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  • Wahoo: I'm around after you pick in the MB draft OUDAN
    Today at 01:21:38 PM
  • Brent: Corey, I just sent you a PM about the NFLC payments and a couple COAs (courses of action).
    Today at 01:22:16 PM
  • OUDAN: Oh nice
    Today at 01:23:42 PM
  • OUDAN: Let me go see who I want
    Today at 01:23:53 PM
  • Brent: Gilly, we need to find 3 owners for NFLC.
    Today at 01:27:01 PM
  • Gilly: what teams
    Today at 01:27:23 PM
  • OUDAN: Corey mail sir
    Today at 01:28:14 PM
  • Brent: Bills, Ravens and Panthers
    Today at 01:28:14 PM
  • Gilly: k
    Today at 01:28:51 PM
  • Gilly: are refunds needed for those 3?
    Today at 01:32:43 PM
  • Brent: Just Tilt and drejay.  Sandman didn't pay for the Ravens so a refund isn't required.
    Today at 01:33:26 PM
  • Corey: Sandman did pay
    Today at 01:34:08 PM
  • Corey: I already refunded his money
    Today at 01:34:14 PM
  • Brent: Oh, cool.
    Today at 01:34:52 PM
  • Brent: I didn't see it on that breakdown you had sent over.
    Today at 01:35:13 PM
  • Gilly: I was just gonna say sandman is pretty anal about paying
    Today at 01:35:16 PM
  • Corey: He didnt pay through leaguesafe. He sent me a money order for LOR MB NE PT NFLC NBAFutures and extra money for another league if he happens to join
    Today at 01:36:38 PM
  • Brent: 10/15 will be the date teams need to be paid by.  That gives people 2 weeks, some are ready to pay now, others have a little time and baseball leagues are paying out now so people might have winnigs available
    Today at 01:36:41 PM
  • Brent: Ah, that's cool Corey.  Makes total sense now.
    Today at 01:37:12 PM
  • Gilly: IS sandman coming back, i miss him already lol
    Today at 01:39:35 PM
  • Corey: Back to what? lol
    Today at 01:42:11 PM
  • Gilly: lol i thought he left or did i totally misunderstand
    Today at 01:42:43 PM
  • Brent: He's still around.  I see him posting in leagues.
    Today at 01:42:59 PM
  • Brent: Does this make sense guys?  [link]
    Today at 01:43:20 PM
  • Brent: I think I want a breakfast burrito.
    Today at 01:43:32 PM
  • Corey: Not the site, just a few leagues
    Today at 01:44:18 PM
  • Gilly: ahhh cool thats good :)
    Today at 01:44:48 PM
  • Gilly: lol sooner u around
    Today at 01:45:34 PM
  • OUDAN: Yeah
    Today at 01:45:47 PM
  • Gilly: For Preston Parker in NFLC I just wanted to thank you for clearing up what $3.9m was over 3 years, lol that was funny
    Today at 01:46:01 PM
  • Gilly: [link]
    Today at 01:46:21 PM
  • OUDAN: Pick is in in MB
    Today at 01:47:18 PM
  • OUDAN: Right
    Today at 01:47:40 PM
  • OUDAN: Wanted to make sure it was understood I wanted 1.3m for 3 years not 3.9
    Today at 01:47:57 PM
  • Gilly: lol it struck me funny lol
    Today at 01:51:29 PM
  • Gilly: Well doing these at least this league is sickly active, its cool :)
    Today at 02:17:03 PM
  • Brent: It sure is.
    Today at 02:17:46 PM
  • Brent: We might need to replace a couple managers as well.  The KC guy is not active.
    Today at 02:18:00 PM
  • Gilly: Did he pay
    Today at 02:18:37 PM
  • Brent: No
    Today at 02:18:47 PM
  • Gilly: Pm me the names so I can work on recruiting when Im doing rosters
    Today at 02:20:00 PM
  • Brent: standardtext is the GM/Owner.  He hasn't been active on Fantrax in nearly a month.
    Today at 02:22:07 PM
  • Brent: He was last active on ProFSL on 18 Sep
    Today at 02:22:44 PM
  • Gilly: I sometimes find the active thingy on fantrax to be off, has he been active on this site?
    Today at 02:22:51 PM
  • Gilly: oh LOL
    Today at 02:22:55 PM
  • Gilly: 80 down , 49 to go
    Today at 02:24:17 PM
  • Brent: We have a couple who are mid september activity guys for Fantrax, with Standardtext being 9 Sep on Fantrax.
    Today at 02:25:07 PM
  • Gilly: Pm the names and I will follow up, if u want
    Today at 02:27:37 PM
  • Brent: opps, accidentally sent a PM to one of the inactive GMs.  lol
    Today at 02:35:34 PM
  • Brent: oops
    Today at 02:35:40 PM

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