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December 30, 2009, 05:52:53 PM
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August 28, 2014, 08:14:46 PM
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  • Corey: 1hr 46min till kick off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today at 05:14:36 PM
  • Corey: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid:
    Today at 05:14:48 PM
  • Snygg: Anthony Gose P-2016? BTL
    Today at 05:28:14 PM
  • patjossom: 166 Abs in 2012 makes him p2015 in btl
    Today at 05:31:56 PM
  • Snygg: Smoking Gun
    Today at 05:33:06 PM
  • Snygg: sry
    Today at 05:33:12 PM
  • patjossom: lol
    Today at 05:33:20 PM
  • patjossom: still means hes eligible
    Today at 05:34:07 PM
  • patjossom: if you choose to resign him im sure we would be at the min at whatever yrs you choose based on 2013 and 2014...that is if you resign him before the trade deadline
    Today at 05:37:42 PM
  • Snygg: yes but loses a year
    Today at 05:37:44 PM
  • Snygg: aight, I'll pick him because I don't have time to look any longer
    Today at 05:38:10 PM
  • patjossom: you can keep signing him to min 1yr deals until he jumps up the rankings
    Today at 05:43:45 PM
  • patjossom: then sign him longer when he jumps up and base it on his 2 previous lower rank seasons
    Today at 05:44:38 PM
  • jblum: do we have a new mets owner in btl?
    Today at 06:09:23 PM
  • jblum: oh nver mind, it was the mariners
    Today at 06:15:17 PM
  • jblum: shelby hasnt been online in a week
    Today at 06:15:56 PM
  • CRS245: Multi-sport rankings posted in FMK [link] Milwaukee needs to win world series, or make the World Series and have Tigers finish no better than 9th place in order to win big cash prize... otherwise, Detroit :DET-NFL: :DET: :DET-NBA: :DET-NHL: takes the inaugural FMK Multi-Sport championship!
    Today at 06:22:07 PM
  • CRS245: Anyone want to pick the winner of :TexasA&M: and :SouthCarolina: ?
    Today at 06:27:21 PM
  • CRS245: Winner, closest score, if we all bet $10, then the closest score out of the correct picks gets a premium membership and the pot - $30
    Today at 06:28:14 PM
  • jblum: :SouthCarolina:
    Today at 06:28:15 PM
  • CRS245: jblum, you in for $10? [link]
    Today at 06:35:00 PM
  • Gilly: shoot am i to late colby for the football league
    Today at 06:40:39 PM
  • CRS245: no NFL league gilly, only three people were interested
    Today at 06:41:56 PM
  • Gilly: oh ok np
    Today at 06:43:04 PM
  • CRS245: 17 minutes to participate in this contest, late, but it's a simple $10 bet on tonight's :NCAAF: game [link]
    Today at 06:43:43 PM
  • CRS245: 13 minutes, 2 more bets needed [link]
    Today at 06:47:34 PM
  • Gilly: i made my bet
    Today at 06:50:10 PM
  • CRS245: need one more
    Today at 06:52:30 PM
  • CRS245: If anyone thinks A&M wins this game then you have 3 minutes for a fantastic bet opportunity, you would win!
    Today at 06:58:14 PM
  • CRS245: Post here [link]
    Today at 06:58:19 PM
  • Gilly: man now i want to switch lol
    Today at 06:58:51 PM
  • CRS245: seconds to edit
    Today at 06:59:57 PM
  • Gilly: edited to texas win colby with a min to spare
    Today at 06:59:59 PM
  • Gilly: seconds wow yes
    Today at 07:00:21 PM
  • Gilly: whats that EPO mean?
    Today at 07:00:32 PM
  • CRS245: enhanced payment opportunity
    Today at 07:00:57 PM
  • CRS245: THREAD LOCKED :judge:
    Today at 07:01:19 PM
  • Gilly: oh beauty
    Today at 07:01:20 PM
  • Gilly: thank you for doing these, u rock
    Today at 07:01:32 PM
  • CRS245: If Gilly or I win then we receive 25% EPO, Philly Girl wins then that is a ProFSL Gold membership
    Today at 07:02:04 PM
  • CRS245: Gilly, add that $10 when you send over your money for Gridiron Gold via PayPal
    Today at 07:02:18 PM
  • Gilly: ok sounds good
    Today at 07:05:50 PM
  • mike0542: Gils you still here?
    Today at 07:39:01 PM
  • Gilly: yes
    Today at 07:40:11 PM
  • mike0542: You took my guy, man. Joc's the homie
    Today at 07:40:53 PM
  • Gilly: what u mean..what league
    Today at 07:41:47 PM
  • mike0542: BTL
    Today at 07:41:59 PM
  • Gilly: oh lol sorry
    Today at 07:43:01 PM
  • mike0542: It was a stretch thinking he was going to fall to 14, but it kept getting closer lol.
    Today at 07:43:33 PM
  • jblum: i was either going to take walker him or gallo
    Today at 08:09:59 PM

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