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Refresh History
  • Brent: Can anyone tell me something about Myles Turner?
    Today at 09:43:13 AM
  • Gilly: NFLC is the Moneyball of Football its the league everyone else will strive to be :)
    Today at 09:43:15 AM
  • jackdaniels: DD you around
    Today at 09:46:17 AM
  • Brent: Agreed Gilly.
    Today at 09:48:13 AM
  • Gilly: Its all u Brent, i just help out with the roster stuff
    Today at 09:48:47 AM
  • indiansnation: good morning guys
    Today at 09:49:04 AM
  • Eric: morning brian
    Today at 09:49:37 AM
  • Tubbs: Hey Brent.  Still interested in NFLC? Trade?
    Today at 09:53:45 AM
  • Brent: I was just about to check and see if you were online.  Yes I am.
    Today at 09:54:39 AM
  • Gilly: Im still looking at your offer brent, Im very football dumb so I need a little bit here sorry
    Today at 09:55:08 AM
  • Brent: It's cool Gilly
    Today at 09:55:25 AM
  • Eric: join my league gills
    Today at 09:55:35 AM
  • Gilly: Wish I had someone to run my Browns in NFLClol
    Today at 09:55:41 AM
  • Brent: Is anyone college basketball/NBA smart?
    Today at 09:55:55 AM
  • Gilly: What league is it EJ?\
    Today at 09:56:08 AM
  • Brent: Gilly, you need that guy a few posts above, indiansnation
    Today at 09:56:31 AM
  • Eric: the browns Mike?
    Today at 09:56:38 AM
  • Eric: two minute drill
    Today at 09:56:53 AM
  • Eric: have 5 teams open
    Today at 09:57:01 AM
  • Eric: sea sf GB no nyj
    Today at 09:57:12 AM
  • Tubbs: K- at work so will be in and out.  Will get back ASAP.
    Today at 09:57:29 AM
  • Eric: waiting on few others to check in
    Today at 09:57:33 AM
  • Tubbs: Saints better win this weekend.
    Today at 09:57:46 AM
  • Gilly: k let me finish this and I will come take a look.........Brent:  is indiaansnation looking for a league
    Today at 09:57:50 AM
  • Brent: I know man.  Looks like the Vikings are scared so they are letting the child beater play.
    Today at 09:58:17 AM
  • Brent: I asked him yesterday, maybe
    Today at 09:58:39 AM
  • Brent: screw it, I'm gonna pick Myles Turner.  Can't teach size and athletism like that.
    Today at 09:59:22 AM
  • Eric: gills text
    Today at 09:59:24 AM
  • Gilly: k, let me pry my phone off my boy, one sec
    Today at 09:59:42 AM
  • Tubbs: Still can't see saints losing at home,even with the child beater.
    Today at 10:00:23 AM
  • Eric: ha, I'm.sure he's a better fantasy player than u
    Today at 10:00:24 AM
  • Gilly: LOL
    Today at 10:01:37 AM
  • Brent: True Tubbs.  Our D looks like the D from 2012, I'm not sure what RR is doing.
    Today at 10:02:14 AM
  • Brent: Linder, you lingering around here?
    Today at 10:02:51 AM
  • Tubbs: I think they still have tools and can peak at right time to make SB run
    Today at 10:03:23 AM
  • Tubbs: Sorry, that is kiss of death.
    Today at 10:03:50 AM
  • Brent: It's a home game, at least Colston shows up to those.
    Today at 10:05:14 AM
  • Eric: yeah wtf happened to him last game
    Today at 10:05:53 AM
  • indiansnation: sorry g
    Today at 10:06:58 AM
  • Eric: looks like we need to replace 5, ugh
    Today at 10:07:36 AM
  • Gilly: Yeah getting my phone off him aint happening lol..I will pm u eric
    Today at 10:08:25 AM
  • Brent: IDK, people better not sleep on that Browns team.  They are tough, smash mouth football and a good defense.
    Today at 10:08:28 AM
  • Eric: kk,
    Today at 10:09:14 AM
  • indiansnation: sorry cant join money league wife just lost her job this morning
    Today at 10:09:46 AM
  • Brent: Lucky for you, Gilly would probably just hire you as a GM.  Can play for free and win a % should you place in the money.
    Today at 10:11:24 AM
  • Brent: Gilly likes to invest in teams, hire good GMs and win money.
    Today at 10:11:52 AM
  • Eric: Gilly pm
    Today at 10:12:59 AM
  • Corey: thats awful indiansnation.
    Today at 10:19:33 AM
  • Brent: Agreed, that sucks man.
    Today at 10:20:16 AM
  • Corey: Ravens in Countdown looking to deal
    Today at 10:21:35 AM

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