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  • mike0542: i understand that, but why is that a rule.
    Today at 05:56:57 PM
  • Jpsprague10: Free agency is going to be insane
    Today at 05:57:12 PM
  • 9inches: sand, whats going on in MB?
    Today at 05:57:34 PM
  • mike0542: I understand the rule, but i don't understand why its a rule.
    Today at 05:57:35 PM
  • Ace: sandman shall we just say that's the rule; exceeded rookie status in 2012 is eligible, exceeded in 2011 ineligible
    Today at 05:57:51 PM
  • Fitzy1962: 1st year of ARB is when they begin getting paid by market value depermined usually by an "arbitrator" and no one knows what that number will be.
    Today at 05:58:01 PM
  • Jpsprague10: I think a better route would have been to make.them draftable with the knowledge they would need to be extended
    Today at 05:58:09 PM
  • Fitzy1962: But we don't have any extention information yet.
    Today at 05:59:05 PM
  • mike0542: I know what Stanton is worth on the open Market. If he was eligible, I'm sure people would draft him knowing that he has a big payday coming
    Today at 05:59:16 PM
  • sandman: Jp that would open up a huge can of worms.
    Today at 05:59:19 PM
  • Jpsprague10: or even a set price for.the initial arb eligibles in terms of contract value
    Today at 05:59:24 PM
  • sandman: Extension values are determined after FA
    Today at 05:59:29 PM
  • Vollmernator: So many players don't have a contract past 2014
    Today at 05:59:50 PM
  • sandman: So its possible Stanton could be a 30m resign and yet the team took him 3rd overall only has 8m left. Thus cant afford him.
    Today at 05:59:52 PM
  • sandman: The rule is very simple and even across the board.
    Today at 06:00:08 PM
  • mike0542: Well then give him a certain amount of time to get under cap
    Today at 06:01:14 PM
  • Vollmernator: Can't wait to pick with my 1st pick I pick 12th
    Today at 06:01:16 PM
  • Jpsprague10: I love the premise of the prospect.contracts/extensions...the start up is a little sketchy though. Either way...go Angels!!!
    Today at 06:01:38 PM
  • Ace: sandman; can you answer my q, example is Lance Lynn eligible [link]
    Today at 06:02:12 PM
  • Fitzy1962: But it would help to know what the values would be now. Good example is Bryce Harper on a cheap 1 yr deal but we have no idea what it will cost for him in 2016.
    Today at 06:02:15 PM
  • sandman: It was difficult to come up with 1 rule set for eligibility and this was the easiest
    Today at 06:02:43 PM
  • Ace: if the rule is 3 years as of aug 1 then that's not easy at all
    Today at 06:04:49 PM
  • sandman: Lynn is. He passed the 50innings rookie threshold in 2012 making him a P-2015 player
    Today at 06:04:50 PM
  • Vollmernator: Fitzy you have any idea who you want in BTL
    Today at 06:04:59 PM
  • Fitzy1962: @Ace - yes?
    Today at 06:05:05 PM
  • Ace: easiest is current arb=ineligible, pre-arb=eligible
    Today at 06:05:21 PM
  • Fitzy1962: I'm trying to get clarity on some rules first.
    Today at 06:05:29 PM
  • Fitzy1962: So Lynn IS draftable!
    Today at 06:05:55 PM
  • Ace: but baseball ref has lynn as exceeding rookie limit in 2011 (different rules)
    Today at 06:05:56 PM
  • Fitzy1962: Can anyone tell me how much Bryce Harper is going to cost on an extension?
    Today at 06:06:33 PM
  • Ace: we need a quick and easy way to check for all players imo
    Today at 06:06:40 PM
  • Vollmernator: How do I know if a players Eligble to be drafted I was looking for players with 2015 contracts I'm not sure if I can pick a player
    Today at 06:07:12 PM
  • Ace: if we said all arb ineligible how many super 2's would we actually lose?
    Today at 06:07:24 PM
  • sandman: Fitzy no. Extension values are set after our Free Agency
    Today at 06:10:42 PM
  • ThePetis: Fitzy, extension values are based on the contracts handed out during free agency
    Today at 06:11:22 PM
  • ThePetis: well, that and the existing contracts
    Today at 06:11:38 PM
  • Ace: looking at bbref; lynn is listed as pre-arb, earliest arb eligible 2015 so to make things easy for start up draft why not use bbref as gospel
    Today at 06:12:21 PM
  • ThePetis: [link]
    Today at 06:12:35 PM
  • ThePetis: those are the BLB extension values... very similar league
    Today at 06:12:45 PM
  • ThePetis: Just realize that the values there were contracts inherited or bid on in free agency
    Today at 06:13:20 PM
  • sandman: thepetis you are right on the money with extensions
    Today at 06:14:31 PM
  • Fitzy1962: Gotcha
    Today at 06:14:39 PM
  • Ace: brett oberholtzer is arb eligbile in 2017 so would be p-2017
    Today at 06:14:44 PM
  • Fitzy1962: I just wanted to have some range of values inmind, so that's a perfect example. Thanks!
    Today at 06:15:21 PM
  • sandman: Yes Ace
    Today at 06:17:20 PM
  • norrya66: hockeyfreak, you are OTC in Prospectus NHL
    Today at 06:17:49 PM
  • Ace: sandman first post of draft faq needs updating
    Today at 06:21:27 PM
  • ldsjayhawk: sandman - are you still with us in MLS Challenge
    Today at 06:23:11 PM
  • Ace: and are we taking bbref as gospel to avoid confusion? all pre-arb eligible, all arb ineligible
    Today at 06:23:45 PM
  • Vollmernator: Sandman what site do you see if a players pre arb eligible
    Today at 06:32:08 PM

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