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  • Corey: Sand I think we got a deal
    Today at 01:39:01 AM
  • Corey: That's a lot of players!!
    Today at 01:39:11 AM
  • pandoval172: Im seeing bids on Park and Kim in WSB... Are they eligible for this round of FA?
    Today at 01:39:38 AM
  • pandoval172: And Maeda
    Today at 01:39:54 AM
  • JMAC: i just laugh at the guys who ONLY bid on spects others nominate as they lack their own knowledge to research. lol. pretth typical in here though
    Today at 01:39:57 AM
  • JMAC: park and kim arent elitible2 u
    Today at 01:40:18 AM
  • JMAC: are not eligible to minor portion as they have no mlb experience. invalid bids
    Today at 01:40:42 AM
  • redbeard82: I was hoping some of these guys would go later after everybody blew their $
    Today at 01:41:13 AM
  • redbeard82: Corey - assume Freeman never moves in BLB?
    Today at 01:41:27 AM
  • Corey: Eh it's possible depending on return
    Today at 01:43:13 AM
  • Colibear1: How much $ do you think lazarito wll get in ProFSL FA's
    Today at 01:43:31 AM
  • redbeard82: way too much
    Today at 01:45:36 AM
  • JMAC: far more than he deserves. especially since he is 5 yrs away from the show
    Today at 01:46:00 AM
  • redbeard82: and you wanted to hold onto the two pitching prospects?
    Today at 01:46:04 AM
  • JMAC: the 16 yr old int guys who get more than 10m bonus tops is pretty laughable to me
    Today at 01:46:37 AM
  • Corey: Yep.
    Today at 01:46:44 AM
  • redbeard82: wouldn't be shocked if it goes 20+
    Today at 01:47:25 AM
  • JMAC: moncada or eddy martinez are old enough and close enough to warrant funds but the vlad jrs and lazaritos are not worth the money
    Today at 01:47:34 AM
  • redbeard82: cause a couple of teams will have a lot of $ left and be waiting for him
    Today at 01:47:35 AM
  • redbeard82: cause a couple of teams will have a lot of $ left and be waiting for him
    Today at 01:47:38 AM
  • JMAC: guys will send 20m on lazarito then he will be a 3rd whell behind real spects in a deal and 30m wasted. lol
    Today at 01:48:47 AM
  • Colibear1: im exhausted, night all
    Today at 01:49:12 AM
  • redbeard82: night coli
    Today at 01:50:16 AM
  • redbeard82: offer coming momentarily
    Today at 01:50:31 AM
  • redbeard82: corey - still trying to talk myself into a BLB offer to you
    Today at 01:50:45 AM
  • Corey: Lol
    Today at 01:53:28 AM
  • redbeard82: what the hell...a lack of sleep'll do it to you every time.
    Today at 01:58:34 AM
  • redbeard82: offer sent corey
    Today at 01:58:38 AM
  • redbeard82: Corey - PM x 2
    Today at 02:11:07 AM
  • redbeard82: also you'll be up hopefully pretty early tomorrow in 108 if you want to leave a proxy for pick?
    Today at 02:12:54 AM
  • redbeard82: back x 2
    Today at 02:22:15 AM
  • Forbz23: Dodgers FLG pick in
    Today at 08:37:28 AM
  • Jdwalter21: Forbz - repick -Fulmer has already been taken by Houston
    Today at 08:38:51 AM
  • Forbz23: Sorry gonna repick now
    Today at 08:54:02 AM
  • redbeard82: morning all
    Today at 09:04:57 AM
  • Forbz23: Repicked
    Today at 09:06:00 AM
  • largefarva68: Sent a message to the next few owners on Fantrax since the profsl notifications aren't working right
    Today at 09:13:27 AM
  • Giantjake: Mets up in FLG
    Today at 09:46:26 AM
  • redbeard82: One of last year's WC teams in 108 up for sale. Only $25. FA is ongoing. Hit me up if interested!
    Today at 09:54:21 AM
  • redbeard82: bbomb1116 up in 108
    Today at 10:05:20 AM
  • Forbz23: I gotta take it easy in FLG or im gonna benhitting my 200M cap soon haha
    Today at 10:10:52 AM
  • scottnva: Which team red?
    Today at 10:26:31 AM
  • redbeard82: st louis
    Today at 10:26:54 AM
  • redbeard82: solid cap space available too
    Today at 10:27:08 AM
  • largefarva68: giantjake did you also email the owners through fantrax?
    Today at 10:30:04 AM
  • janesvilleaces: morning all
    Today at 10:36:05 AM
  • andyscott23: Good morning
    Today at 10:58:46 AM
  • redbeard82: morning andy
    Today at 11:05:49 AM
  • redbeard82: andy - pm
    Today at 11:10:48 AM
  • RyanJames5: Red. Can you delete Jose Vizcaino Jr from the 108 FA thread. He's a rookie so he shouldn't be available in FA before the end of the draft right?
    Today at 11:25:24 AM