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  • Orange Country: hope it works out for philly
    Today at 07:58:24 PM
  • Jonathan: Chris Polk! RB is a dead position in NFL, they are pretty worthless.
    Today at 07:59:30 PM
  • redbeard82: I didn't figure but saw somebody took olivera
    Today at 07:59:32 PM
  • Orange Country: yeah he will have to repick
    Today at 08:02:15 PM
  • BHows: I asked Teton just before the draft. He said unsigned were OK in PM. Just saying.
    Today at 08:14:15 PM
  • Orange Country: really
    Today at 08:16:15 PM
  • Orange Country: wish he had mentioned that before the draft started
    Today at 08:17:03 PM
  • Orange Country: never knew of a league where you can do that
    Today at 08:17:18 PM
  • Orange Country: Pitchers and Catchers draft is moving along at a great pace
    Today at 08:19:21 PM
  • BHows: You may want to confirm that Reid
    Today at 08:29:38 PM
  • OUDAN: Let's deal boys
    Today at 08:36:03 PM
  • OUDAN: Wahoo mail
    Today at 08:45:27 PM
  • scottnva: Eagles are dealin Shady top Bills!
    Today at 08:51:50 PM
  • OUDAN: For a LB granted a good one
    Today at 08:52:06 PM
  • Wahoo: Back at you OUDAN
    Today at 08:52:26 PM
  • scottnva: didnt see that one coming
    Today at 08:52:44 PM
  • OUDAN: Me either heard Chip wants a more north south runner
    Today at 08:53:06 PM
  • Jonathan: Its great just to see an actual trade. NFL needs more trades!
    Today at 09:04:34 PM
  • Jonathan: Personally, I think Chip Kelly deserves a nice increase in pay, if this deal is real.
    Today at 09:12:07 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: That's a good trade for both teams.
    Today at 09:21:44 PM
  • Jonathan: If the bills give Shady a new contract, then it is better for them. He wouldn't restructure with Eagles and 12M cap hit is way too much for any RB.
    Today at 09:35:21 PM
  • Jonathan: Even Adrian Peterson. I heard he is going to restructure his deal to be traded, question is where is he going lol
    Today at 09:36:25 PM
  • Brent: Good trade for both teams.
    Today at 09:59:14 PM
  • OUDAN: Polk may be the real deal
    Today at 10:02:36 PM
  • OUDAN: He runs hard and gets upfield
    Today at 10:02:55 PM
  • OUDAN: All about the system
    Today at 10:03:58 PM
  • Lindner: Check out the comment section on this article.  It just goes to show you how little the casual fan actually knows about football.  [link]
    Today at 10:05:04 PM
  • OUDAN: Also that Sproles guy
    Today at 10:05:09 PM
  • OUDAN: Lol Linder
    Today at 10:05:55 PM
  • Jonathan: Peterson is a once in a generation type. It will be interesting to see where he goes.
    Today at 10:06:48 PM
  • Jonathan: I'd take him over Murray every day of week.
    Today at 10:07:10 PM
  • Lindner: No question.
    Today at 10:08:19 PM
  • OUDAN: I disagree due to age but just hope :DAL: gets 1 of the 2
    Today at 10:09:35 PM
  • OUDAN: Also I'm the biggest AD fan have a sign jersey in my office lol
    Today at 10:09:47 PM
  • OUDAN: Murray fits their offense better IMO.
    Today at 10:10:17 PM
  • Jonathan: only 2 RB in nfl history ever had the ammount of carries that Murray had and came back to being relevant. Eric Dickerson and Eddie George.
    Today at 10:11:00 PM
  • OUDAN: I just think with the check downs and such Murray fits better and will be cheaper
    Today at 10:12:04 PM
  • OUDAN: Just my opinion I'm very torn since they are both :Oklahoma:
    Today at 10:12:22 PM
  • Jonathan: Someone will overpay. AP and Murray are top 2 targets in FA/Draft.
    Today at 10:12:59 PM
  • Jonathan: I mean Trade, not draft lol
    Today at 10:13:12 PM
  • Jonathan: Draft is loaded..... I see a lot of stud RB in 2/3 round.
    Today at 10:13:28 PM
  • Brent: I like that guy out of Northern Ill.
    Today at 10:14:31 PM
  • Jonathan: Gurley is best of the group. Someone will take him round 1.
    Today at 10:15:12 PM
  • Jonathan: But..... he is injury prone.... which may make him a 2nd round pick.
    Today at 10:15:33 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, 2nd round for sure.  He didn't let the Dr's look at his knee at the combine, that's going to hurt his stock.
    Today at 10:16:36 PM
  • Jonathan: Ajayi is the guy I like. Any RB that can catch is a ++ talent IMO
    Today at 10:16:48 PM
  • Brent: True, especially in today's game.  Also pass pro his huge, fast way to get on the field more.
    Today at 10:17:50 PM
  • Jonathan: Forgot about Ingram, he is 3rd best available RB for FA/Trade then Spiller lol
    Today at 10:19:31 PM
  • Jonathan: It will be interesting to see what Murray gets on open market, as best RB this past year.
    Today at 10:24:22 PM
  • patjossom: Dan, are you posting extensions in BTL?
    Today at 10:34:47 PM

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