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  • Mazzterful: thank you, i got it now
    Today at 04:42:15 PM
  • Drew: awesome!
    Today at 04:43:02 PM
  • Mazzterful: i am putting the contract amount and years in the subject if thats alright
    Today at 04:44:23 PM
  • Mazzterful: should make it easier to log
    Today at 04:44:42 PM
  • Drew: Ok if you want to do that go for it but don't work yourself too hard ;)
    Today at 04:47:31 PM
  • Tony: Thanks Drew. Can't wait for the new season.
    Today at 04:52:56 PM
  • Drew: Ya I am excited for my new look team haha
    Today at 04:54:06 PM
  • Tony: Go Hawks!!
    Today at 04:55:25 PM
  • Brent: EE two GS today.
    Today at 04:57:14 PM
  • Brent: 9 RBIs
    Today at 04:57:18 PM
  • Daddy: If EE is on your fantasy team, you are WINNING
    Today at 04:58:14 PM
  • Daddy: 3 HR, 2 GS, 9 RBI :doh:
    Today at 04:58:44 PM
  • Drew: WOW
    Today at 04:58:58 PM
  • Brent: 3 HRs
    Today at 04:59:12 PM
  • redbeard82: that offense is insane
    Today at 04:59:44 PM
  • Brent: Hat Trick, they are throwing hats on the field.
    Today at 04:59:46 PM
  • Jonathan: 1 GS, but most importantly he has hit in last 24 with an average over .400
    Today at 05:00:03 PM
  • Brent: And if they go cold in the playoffs it will be all for not.
    Today at 05:00:12 PM
  • Tony: OMG. He is on fire. How long is his hot streak now? 25 games?
    Today at 05:01:10 PM
  • redbeard82: well that's true for any team. playoffs is about being hot at the right time.
    Today at 05:01:27 PM
  • redbeard82: i remember he moved pretty cheaply in BLB a while back
    Today at 05:01:44 PM
  • Brent: Ah, I thought they said he had 2 today, I guess not.
    Today at 05:02:02 PM
  • Brent: Russell Martin HR.
    Today at 05:02:29 PM
  • Brent: 15-1 Tor
    Today at 05:02:36 PM
  • Brent: Screw it, I'm gonna build a team full of old softball players, they seem to do the best.
    Today at 05:03:32 PM
  • Jonathan: Last time they made playoffs, they won it all....
    Today at 05:06:08 PM
  • Tony: Last two times.
    Today at 05:07:02 PM
  • Tony: :thumbsup:
    Today at 05:07:19 PM
  • Drew: Great time to be a :TOR: fan!
    Today at 05:07:57 PM
  • Jonathan: They have been untouchable since those trades.
    Today at 05:09:47 PM
  • Brent: That's wonderful.  I'm so happy for them.
    Today at 05:10:15 PM
  • Jonathan: They were .500 and now about to be 17 games over.
    Today at 05:10:59 PM
  • Jonathan: Manuel to Clay for 67 yard TD.......
    Today at 05:33:38 PM
  • Jonathan: Bryant abusing Darby.
    Today at 05:40:33 PM
  • Jonathan: Potential knee injury for Aaron Williams.
    Today at 05:51:46 PM
  • the_virginia_gentleman: why would they pull manuel after 2 passes
    Today at 06:22:40 PM
  • Jonathan: Williams came back and got toasted by Bryant lol
    Today at 06:22:44 PM
  • Jonathan: Manuel had 2 TD drives.
    Today at 06:23:06 PM
  • indiansnation: Evening Brent,red and gentelmen
    Today at 06:42:46 PM
  • chrisetc21: sup indi
    Today at 06:50:19 PM
  • Brent: Evening
    Today at 07:02:24 PM
  • Corey: Lance Lynn is down
    Today at 07:44:27 PM
  • Corey: Its not good
    Today at 07:44:38 PM
  • indiansnation: Not much christec1
    Today at 07:49:48 PM
  • chrisetc21: What happened with Gridiron?
    Today at 07:52:29 PM
  • Brent: Julio Jones extension.
    Today at 07:53:07 PM
  • Drew: [link]
    Today at 07:56:31 PM
  • indiansnation: Send u pm chritec21
    Today at 07:56:44 PM
  • indiansnation: Pm sent chrisetc21
    Today at 08:01:17 PM
  • indiansnation: Dang I wish I was Jones would reire after that contract
    Today at 08:02:10 PM