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  • atombomb3776: I like quite a few players on Texas as well
    Today at 10:58:10 AM
  • OUDAN: Is it bad that I just hope to get like 3 players in BTL free agency lol
    Today at 10:59:31 AM
  • Scalious: PM Corey
    Today at 11:00:52 AM
  • atombomb3776: Corey, irbwilleo, mail
    Today at 11:09:00 AM
  • Alex87878: Haha Dan I agree. The prices are rising quick on a lot of players
    Today at 11:24:30 AM
  • atombomb3776: Yeah I am letting players go that my bids are no longer winning because I won't have any cap left if I don't
    Today at 11:26:00 AM
  • janesvilleaces: fa is always nuts...thats why i try to stock my minors in leagues
    Today at 11:27:03 AM
  • atombomb3776: Amen ^^^ my strategy as well. i
    Today at 11:30:30 AM
  • OUDAN: Its impossible to get a good deal in this free agency lol
    Today at 11:38:53 AM
  • Corey: Page 2 and 3 have some sweet FA deals in there
    Today at 11:48:26 AM
  • Corey: Like Vmart and Kang and Stanton :)
    Today at 11:48:42 AM
  • Alex87878: hahah the best of the best
    Today at 11:49:43 AM
  • OUDAN: lol
    Today at 11:50:04 AM
  • OUDAN: I prefer a bid limit for this reason but I will say this it keeps me busy
    Today at 11:51:14 AM
  • Eric: morning
    Today at 11:52:05 AM
  • Scalious: Free Market sooner! Stop being a Commie!
    Today at 11:57:22 AM
    Today at 11:57:56 AM
  • OUDAN: Im like the exact opposite in the real world
    Today at 11:58:07 AM
  • Eric: replied corey
    Today at 12:24:40 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Any LOR TC guys here still have a trade (fantrax error to fix)
    Today at 12:32:51 PM
  • utmbrad: BTN - :WAS: [link]
    Today at 12:35:02 PM
  • Corey: Looking to make a big trade today. Hit me up if interested
    Today at 12:50:22 PM
  • Gilly: :ATL-NBA: is selling in LOR...yes selling lol...hit me up, dont send me silly stuff either please!!
    Today at 12:51:28 PM
  • Eric: did you get my reply. my phone sucks at work
    Today at 12:52:47 PM
  • janesvilleaces: much snow you getting this weekend
    Today at 12:54:20 PM
  • andyscott23: 50 STATES has re-formatted legue for better balance. Need 1 more owner to get to 16. You will get 3 states to draft from to make 1 team for each sport.
    Today at 01:00:50 PM
  • Brent: Test
    Today at 01:13:00 PM
  • OUDAN: Gilly been texting you for a week!
    Today at 01:14:44 PM
  • OUDAN: Answer me!!! lol
    Today at 01:14:50 PM
  • Eric: :iatp:
    Today at 01:16:32 PM
  • Eric: same here dan
    Today at 01:16:44 PM
  • Vollmernator: :WAS:
    Today at 01:27:13 PM
  • Vollmernator: :WAS2:
    Today at 01:27:30 PM
  • Vollmernator: :ARI:
    Today at 01:28:31 PM
  • Vollmernator: Where's the link to the logo page
    Today at 01:30:03 PM
  • Vollmernator: Where the logos are
    Today at 01:30:13 PM
  • Vollmernator: Thanks
    Today at 01:30:27 PM
  • irbwilleo: :ATL2:
    Today at 01:33:18 PM
  • Vollmernator: Nm I have it bookmarked
    Today at 01:33:29 PM
  • Alex87878: atombomb pm
    Today at 01:43:27 PM
  • irbwilleo: :ATL3:
    Today at 01:43:56 PM
  • Chapmanstein: .
    Today at 01:47:11 PM
  • Vollmernator: :UTC-AHL:
    Today at 01:48:54 PM
  • Vollmernator: :MIL-AHL:
    Today at 01:51:27 PM
  • atombomb3776: Looking into your offer Alex. We are close, that I can say
    Today at 01:53:28 PM
  • Alex87878: ok cool. ill be checking in frequently, so I should get your pms pretty quickly
    Today at 01:59:16 PM
  • OUDAN: Anyone wanna deal with me?
    Today at 02:00:08 PM
  • Alex87878: sure Dan, you the cubs?
    Today at 02:01:13 PM
  • Vollmernator: :HoustonBaptist:
    Today at 02:07:11 PM
  • Ace: lor; you wanna go all-in o this year dan? at the moment there is deffo a big 4 of lac, ut, gs and orl
    Today at 02:07:52 PM

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