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:FLO: Franchise NHL Team Page LINK 
2014-15 TRADE COUNTER: -
2014-15 TRADE QUOTA (MIN.): 5

Franchise NHL Teams for Sale - Entry Fee Applies
:money: Minimum $260USD PRIZE TO LEAGUE CHAMPION :money:

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  • Gilly: Which you surely need when u eat mcdons lol
    Today at 12:30:08 PM
  • Gilly: yes Oudan, just pick the winners, easy fun way to learn MMA too
    Today at 12:30:23 PM
  • OUDAN: Ha
    Today at 12:30:27 PM
  • OUDAN: Oh thought it was football lol
    Today at 12:30:37 PM
  • Gilly: man up and give it a try, its only $10...I can send u a site that helps u quickly post 8 picks, take u less than a minute
    Today at 12:31:46 PM
  • Gilly: hahah
    Today at 12:31:50 PM
  • jblum: Smoking Gun wenjiesf otc- BTL guys lets wait 24 hours
    Today at 12:32:59 PM
  • OUDAN: Got my MILB pick in in BTL
    Today at 12:35:05 PM
  • jackdaniels: Saw it Slack.
    Today at 12:59:18 PM
  • jackdaniels: Good offer but
    Today at 01:01:59 PM
  • SlackJack: NP
    Today at 01:02:39 PM
  • SlackJack: Basic idea still open...RW for D
    Today at 01:03:47 PM
  • jblum: :UCLA: could be the first upset
    Today at 01:05:52 PM
  • jblum: by :Virginia:
    Today at 01:05:59 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: Hello boys
    Today at 01:07:21 PM
  • SlackJack: HeyHey
    Today at 01:10:26 PM
  • CRS245: Funchess :Michigan: scores me a TD in Gridiron Gold
    Today at 01:13:40 PM
  • JohnnyWeissflog: More trades in the pipeline Jack?
    Today at 01:20:10 PM
  • jackdaniels: Maybe johnny!
    Today at 01:31:05 PM
  • jackdaniels: Snugerud will rock Fnhl
    Today at 01:31:58 PM
  • jackdaniels: We shouldve sold him Dallas
    Today at 01:32:22 PM
  • jackdaniels: Guys i dont want on my div
    Today at 01:32:46 PM
  • jackdaniels: Ppg, skack, johnny, snug, papps, rip, iz, DD
    Today at 01:33:33 PM
  • jackdaniels: Skack. haha. I mean Slack
    Today at 01:34:02 PM
  • jackdaniels: I think ive figured out everyone else's style of play
    Today at 01:34:55 PM
  • CRS245: Funchess x2 for my team in Gridiron Gold
    Today at 01:35:28 PM
  • Ace: pm colby
    Today at 01:42:24 PM
  • Ace: also gilly has funchess ;-)
    Today at 01:50:23 PM
  • dickiedunn: Does anyone know what happened to Cho34, Hockeyfreak6000 and Winter
    Today at 02:13:05 PM
  • SlackJack: All MIA
    Today at 02:14:17 PM
  • CRS245: wait, does Gilly have him? I thought I drafted him ;0(
    Today at 02:16:42 PM
  • Ace: i wish you had, i'm playing gilly this week
    Today at 02:18:33 PM
  • CRS245: just randomly coming across JMAC's :SDC: team in Pipeline, it is ridiculous
    Today at 02:21:08 PM
  • Jonathan: I guess you didn't see :SEA-NBA:
    Today at 02:25:31 PM
  • jblum: I guess you didnt see the :MEM: / :HOU-NBA: .. jk we suck
    Today at 02:27:19 PM
  • Brent: Yeah, the trade when he acquired LBJ shifted the landscape of Pipeline.
    Today at 02:28:27 PM
  • Jonathan: :SEA-NBA: is best team
    Today at 02:28:49 PM
  • Jonathan: JMAC has a ton of guys coming up, so he will eventually pass geoff..... but not quite yet.
    Today at 02:29:34 PM
  • JMAC: lol, geoff's is better. He landed curry last yr. lol
    Today at 02:30:06 PM
  • Jonathan: yup..... and I hated it.
    Today at 02:30:31 PM
  • Jonathan: its a nice battle u2 got going though, at least makes it interesting
    Today at 02:32:13 PM
  • jblum: jonathan- is pipeline mlb in playoffs?
    Today at 02:40:31 PM
  • Gilly: Funchess :) lol
    Today at 02:41:34 PM
  • Brent: I am slowly trying to build all three sports on Pipeline.
    Today at 02:49:12 PM
  • Jonathan: interesting, Browns keep Tate, West and Crowell........
    Today at 02:50:59 PM
  • Jonathan: Thought they would of kept someone with some experience behind tate.
    Today at 02:54:25 PM
  • Jonathan: Lots of cuts today, seastrunk, Vincent Brown, Stephen Hill, Daniel Thomas......
    Today at 02:58:01 PM
  • Lindner: Crowell will leapfrog West quickly if (when) Tate goes down.
    Today at 03:08:00 PM
  • Jonathan: West looks scared, in the pre-season games I saw.
    Today at 03:09:19 PM
  • Lindner: He hasn't looked good.
    Today at 03:09:47 PM

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