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"F*ing score points. What's your plan?"-Chip Kelly
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August 28, 2011, 12:58:51 AM
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March 01, 2015, 10:34:17 PM
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Refresh History
  • Orange Country: start drafting tomorrow in pitchers and catchers
    Today at 09:02:36 PM
  • ajm5551: anyone wanna deal in BTL?
    Today at 09:05:57 PM
  • ajm5551: im the astros
    Today at 09:06:00 PM
  • janesvilleaces: marksman you still on
    Today at 09:08:26 PM
  • RyanJames5: Yessir OC. I'm ready!
    Today at 09:10:32 PM
  • Orange Country: solid, wonder what the draft order will be
    Today at 09:14:45 PM
  • Orange Country: moncada up to 140m in dme
    Today at 09:15:51 PM
  • Orange Country: ridiculous
    Today at 09:15:56 PM
  • RyanJames5: Yeah it's crazy. I couldn't pay that for him.
    Today at 09:16:57 PM
  • Orange Country: speed will and he's going for at least that much in BTL
    Today at 09:20:04 PM
  • Alex87878: 148.5 in BTL
    Today at 09:20:53 PM
  • Orange Country: and to think, there's 2 leagues on site where you get him for free
    Today at 09:22:27 PM
  • Orange Country: just gotta pick at the top of the draft
    Today at 09:22:36 PM
  • indiansnation: DME fa is just plain crazy
    Today at 09:26:35 PM
  • patjossom: Ajm pm
    Today at 09:27:34 PM
  • ajm5551: pat pm
    Today at 09:29:01 PM
    Today at 09:42:02 PM
  • Alex87878: hahaahah
    Today at 09:43:08 PM
  • patjossom: What's the prob?
    Today at 09:44:37 PM
  • ajm5551: pm sent^
    Today at 09:45:58 PM
  • ajm5551: completely my fault lol
    Today at 09:46:03 PM
  • Alex87878: Pat, in all honesty, can I trade for Anthony Rendon..... haahah
    Today at 09:47:04 PM
  • Alex87878: oh wait i guess that wasnt being honest since he isnt on your team....
    Today at 09:47:19 PM
  • ajm5551: hahahah shut up hahaha
    Today at 09:48:52 PM
  • patjossom: What are talking about alex
    Today at 09:48:55 PM
  • ajm5551: pat i pmed u bro
    Today at 09:49:22 PM
  • ajm5551: wow i made this confusing ha
    Today at 09:51:03 PM
  • Alex87878: oh pat you will laugh when you see the PM
    Today at 09:51:12 PM
  • ajm5551: too many pms at once lol
    Today at 09:52:07 PM
  • Alex87878: when do i get to approve the trade?
    Today at 09:53:20 PM
  • Alex87878: sooooo.... how's everyone's night going ehhh?
    Today at 10:04:35 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: What's happening
    Today at 10:06:04 PM
  • Alex87878: haha just some funny tade negotations taking place in BTL
    Today at 10:07:16 PM
  • patjossom: Pm ace
    Today at 10:14:32 PM
  • OUDAN: Well who wants to deal?
    Today at 10:25:44 PM
  • ajm5551: OUDAN i will in BTL... lol
    Today at 10:27:50 PM
  • OUDAN: What u after?
    Today at 10:28:56 PM
  • ajm5551: a 3B, C, or CF. but i dont want backups or anything like that
    Today at 10:31:09 PM
  • OUDAN: Prado would be about all I have that fits that
    Today at 10:31:54 PM
  • OUDAN: I need CF and only have 1 C
    Today at 10:32:04 PM
  • ajm5551: dont see a fit then lol
    Today at 10:33:43 PM
  • OUDAN: Ok
    Today at 10:34:10 PM
  • OUDAN: Tough positions to fill
    Today at 10:34:18 PM
  • ajm5551: oh ya tell me about it
    Today at 10:34:51 PM
  • Scalious: I have 4 CF eligible players..but I need them all :P
    Today at 10:38:16 PM
  • OUDAN: BooYah! lol
    Today at 10:38:27 PM
  • OUDAN: Explains why he and I both need one lol
    Today at 10:38:35 PM
  • Scalious: Only 1 Is an actual starting CF though..  Saunders, Gardner, Bautsia just happen to have CF tag also
    Today at 10:41:41 PM
  • OUDAN: Ah yeah Jose at CF that's sick
    Today at 10:43:12 PM
  • kylerap: any last minute LOR deals??
    Today at 11:16:22 PM

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