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The original trade that comes from im not paying any more money at all. This trade allows me to clear some cap i add alot of pitching to my tteam. Im adding 2 sp alone i add another ci to my team. This trade also alows me t resign 2 of pitching prospects. I wouldnt be moveing Severino but gis injury scares me a little bit. Nit sure if or when he will be back in 2021

The Bush League: Transactions / Re: Phillies - Indians make a deal
« on: Yesterday at 11:50:41 PM »
Indians agree to teade. This was  tough to move contreas but i had to do what i had to do to add players to my team. Im hopeing collins can turn it around and be that top notch catcher down the road i add another bat to my team in gyroko and i add more pitching to my team.

The Bush League: Transactions / Indians 2021 contract extensions
« on: Yesterday at 01:37:07 PM »
CI Voit, LukeP-2021
Prospect extension use 4m(2026)
MI Fletcher, David P-2021 $0.5m
Prospect extension 4m(2026)

The Bush League / Re: Official 2020 Bush League Trade Block
« on: Yesterday at 10:32:41 AM »
Indians looking to move these guys
MI Ahmed, Nick2022 $4.2m$4.2m
MI Harrison, Josh2021 $0.5m
P Ross, Joe2021 $1.1m
P Romo, Sergio2022 $1.0m$1.0m
P Severino, Luis2023 $13.8m$13.8m$13.8m

The Bush League: Transactions / Indians contract extensions
« on: Yesterday at 10:26:52 AM »
Indians resign these guys
P Senzatela, Antonio P-2020
Prospect extension 4myr (2025)
P Kuhl,Chad  p-2020

The Ladder / Re: 12,000Post Thread
« on: October 23, 2020, 12:52:53 AM »
Im at 13,522 posts so far

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / indians Roster moves
« on: October 17, 2020, 11:42:14 PM »
Indians demote to minors:
 C Brian Navarreto .500 pna
will not resign Greg Garcia allowing him to become fa

promote these guys from minors
Tyler Rogers p
Patrick Murphy P

The Bush League: Completed Transactions / Re: Indians and cubs trade
« on: October 16, 2020, 09:19:01 PM »
Indians agree to trade i add some guys i like alot and move some vets and a bunch of my young guys to help cubs get their rebuilding done alot quicker. Cost me alot to get this trade done but i feel its worth it

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  • Daddy: And KEEP THEM
    Yesterday at 03:12:16 PM
  • Daddy: No backups you better have a roster full of superstars.
    Yesterday at 03:12:49 PM
  • indiansnation: Got a player filled in ever slot jyst run on what i got
    Yesterday at 03:13:16 PM
  • Daddy: Hey, what do I know. Do you Brian. :toast:
    Yesterday at 03:13:16 PM
  • Daddy: I'm gonna go try to penaluze myself. Sounds intriguing.
    Yesterday at 03:14:15 PM
  • indiansnation: I agree im tired of tradeing great players away. Im over tradeing specs and picks away to so im going to stay silent in busch
    Yesterday at 03:15:05 PM
  • indiansnation: Just gotta get under cap.
    Yesterday at 03:15:36 PM
  • Thecliff: My God, do not play in traffic... :rofl:
    Yesterday at 03:23:52 PM
  • Yeagg: I'll believe that win i see it
    Yesterday at 03:25:02 PM
  • indiansnation: U alll go play in traffic lol
    Yesterday at 03:35:31 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg goes first then cliff and daddy
    Yesterday at 03:36:01 PM
  • Yeagg: Well I sent you an offer Brian
    Yesterday at 03:38:27 PM
  • Yeagg: Gives you depth and cap space and youth
    Yesterday at 03:38:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Back yeagg
    Yesterday at 03:40:05 PM
  • indiansnation: Im not moveing any of my players that i just got
    Yesterday at 03:40:37 PM
  • indiansnation: Wow brent real matture to talk smack about a person on busch reall nice
    Yesterday at 03:47:29 PM
  • indiansnation: Brent pm
    Yesterday at 03:56:21 PM
  • Vik: I'm open to deals in Bush. Given it's still early at this point mainly interested if a deal helps me clear cap space. I am more focused on other leagues at the moment, but do want to address cap sooner rather than later
    Yesterday at 04:17:17 PM
  • Brent: Not sure what your problem is Brian.
    Yesterday at 04:20:03 PM
  • indiansnation: I didnt go in and rip on u at all thats the point brent
    Yesterday at 04:21:53 PM
  • indiansnation: Vik ill look right know maybe we can work sonething out
    Yesterday at 04:22:39 PM
  • Brent: Lol, it wasn't a RIP.  But, whatever you expressed your true feelings in PM.  Good luck.
    Yesterday at 04:23:43 PM
  • indiansnation: U had no reason to say what u said on busch
    Yesterday at 04:23:53 PM
  • Vik: Brian, unfortunatley we would not be a good match this time.You have a small cap issue I have a bigger cap issue we can't help each other
    Yesterday at 04:26:35 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Yesterday at 04:36:04 PM
  • Thecliff: Well, you can now list Brent on the list to go out and play in traffic  :doh:
    Yesterday at 04:45:00 PM
  • indiansnation: Na he just pissed me off thats all
    Yesterday at 05:31:32 PM
  • indiansnation: We both said our piece at each other
    Yesterday at 05:32:03 PM
  • Yeagg: Cliff, I saw your banner on the 2021 Bush fantrax but I still have a few players on the team that aren't mine
    Yesterday at 06:14:38 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg trying to figure things out
    Yesterday at 06:22:03 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Yesterday at 06:44:09 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Yesterday at 10:32:04 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm or im moveing on
    Yesterday at 10:47:43 PM
  • indiansnation: Papps pm
    Yesterday at 10:56:04 PM
  • papps: Brian, pm
    Yesterday at 10:56:32 PM
  • indiansnation: Papps pm
    Yesterday at 10:59:25 PM
  • papps: Back Brian
    Yesterday at 11:01:53 PM
  • indiansnation: Back papps
    Yesterday at 11:06:39 PM
  • papps: Posted Brian.
    Yesterday at 11:16:53 PM
  • Milton: In Backyard, how long after draft finishes will FA start?
    Yesterday at 11:19:36 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Well since I’m late to the party if anyone else in Bush is moving a catcher that’s worth a damn feel free to PM me
    Yesterday at 11:46:14 PM
  • Yeagg: I was at work Brian
    Today at 01:11:43 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Today at 01:29:06 AM
  • Brent: Yoshi and Sherzer OTB is Bush.
    Today at 02:23:00 AM
  • indiansnation: Well doesnt sound like mlb will have a full season next year. I heard on radio they are talking 72 game season
    Today at 03:11:22 AM
  • Yeagg: Back Brian
    Today at 05:03:48 AM
  • Colby: I don't get it. They had relatively decent success this year and are finishing on schedule.
    Today at 10:08:25 AM
  • Colby: It's good to have a buffer for COVID in case teams' schedules get ruined. A buffer of more than a half a season is extreme.
    Today at 10:08:53 AM
  • indiansnation: Jojo pm
    Today at 11:14:57 AM
  • indiansnation: Vik pm
    Today at 11:17:08 AM