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June 07, 2011, 04:53:37 PM
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Refresh History
  • Jonathan: Jace isn't a prospect.
    Today at 11:22:13 AM
  • utmbrad: he isnt?
    Today at 11:23:28 AM
  • Jonathan: utility-man. blah
    Today at 11:24:07 AM
  • Jonathan: he has freddy galvis potential.
    Today at 11:27:15 AM
  • Jdwalter21: Tulo and Arenado available in BLB
    Today at 11:27:49 AM
  • utmbrad: josh harrison is a utility man
    Today at 11:28:04 AM
  • Dan Wood: And watch him repeat last years numbers
    Today at 11:29:25 AM
  • Scalious: Mallax Smith, Dustin Peterson also going to the Braves
    Today at 11:29:32 AM
  • Jdwalter21: Harrison is Pitts everyday 3B now
    Today at 11:29:39 AM
  • utmbrad: yes he is
    Today at 11:31:03 AM
  • OUDAN: What u after for Arenado?
    Today at 11:31:22 AM
  • The Torture Doctor: [link]   Looking for one new ownwer in All$tars baseball... a new baseball league drafting in January.
    Today at 11:31:52 AM
  • Jdwalter21: I want a top tier SP and better option at 2b than Beckham lol
    Today at 11:33:19 AM
  • Scalious: Freddy Galivs? Ok..someone puts too much weight into milb projections
    Today at 11:33:20 AM
  • Jonathan: or someone is being sarcastic
    Today at 11:40:21 AM
  • Scalious: Could
    Today at 11:41:23 AM
  • BHows: Is All$tars a money league?
    Today at 11:42:50 AM
  • OUDAN: No extra 2B here unless u want Guerrero lol
    Today at 11:43:09 AM
  • utmbrad: optional Hows
    Today at 11:43:59 AM
  • Jdwalter21: not really, looking to put a stud SP along side sale
    Today at 11:45:14 AM
  • Corey: jd pm
    Today at 11:45:14 AM
  • The Torture Doctor: Its optional money for All$tars
    Today at 11:46:53 AM
  • The Torture Doctor: $25 for those that would like to play for a money prize... but option to opt out
    Today at 11:47:45 AM
  • BHows: Corey- Laid-off yesterday. Plenty of time on my hands, what do I do to roll the FGM sheet to 2015?
    Today at 11:48:42 AM
  • BHows: Thanks TD, looking to maybe add a league
    Today at 11:49:18 AM
  • OUDAN: Heels mail
    Today at 11:50:07 AM
  • Corey: Oh you mean the money.
    Today at 11:50:46 AM
  • The Torture Doctor: BHows mail
    Today at 11:51:17 AM
  • Corey: Its a giant formula. I honestly can not explain it, pm crs245 he can explain it better. FGM is a bit different than what I do in others
    Today at 11:51:47 AM
  • kangol: Corey. You like the return on Upton?
    Today at 11:52:57 AM
  • Jdwalter21: Corey responded.
    Today at 11:53:25 AM
  • atombomb3776: SD looking for MI/CI depth. I want major league ready young players with decent contracts. I would even consider moving some of my higher end prospects as long as the length contract is workable on who I get back
    Today at 11:57:55 AM
  • Corey: Nope I do not.
    Today at 11:58:40 AM
  • Corey: But then again I am not happy with the rebuild either
    Today at 11:58:48 AM
  • Flash: Corey, OTC in Bush League
    Today at 12:03:20 PM
  • kangol: Too bad they couldnt get the pads to take BJ.
    Today at 12:03:45 PM
  • OUDAN: Corey mail sir
    Today at 12:05:18 PM
  • atombomb3776: Hey Corey. The 2 new teams I took over. When would you like me to send thaf $?
    Today at 12:06:47 PM
  • Dan Wood: Middlebrooks headin to padres... Hanigan to Bosox
    Today at 12:07:30 PM
  • Corey: atom, pm me and ill get back to you in a bit
    Today at 12:08:01 PM
  • atombomb3776: ok
    Today at 12:09:02 PM
  • OUDAN: BaCK at you Corey
    Today at 12:13:24 PM
  • OUDAN: Heels mail as well
    Today at 12:15:14 PM
  • andyscott23: Corey PM
    Today at 12:15:35 PM
  • andyscott23: Thanks Corey
    Today at 12:21:07 PM
  • Corey: Adrian [link]
    Today at 12:24:41 PM
  • Corey: Mr Espinosa [link]
    Today at 12:25:14 PM
  • Corey: Who is this guy [link]
    Today at 12:25:33 PM
  • Corey: Solar Power [link]
    Today at 12:26:01 PM
  • Corey: The newest RL Padre goes too... What his former team [link]
    Today at 12:26:48 PM

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