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  • Orange Country: What's up Corey
    Today at 03:05:52 PM
  • themarksman13: Ok
    Today at 03:06:09 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: no, you're not Reid.  Actually, I think the Central may be just as tough next year as any division
    Today at 03:09:01 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: and that is because of you :)
    Today at 03:09:18 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: Mark why do you need to send someone down?
    Today at 03:10:01 PM
  • Orange Country: If it is my fault than that's good
    Today at 03:13:14 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: lol
    Today at 03:16:01 PM
  • themarksman13: I don't need Connor Greene on my active roster. lol
    Today at 03:17:04 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: well, you can make that change at the end of the playoffs.  it really isn't going to affect anything.  I thought you might be referencing the transaction you made over the weekend
    Today at 03:26:13 PM
  • themarksman13: I thought I was like 200k over the cap so sending him down would clear 0.3m
    Today at 03:28:01 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: looks like you have picked up Jimenez and Amarista, anyone else I don't have updated on the roster yet?
    Today at 03:30:44 PM
  • themarksman13: Did you do Morse ? Or did I miss him? lol
    Today at 03:34:22 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: that would be why you are over
    Today at 03:38:15 PM
  • Eric: marksman, your gonna draft for :NAS: right
    Today at 03:38:43 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: yes, you can make that move to make your weekend transaction legal.  I also think you are going to have to drop a MILB guy too
    Today at 03:39:06 PM
  • themarksman13: I Dropped that Pivetta dude
    Today at 03:41:12 PM
  • themarksman13: Eric, correct. Just need a link to league on PROFsl
    Today at 03:41:31 PM
  • themarksman13: And scoring/rosters so I know who to draft. lol
    Today at 03:41:40 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: ok, then you should be good to go
    Today at 03:42:33 PM
  • Eric: marks - pm
    Today at 03:44:00 PM
  • themarksman13: Got it. Back, Eric
    Today at 03:46:54 PM
  • Eric: added
    Today at 03:47:56 PM
  • Orange Country: Cris you joined FGM
    Today at 03:49:12 PM
  • Eric: go ahead and post your keepers as well.
    Today at 03:49:16 PM
  • Orange Country: :SEA:
    Today at 03:49:26 PM
  • themarksman13: Post my keepers now?
    Today at 03:50:40 PM
  • Eric: as soon as possible so we can start the draft
    Today at 03:51:13 PM
  • Eric: 2f, 1d, 1g
    Today at 03:51:25 PM
  • themarksman13: I'm confused, why post keepers before draft?
    Today at 03:52:10 PM
  • Eric: cause we are keeping 4 players from the team you pick
    Today at 03:52:56 PM
  • Eric: It was voted to be that way, so thats what we going with
    Today at 03:53:12 PM
  • themarksman13: But how do I know who to pick?
    Today at 03:53:47 PM
  • themarksman13: I don't know who's on my team yet.
    Today at 03:53:54 PM
  • Eric: you pick from the actual predators
    Today at 03:54:22 PM
  • themarksman13: Oh
    Today at 03:54:45 PM
  • themarksman13: Lol
    Today at 03:54:49 PM
  • Eric: :thumbsup:
    Today at 03:55:21 PM
  • themarksman13: I think I know 3 of the four. lol
    Today at 03:55:41 PM
  • Eric: bbl, hit me up on fb if you have
    Today at 03:55:55 PM
  • Eric: ?'s
    Today at 03:56:03 PM
  • themarksman13: I have to be NAS or can I be like PIT?
    Today at 03:56:29 PM
  • themarksman13: Well, Pit gone
    Today at 03:57:03 PM
  • themarksman13: But like another team
    Today at 03:58:18 PM
  • -BA-: I don't get emails anymore on PMs, did something change or do I need to do something?
    Today at 04:25:26 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: I did join FGM Reid
    Today at 04:26:03 PM
  • Corey: -BA- Its a server issue because of the DDOS attacks we are getting. As soon as they are 100% done, you should start getting emails again.
    Today at 04:29:34 PM
  • -BA-: ok, cool, thx, didn't realize that was still happening
    Today at 04:34:53 PM
  • chrisetc21: are the DDOS attacks coming from China and Russia?
    Today at 04:35:23 PM
  • chrisetc21: when I ran a board, we'd get blasted by attacks from China and Russia
    Today at 04:35:44 PM
  • chrisetc21: finally I just blocked the IP ranges that are served in those countries, cured the problem
    Today at 04:36:04 PM