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  • utmbrad: BTN bids as well. going to be an interesting night
    Today at 09:26:17 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: you never spend money Brad
    Today at 09:27:18 PM
  • utmbrad: sometimes I do
    Today at 09:29:06 PM
  • utmbrad: Dodgers might not be the right team descriptor in BTN
    Today at 09:30:19 PM
  • redbeard82: higher bids means nobody for :SF: LOL
    Today at 09:33:51 PM
  • utmbrad: same for :NYY:
    Today at 09:34:20 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: no one bid on cody ross, 4th time that's happened
    Today at 09:34:31 PM
  • scottnva: this should be interesting
    Today at 09:36:19 PM
  • redbeard82: as a giants fan still love him for 2010 though
    Today at 09:37:15 PM
  • Gilly: Hi boys
    Today at 09:38:24 PM
  • Gilly: Anyone need me pm me..Im off to recruit for the site...<----King of recruiting :)
    Today at 09:39:12 PM
  • djmay: gilly is back?
    Today at 09:41:35 PM
  • Gilly: yes
    Today at 09:41:54 PM
  • Gilly: Have been for almost a week sir
    Today at 09:42:02 PM
  • Gilly: Figure its about time I do something for the site, been a pain for awhile, give back its the King of Recruiting is going to get back at it!
    Today at 09:43:47 PM
  • indiansnation: hey gilly
    Today at 09:46:41 PM
  • Gilly: Hey man how goes it
    Today at 09:47:24 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: hitters are done
    Today at 09:49:10 PM
  • Gilly: If anyone has any league openings hit me up and I will get you all sqaured away with GM's
    Today at 09:50:11 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: I'll go ahead and post hitters here
    Today at 09:51:28 PM
  • indiansnation: good yourself
    Today at 09:51:39 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Wieters- :Duke:
    Today at 09:51:43 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Moss- :MON:
    Today at 09:51:59 PM
  • redbeard82: working fast tonight Reid!
    Today at 09:52:03 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Hill- :BrooklynDodgers:
    Today at 09:52:19 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Simmons :BUF-MILB:
    Today at 09:52:44 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Schoop= :MON:
    Today at 09:53:01 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Jackson- :CHC:
    Today at 09:53:13 PM
  • Gilly: Im great bud, working on title town update so you know :)
    Today at 09:53:13 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Arcia :SEA:
    Today at 09:53:23 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Saunders- :BUF-MILB:
    Today at 09:53:40 PM
  • redbeard82: will all bids get posted later?
    Today at 09:53:45 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: onto pitchers now
    Today at 09:53:45 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: in 1 thread yes, I have all of this typed so far
    Today at 09:53:56 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: oh and Salazar :MON:
    Today at 09:54:09 PM
  • redbeard82: famn. was mildly hopeful on arcia
    Today at 09:55:32 PM
  • redbeard82: Smoking Gun even
    Today at 09:55:41 PM
  • Gilly: Got quite a few pm's with openings for leagues, if anyone else has any speak now so i can get on it while I recruit for the ones I already hoxave in my inb
    Today at 09:56:17 PM
  • Gilly: nice auto correct lol
    Today at 09:56:26 PM
  • Brent: I won a player!#!#
    Today at 09:56:28 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: lol
    Today at 09:56:48 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: lol Brent
    Today at 09:56:53 PM
  • Gilly: Never hurts to have two great recruiters on the site..:)
    Today at 09:57:44 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: think the big 1 everyone wants to know is stroman
    Today at 09:58:36 PM
  • EGDL Auction/FA Account: Stroman to :MON:
    Today at 10:01:16 PM
  • Brent: I went pretty low on everyone.
    Today at 10:01:57 PM
  • redbeard82: nmrch up
    Today at 10:02:04 PM
  • redbeard82: in EGDL
    Today at 10:02:19 PM
  • scottnva: was i close on stroman?
    Today at 10:02:43 PM
  • Gilly: hahahahaha I won 2 match ups in LOR woohoo
    Today at 10:03:14 PM

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