    Today at 09:39:06 PM
  • Gilly: Thanks buddy, if I could just run a team as good as I do leagues lol
    Today at 09:39:25 PM
  • Tubbs: I love being in Gilly run leagues. I just don't watch enough puck any more.
    Today at 09:42:18 PM
  • Tubbs: OC, u have a missed pick in UF
    Today at 09:47:41 PM
  • Ace: OC, u still never reply to my PMs ;-)
    Today at 09:48:42 PM
  • nedsports: Gilly leagues are fine as long as your awake 24hrs a day to answer PMs, if not you get kicked out of all of them for life
    Today at 09:53:37 PM

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