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  • Corey: Bonus will be this yr
    Today at 11:26:01 AM
  • Eric: corey text me when you can please
    Today at 11:26:24 AM
  • themarksman13: And that disregards year of callup, correct? The way I interpreted the rules, the year you sign the guy, that's the year the bonus counts against the cap.
    Today at 11:27:09 AM
  • Corey: So you won him this year so the bonus is paid this yr.
    Today at 11:29:23 AM
  • themarksman13: Ok
    Today at 11:29:32 AM
  • Corey: The 0.3m will not count against your cap
    Today at 11:29:35 AM
  • themarksman13: Ok
    Today at 11:30:18 AM
  • themarksman13: Posted and called up Ynoa! Thanks for the help Corey!
    Today at 11:31:39 AM
  • Corey: No prob sir
    Today at 11:33:41 AM
  • Corey: 4 MLB $$$ Openings.... 3 pretty good teams!!!! PM me if interested
    Today at 11:38:09 AM
  • Corey: New $10 keeper league, no contracts [link]
    Today at 11:38:28 AM
  • Eric: yes?
    Today at 11:40:36 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: hey marksman, we can talk Gomez, but with the names we were talking in return, probably more likely I move a CI unless I get floored by an offer
    Today at 11:47:24 AM
  • OUDAN: getting snowed in at work boys
    Today at 11:49:03 AM
  • OUDAN: Lets deal Im soooooo slow
    Today at 11:49:12 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: good luck moving Hambone Sooner :)
    Today at 11:56:37 AM
  • OUDAN: Lol he may be the free drop
    Today at 11:59:37 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: Hey Corey, in that new league, what budget will be used for the "minor league bidding" done on ProFSL?
    Today at 11:59:44 AM
  • VolsRaysBucs: you've still not announced your drop yet?
    Today at 12:00:01 PM
  • OUDAN: No
    Today at 12:00:12 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: when do you have until
    Today at 12:00:53 PM
  • OUDAN: Not a clue
    Today at 12:02:42 PM
  • OUDAN: He may not qualify now Idk
    Today at 12:02:53 PM
  • Baseballnut83: Sooner to you
    Today at 12:03:33 PM
  • Baseballnut83: im :MIL: if I forgot to put that LOL
    Today at 12:04:01 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: You may want to check into that Sooner, I'm pretty sure there was a window by which you needed to declare your drop
    Today at 12:04:26 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: what league Nut...I'm dealing
    Today at 12:04:46 PM
  • Baseballnut83: FGM or Mendoza. Mendoza Im rebuilding and selling Butler Tanaka and Headley. FGM looking to add one more piece.
    Today at 12:06:29 PM
  • Baseballnut83: :ARZ: in Mendoza :MIL: in FGM
    Today at 12:07:03 PM
  • Baseballnut83: Fair enough Sooner I shall dethrone you instead LOL
    Today at 12:08:16 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: I'm the Rays in FGM, let me know if you see anything bud
    Today at 12:08:54 PM
  • papps: Back at ya, Nut
    Today at 12:09:28 PM
  • Baseballnut83: I will look now
    Today at 12:09:38 PM
  • papps: Mike, I still don't see Peraza on my team  :doh:
    Today at 12:09:45 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: must be a clerical issue :)
    Today at 12:10:18 PM
  • papps: LMAO!!!!
    Today at 12:10:49 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: :thumbsup:
    Today at 12:12:23 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: If you factor in positional scarcity, Peraza/Buxton really isn't that outlandish  :koolaid:
    Today at 12:13:07 PM
  • papps: Now that is really funny!!  :rofl:
    Today at 12:13:40 PM
  • papps: :)
    Today at 12:13:47 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: :afro:
    Today at 12:14:35 PM
  • papps: I think a Maybin for Peraza swap is fair.
    Today at 12:15:51 PM
  • papps: I may even take care of the bill on Maybin for you ;)
    Today at 12:16:21 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: >:(
    Today at 12:17:02 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: brb
    Today at 12:17:10 PM
  • Baseballnut83: vols mail
    Today at 12:17:39 PM
  • Baseballnut83: ill be out for a couple hours. need to sleep been up almost 24 hours.
    Today at 12:22:05 PM
  • themarksman13: "P
    Today at 12:28:11 PM
  • janesvilleaces: any big minor league guys out here..if so look t braves in wild card and give thoughts
    Today at 12:31:44 PM
  • VolsRaysBucs: back at ya Nut
    Today at 12:40:15 PM

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