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Refresh History
  • OUDAN: Heard Dbacks want him
    Today at 07:09:30 PM
  • OUDAN: Bill that is
    Today at 07:09:35 PM
  • Orange Country: sooner pm
    Today at 07:09:46 PM
  • OUDAN: Thinking OC
    Today at 07:10:17 PM
  • Dan Wood: not your strong suit
    Today at 07:15:38 PM
  • OUDAN: Valid point
    Today at 07:17:17 PM
  • Baseballnut83: DW mail
    Today at 07:17:56 PM
  • Dan Wood: Nut - PM - lemme know what you have in mind
    Today at 07:20:33 PM
  • Baseballnut83: DW back atcha
    Today at 07:24:00 PM
  • Dan Wood: Nut mail
    Today at 07:26:19 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: ok, I'm about to go ape spit on fantrax
    Today at 07:36:26 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: I can't set lineups, can't search for players, can't click on player names, cant do anything but change from league to league
    Today at 07:36:51 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: anyone else having or had that problem?
    Today at 07:37:00 PM
  • Dan Wood: not on mobile
    Today at 07:42:45 PM
  • Baseballnut83: DW its dinnertime. I will get back to you in a bit
    Today at 07:47:48 PM
  • Dan Wood: K - I just sent you a PM
    Today at 07:48:52 PM
  • Dan Wood: like 30 seconds ago
    Today at 07:48:59 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: OU, you there?
    Today at 07:49:37 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: what's going on fellas?
    Today at 07:49:44 PM
  • Gilly: Any basketball guys around, need some hiddem gems for later games
    Today at 08:08:31 PM
  • OUDAN: What's up vols?
    Today at 08:10:42 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: hey OU, I saw your block, couple of guys I like...I'm looking to move Span (if you need OF help)
    Today at 08:13:07 PM
  • scottnva: Just curious those that have won money in the baseball leagues over the summer, have yall been paid yet?
    Today at 08:13:32 PM
  • OUDAN: SD?
    Today at 08:14:06 PM
  • OUDAN: Yes I have
    Today at 08:14:14 PM
  • OUDAN: For both leagues I won $$ in
    Today at 08:14:29 PM
  • kylerap: Me too.  multiple leagues
    Today at 08:14:47 PM
  • Corey: Scott SD MB NE are paid
    Today at 08:14:58 PM
  • scottnva: really ok
    Today at 08:15:11 PM
  • Corey: Mendoza has been pd out
    Today at 08:15:13 PM
  • scottnva: oh ok
    Today at 08:15:21 PM
  • OUDAN: BLB paid out too
    Today at 08:15:31 PM
  • OUDAN: I think I rolled mine over
    Today at 08:15:41 PM
  • Corey: Scott did you win and not receive anything yet?
    Today at 08:15:51 PM
  • Corey: BLB is completed as well
    Today at 08:16:05 PM
  • scottnva: i don think i got my blb payment
    Today at 08:16:25 PM
  • OUDAN: Corey check your phone when u can
    Today at 08:16:31 PM
  • scottnva: i will look through my paypal again
    Today at 08:17:21 PM
  • Corey: Check scott if not pm me your paypal
    Today at 08:18:09 PM
  • Brent: Evening guys
    Today at 08:20:05 PM
  • Brent: wow, baseball reordered.
    Today at 08:20:41 PM
  • bap9: Brent  ABL OTC
    Today at 08:25:30 PM
  • Brent: I'm about to pick
    Today at 08:29:17 PM
  • Gilly: Brent pm x's 2 lol
    Today at 08:30:42 PM
  • Brent: Guys, I just got home from work.  I am going through stuff.  Give me a chance to get settled in.
    Today at 08:31:31 PM
  • Jdwalter21: looking to deal in SD, NE and BLB.
    Today at 08:33:37 PM
  • Orange Country: what u thinkin sooner
    Today at 08:40:20 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: Ya SD OU
    Today at 08:40:42 PM
  • Orange Country: I'd pay on Robertson
    Today at 08:41:12 PM
  • Orange Country: let's get this deal done
    Today at 08:44:11 PM

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